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Global Run Challenge
24,901 Miles

*PDT (California Time)

Our Run The World team mission is to celebrate running, motivate our team, inspire other people by logging our miles and posting photos and comments and to reach our goals.  As we get ready to start Run The World Challenge 4 that starts March 1, the challenge for our total team is to log 100,000 miles we have run/walk since July 4, 2018.  

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Michael Wardian (44) US, 345 miles

26.20 miles in Santiago, Chile (CL) (runner profile)

on day 6 of the @worldmarathonchallenge777 in Santiago, Chile I had some stomach issues & had absolutely no energy & just didn’t have things go right. One of cardinal rules of stage racing is don’t get sick 😷, fuel & show up ready to rumble. I didn’t do those things & I paid but got home 1st in about 3:04ish. Stoked to make another finish line & tomorrow we are going to party in Miami. (Tue 5)
Time: 3:04:13 Pace: 7:02 / Total Miles 1,905.41 since 7/5/18
Sounds like a tough but you pulled it off again. Well done. 2/7 5:26 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 116 miles

1.54 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Busy day finishing up our next Run The World 4 starting March 1. Going to be fun. It snowed on the hills around here last night. First time since 2011. You can just see it with this photo. (Tue 5)
Time: 15:20 Pace: 9:58 / Total Miles 995.52 since 7/4/18

James Kalani (53) US, 189 miles

13.00 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Rain finally breaking!!! (Mon 4)
Time: 1:27:55 Pace: 6:46 / Total Miles 1,091.02 since 7/4/18
We have had some beautiful rainbows over the last few weeks. Wow, that would be a good half marathon...good job! Actually GREAT job! 2/12 2:06 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 115 miles

1.60 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Easy run over to the lake. Rained much of the way. Messed up the battery on my phone on yesterday’s run. It is amazing how attached we are attached to our phone. Got behind on many things because of it. I think the phone is okay now but was having charging issues. Photo from yesterday’s run. (Mon 4)
Time: 17:10 Pace: 10:44 / Total Miles 993.98 since 7/4/18

Michael Wardian (44) US, 292 miles

26.20 miles in Madrid, Spain (ES) (runner profile)

Day 5-Madrid, πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ -2:56:02-1st overall Circuito del Jarama - RACE had a blast running around the F1 track 11 times @worldmarathonchallenge777 . Hills and all πŸ˜‰πŸƒ on to Santiago, Chile πŸ‡¨πŸ‡± so stoked to be back maybe see TrailChile #relentless #marathon #running Shoes HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6, Injinji Compressport calf sleeves (Mon 4)
Time: 2:56:02 Pace: 6:44 / Total Miles 1,853.01 since 7/5/18
Congrats! Good luck on number six! 2/5 6:31 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 93 miles

4.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

New day. Same plan. Beat the rain. (Mon 4) / Total Miles 568.22 since 8/22/18
I know what you mean. Tough at times. 2/5 6:32 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 140 miles

2.10 miles in Lagos (NG) (runner profile)

Easy walk today after yesterday’s marathon. (Mon 4)
Time: 32:45 Pace: 15:36 / Total Miles 1,132.76 since 7/4/18
Good to take time to recovery. 2/5 6:32 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 69 miles

5.11 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

I can feel I'm getting stronger. It was a nice early morning run with Erika (Mon 4)
Time: 01:03:02 Pace: 12:20 / Total Miles 380.56 since 8/29/18
Good job, the miles keep coming, 2/3 10:02 pm

Michael Wardian (44) US, 319 miles

26.20 miles in Dubai (AE) (runner profile)

Day 4-Dubai-Kite Beach-2:51:12-1st place @worldmarathonchallenge777 Assignment from boys “The Running Man” (Sun 3)
Time: 2:51:12 Pace: 6:33 / Total Miles 1,879.21 since 7/5/18
The Marathon Man! Congrats! 2/5 6:33 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 138 miles

26.20 miles in Ile-Ife (NG) (runner profile)

Leaving 5 February for the next marathon in The Gambia, πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ (Sun 3)
Time: 5:08:03 Pace: 11:46 / Total Miles 1,130.66 since 7/4/18
Good job! You are one amazing runner! 2/5 6:34 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 89 miles

10.50 miles in Bend (runner profile)

30 miles in 3 days 9.5 10 10.5 (Sun 3)
Time: 1:37:00 Pace: 9:15 / Total Miles 1,095.34 since 7/4/18
Well done! Cool tunnel. 2/3 10:02 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 113 miles

