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With millions of people running races regularly, our goal is to make My BEST Runs the go-to site for runners as they search for the best races in their area and around the world. Our site was created and built by runners for runners and we welcome your feedback.

My BEST 100 Races

At, the highest honor a race can receive is to be recognized as a My BEST 100 Race. This exclusive distinction goes only to the 100 races who’ve been given a perfect 10 race rating. These are considered the best 100 races in the world. The final list will be officially announced and updated on July 1st of every year.

My BEST Illustrated Race Calendar

Visual impact is critical in marketing running events and each My Best Runs race is illustrated by a billboard. Plus two large race photos will highlight each race profile.

My BEST Promo Codes

Many races will offer exclusive promo codes available only at My Best Runs. Our site doesn’t require you to pre purchase any race offer. Promo codes are simply emailed to each runner, can be shared with friends and redeemed directly through the official race registration site.

My BEST 5 Star Rating

Who better to rate a race than runners themselves. My Best Runs allows its members to rate races. Ratings are a valuable resource for runners as they search for the races they want to run.

My BEST Race Score team and it’s race scouts will score races. These scores are calculated based off of personal experience and participation, runner feedback, comments, organization, destination locations and more. Only races earning a score of at least 8.5 out of 10 or higher will qualify for a My BEST race score. In many cases races we do not have enough information to score a race. This is why your comments and star ratings will help this process.

My BEST Bucket List

Simply put, these are races you want to run. Dreams do come true. Just click on the My Bucket List button on the race profile page and the race will be added to your profile. You can add and delete at any time. Just login to your profile to makes these changes.

My BEST Ran It List

Find races we’re following that you’ve run. Click on the Ran It button and record your performance. Special recognition will be given to runners who’ve finished the most number races being followed by My BEST Runs.

My BEST Race Categories

Races being followed and featured on My BEST Runs are organized by race categories on our home page. We will provide runners with the most relevant and valuable information for finding the best races in the world. Categories we will be offering include, My BEST Marathons, My BEST Races Nearest Me, My BEST Most Scenic Races, My BEST Toughest Races, My BEST Ultras, My BEST 5K Races, My BEST 10K’s, My BEST Half Marathons, My BEST Destination Races, My BEST Trail Runs, My BEST Race Prize Money, My BEST Wild and Crazy Races and more.

My BEST Comments

My Best Runs gives you a voice and the ability to leave a comment about races you have run or know about it. Comments help races achieve a better score and ultimately become a My BEST 100 Race. Seeing comments about each race helps runners finalize their plans to register and will also help the race directors gather feedback and make their race the best it can be.

My BEST Prize Money

In today’s world there are hundreds of runners whose sole income comes from running races. Other runners also get recognized and are given prize money for top performances. At My BEST Runs, if you’re an elite runner, you can search for races based on the prize money being offered. The prize money we report assumes all bonus money is achieved and paid out in US Dollars. The prize money listed is based on a best estimate as documented by My Best Runs. For exact prize money verification, contact the race directly.

My BEST Race Leaderboard

Many races being followed by My BEST Runs will post results of their top finishers along with age group winners. Viewing these results will help runners find the fastest courses and the best competition either up front or in their age-group.

My BEST For Runners

Our goal is to be the go-to website for runners searching for their next best race.  Find and register for the best races, get the best promo codes available, share with friends, rate races, view and make comments and more.

My BEST For Race Directors

My Best Runs is built for runners and race directors and our goal is to be the go-to site for finding the best races in the world. As a race director, you will have turn key technology at your fingertips that will allow you to update your race profile 24/7 in real time, customize and feature promotional codes, build an amazing billboard, register runners, post event information, photos, results, collect valuable runner comments, feedback and more. My Best Runs want to help you tell everyone about your race.

My BEST Run Race Scouts

We are signing up Race Scouts around the world. Our scouts will help us identify the best races in the world. Our scouts may prefer small races, while others feel that a best race needs thousands of runners. Some only like trail races and others only like road races. In all cases, they will put their name on reputation on the line with their race picks. All will pick at least 10 and no more than 100. To qualify you have to have run or been involved with at least 100 races and feel you are qualified to judge races. There is no compensation, but it comes with logs of bragging rights. Use the contact us form.

My BEST Runs Team

We love running and racing even more...Our website monitor is Bob Anderson, the founder of Runner’s World and Double Racing. In 2012, Bob ran 50 races covering 350.8 miles at an average pace of 6:59/mile. He was 64-year-old at the time. A movie, A Long Run, documented his year-long challenge. Additionally, our team of worldwide race scouts have run and directed thousands of races. We’ve been collecting information on races for years and have a goal to illustrate the best races in the world in a visually stunning fashion. If you would like to join our team contact Bob Anderson

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