13.50 miles in Woodside (runner profile)

I wanted to meet Catherine for lunch at Bucks in Woodside. By car it is about 14 miles from the house mostly on freeways. So I went to google maps and it found a way by foot. 13.5 miles. Wow, what an adventure. I ran roads, single track trails, bike paths, I crossed streams, ran lots of tough hills and it rained on me most of the way. But I did it and loved it. Longest run in a long time. (Sun 3)
Time: 2:20:22 Pace: 10:24 / Total Miles 992.38 since 7/4/18
Those are often the best kind of runs. 2/4 10:27 am

Kat Powell (68) US, 77 miles

7.20 miles in Los Gatos (runner profile)

Got in some hills before my yoga class, and in between rain storms. Great views of Lexington Reservoir and Los Gatos from the Summit, and a bonus sighting of a rainbow! (Sun 3)
Time: 1:47:24 Pace: 14:55 / Total Miles 815.16 since 7/7/18
Glad you were able to miss the rain, 2/3 10:03 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 89 miles

4.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Squeezing a run in between storms and the Super Bowl. (Sun 3) / Total Miles 564.22 since 8/22/18
You pulled it off. 2/3 10:04 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 101 miles

11.18 miles in Boston road (runner profile)

Relaxed 18km... Beautiful sunrise on my way to my fav Boston road to run with friend Elize. Comrades training going well! (Sun 3) / Total Miles 736.14 since 7/5/18
Wow, 100 miles in a month. Well done! 2/3 10:05 pm

Michael Wardian (44) US, 266 miles

26.20 miles in Perth (AU) (runner profile)

2.50 1st in Perth. Three done. (Sat 2)
Time: 2:50:00 Pace: 6:30 / Total Miles 1,826.81 since 7/5/18
Congratulations Michael. I enjoy way your continued adventures. When is the book coming? 2/3 7:43 am
Three done, well actually you probably have finished four already. Well done, 2/3 10:05 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 100 miles

6.22 miles in Stanford, Calif (runner profile)

First mile was a warm up (10:12) then pushed it to 3.7 miles. The rest was 150 to 250 yard intervals only timing the running segments. Walked another mile but did not count that. Stanford campus is so beautiful. (Sat 2)
Time: 47:11 Pace: 7:36 / Total Miles 978.88 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (42) US, 79 miles

10.00 miles in BEnd (runner profile)

Lower Pilot Butte trail 10 miler (Sat 2)
Time: 1:23:00 Pace: 8:18 / Total Miles 1,084.84 since 7/4/18
Good pace. You are rocking it, 2/3 10:06 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 70 miles

3.52 miles in Saratoga, CA (runner profile)

2 X Campus Loops today around West Valley College. Raining, but no rainbow. (Sat 2)
Time: 42:39 Pace: 12:07 / Total Miles 807.96 since 7/7/18
I see a rainbow, 2/3 10:06 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 64 miles

7.50 miles in Parkrun (runner profile)

I ran this morning to the Parkrun and did the Parkrun. I enjoyed it so much (Sat 2) / Total Miles 375.45 since 8/29/18
Glad you are able to do the Parkrun often. They sound like fun. 2/3 10:07 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 64 miles

6.00 miles (runner profile)

Olympic Triathlon Relay πŸŠπŸš²πŸƒ Team Fruit Salad on the go, won the first placeπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ Benjie left 1500meters swim🏊, Juan center 40km bike🚲, and Me 10km runπŸƒ. (Sat 2)
Time: 50:09 Pace: 8:22 / Total Miles 1,116.52 since 7/4/18
Congratulations! 2/3 7:40 am
Well done. You do it all! 2/3 10:08 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 111 miles

1.80 miles in Ile-Ife, Nigeria (runner profile)

Setting into the tropics (Fri 1)
Time: 28:57 Pace: 16:05 / Total Miles 1,104.46 since 7/4/18
Cool lizard with the different colors! 2/3 10:09 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 291 miles

6.00 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Getting there. Another steady 6. A fair bit of ice in the woods so I had to build a new pair of screw shoes out of an old pair of shoes. Good report from Dr. He’s pleased and I am too. (Fri 1)
Time: 55:57 Pace: 9:20 / Total Miles 932.37 since 7/4/18
I tired this up in Oregon and it really works. 2/3 10:10 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 94 miles

4.10 miles in Los Altos, California (runner profile)

There is suppose to be a big storm coming tonight with lots of rain and heavy wind. And it suppose to stop around 7am. Perfect because I won’t get out until 10am. (Fri 1)
Time: 44:27 Pace: 10:51 / Total Miles 972.66 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (42) US, 69 miles

9.50 miles in Bend (runner profile)

TGIF 9 (Fri 1)
Time: 1:22:27 Pace: 8:41 / Total Miles 1,074.84 since 7/4/18
Well done. The ultra you are training for will be a piece of cake. 2/3 10:11 pm

Michael Wardian (44) US, 240 miles

26.20 miles in Cape Town (ZA) (runner profile)

Second marathon of seven in seven days. (Fri 1)
Time: 2:57:58 Pace: 6:48 / Total Miles 1,800.61 since 7/5/18
Well done! You are in a class all your own. 2/3 10:11 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 56 miles

4.04 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

It was a good interval training this morning with my gym trainer. Start with a warm up run, then the intervals and then a cool down. (Fri 1) / Total Miles 367.95 since 8/29/18
You awe covering all bases and that is good. 2/3 10:12 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 110 miles

1.60 miles in Lagos, Nigeria (runner profile)

Driving north to race. (Thu 31)
Time: 28:12 Pace: 17:38 / Total Miles 1,102.66 since 7/4/18
Good luck! 2/3 10:12 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 90 miles

2.16 miles in Palo Alto, California (runner profile)

Ran over to Bill’s to meet Catherine for lunch. Getting in better shape. RTW4 will start March 1st. Some exciting new changes. Will email everyone soon. Going to be fun. (Thu 31)
Time: 19:16 Pace: 8:56 / Total Miles 968.56 since 7/4/18

Michael Wardian (44) US, 214 miles

26.20 miles in Novo (AQ) (runner profile)

Slow. Conditions were pretty bad. Hoping today is much better. (Thu 31)
Time: 3:16:43 Pace: 7:31 / Total Miles 1,774.41 since 7/5/18
One down, six to go. Well done. 1/31 11:22 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 66 miles

9.80 miles in Woodside, CA (runner profile)

My usual soul searching run (Wed 30)
Time: 2:28:00 Pace: 15:07 / Total Miles 804.44 since 7/7/18
One cool looking trail 2/3 10:14 pm

Willie Korir (27) KE, 378 miles

17.40 miles in Muranga (runner profile)

Morning run Easy. It was so cold that you might think winter is coming soon . (Wed 30)
Time: 2:09:40 Pace: 7:28 / Total Miles 3,322.79 since 7/4/18
Well done. Tough to run in the cold. 1/30 11:00 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 285 miles

4.01 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Some black ice in the woods (rain last night and then a hard freeze) made it a bit slippery but not impossible. 2” of snow late today and sub zero tonight and tomorrow might mark the end of running the trail until spring. January 30th might be the latest into winter I’ve been in the woods on dry footing in memory. The last 2 weeks has been a breakthrough in terms of my heart having healed enough to run nonstop. An appointment with my Dr tomorrow to see if everything is as it seems. I think so. (Wed 30)
Time: 37:22 Pace: 9:20 / Total Miles 926.37 since 7/4/18
Good run, good pace. Seems like it is all working. Love the photo. 1/30 10:55 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 80 miles

6.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

You’re not going to get anything by Miss Kitty. She often sleeps with her eyes open. (Wed 30) / Total Miles 555.22 since 8/22/18
We are cat people too. And dog people too. How many years have you had Miss Kitty? Good run. 1/30 2:50 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 87 miles

2.11 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Ran out to the lake again but this time to meet Catherine and then we will drive back to the office. These sail boats sit in the parking lot at this time of the year...dry dock I guess. (Wed 30)
Time: 19:46 Pace: 9:23 / Total Miles 966.40 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 108 miles

2.20 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Tropical Africa here I come. Tired of the cold. (Wed 30)
Time: 26:32 Pace: 12:04 / Total Miles 1,101.06 since 7/4/18
Going to be an extreme difference and I can see why you can't wait to get there. Good luck! 1/30 2:50 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 51 miles

6.73 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

Was feeling a bit tired but it was n lekker run this morning (Wed 30)
Time: 01:24:31 Pace: 12:34 / Total Miles 362.63 since 8/29/18
Looks like an interesting course. A real yummy type of course? 1/30 2:49 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 58 miles

3.00 miles (runner profile)

Tiring morning train today... Did swim🏊 bike🚲 and runπŸƒ for Saturdays event. (Wed 30)
Time: 25:23 Pace: 8:28 / Total Miles 1,110.52 since 7/4/18
Good luck on Saturday. 1/30 2:47 pm

Willie Korir (27) KE, 361 miles

18.64 miles in Nairobi (runner profile)

Morning run easy.I got that friend of mine enjoying 9am sun.That's a Kenyan small monkey with beautiful color.Black and whit stripe (Tue 29)
Time: 2:04:14 Pace: 6:40 / Total Miles 3,305.39 since 7/4/18
Good run. Good pace. I like the photo too. 1/31 11:23 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 85 miles

3.70 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Ran over to the lake, eat a light lunch and ran back to the office. Suppose to start raining tomorrow but today was perfect running condictions. Go team! (Tue 29)
Time: 36:38 Pace: 9:55 / Total Miles 964.29 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 106 miles

5.19 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Leaving tomorrow for Africa. (Tue 29)
Time: 1:01:29 Pace: 11:51 / Total Miles 1,098.86 since 7/4/18
Good luck Brent. You continue to amaze us all. Can't wait to see your photos. 1/29 12:06 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 55 miles

6.31 miles (runner profile)

Morning Interval workoutπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ 5miles 800mx100m and 1mile cooling down (Tue 29)
Time: 52:37 Pace: 8:21 / Total Miles 1,107.52 since 7/4/18
Good workout. This will get you faster. Go Aaron. Go Team! 1/29 12:06 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 82 miles

1.35 miles in Mountain View, Ca (runner profile)

Easy run from the office over to Erik’s for lunch. I forgot to start my watch for the first half mile but I had a pretty good idea what pace I was running. Photo is of our dog, Daisy, in La Piedad. A friend takes care of her when we are not there. But she is always glad to see us and to go walking and running with us. (Mon 28)
Time: 14:50 Pace: 11:00 / Total Miles 960.59 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 101 miles

2.10 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Antelope have moved into our neighborhood. 😊 (Mon 28)
Time: 25:32 Pace: 12:10 / Total Miles 1,093.67 since 7/4/18
Wow, they keep coming by. 1/29 12:07 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 74 miles

5.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Nice sunrise before a light fog rolled in (Mon 28) / Total Miles 549.22 since 8/22/18
Beautiful sunrise. 1/29 12:07 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 57 miles

4.80 miles in Los Gatos, CA (runner profile)

Sunday Run on dirt, doing the Dammit Run course around St Joseph's Park. Water is running in stream that follows the trail. (Sun 27)
Time: 1:05:01 Pace: 13:33 / Total Miles 794.64 since 7/7/18
It is nice to have water in the streams. 1/29 12:08 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 80 miles

5.10 miles in La Piedad (MX) (runner profile)

Last run in La Piedad before leaving for the airport. I like this little loop and was glad our plane was an hour later this time giving me enough time to do this course again. Perfect running weather. Love this little town but always love going back home too. Our next Challenge will start March 1st with some changes I think you will like. Final details are being worked out. In the meantime keep running and logging. Go team! (Sun 27)
Time: 49:50 Pace: 9:47 / Total Miles 959.24 since 7/4/18

Larry Allen (64) US, 275 miles

7.00 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Another good January day. 45 & no snow on the trail. Things are coming along nicely. My 7 miles today was a new longest nonstop run in a year. A 9:49 first mile up the hill was a good sign, everything after was between 9:10 & 9:38. Steady. Ran out of gas in the last mile but hung in there. I’ve been through enough of the healing issues to know that it’s not a straight line. Today was a good day and I’m grateful for it. Tough days are bound to come too. I’ll listen to my body and be patient with it. This I know. (Sun 27)
Time: 1:06:26 Pace: 9:30 / Total Miles 916.36 since 7/4/18
Good run and a good pace. Things are really working for you! Soon we will be running in Central Park. 1/27 10:18 pm
Love the photo! 1/27 10:25 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 99 miles

2.70 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Beautiful morning in Cheyenne. (Sun 27)
Time: 37:56 Pace: 14:03 / Total Miles 1,091.57 since 7/4/18
So cool that you were part of this. 1/27 10:19 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 80 miles

8.33 miles in Swadini Road (runner profile)

Lovely cool weather and bush looking so beautiful after the rains! (Sun 27) / Total Miles 714.78 since 7/5/18
You are really getting in the miles. 1/27 10:19 pm
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