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Runners are using tech to stay connected and compete since most races have been cancelled

Virtual races weren’t supposed to be the most exciting competition for runners in the summer of... more

The registration for 2020 virtual Boston Marathon begins today

Registration for a virtual edition of the Boston Marathon begins Tuesday after the in-person race was... more

The Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has welcomed the UN General Assembly's decision to move the previously agreed Olympic truce to 2021

Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori said in a statement, "We welcome the United Nations General Assembly's... more

Copenhagen Half marathon has been cancelled due to the coronavirus

With less than three months to go, organizers can confirm that it will not be possible for... more

The 2020 Vermont City Marathon now postponed until may 30 2021 due to the pandemic

The Vermont City Marathon become the latest sporting event impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as its... more

Sprinter Bianca Williams accuses police of ‘racial profiling’ after stop and search in London

The GB international and her partner, fellow athlete Ricardo dos Santos, were stopped while in a... more

The virtually 2020 Lewa Safari marathon powered by Huawei raises over $200,000 for wildlife conservation

The virtually Lewa Safari marathon powered by Chinese technology firm Huawei has raised over 20 million... more

The 2020 Paris Marathon delayed again, now will take place November 15

The Paris Marathon has been moved further back to November 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic,... more


Track and Field fans in Eugene and around the world,

I write to you today during one... more

Yes, It’s Okay to Take a Month Off from Running

If Des Linden can do it, so can you.

Convincing us runners to take time off is... more

Regan Yee runs Olympic standard in 5,000m time trial

Regan Yee, 24, shattered her 5,000m personal best in a time trial on Saturday, running under... more

Fastest 5K (Men)
Herculis 5k
12:51 (Stats)

Fastest 5K (Women)
B.A.A. 5K
15:16 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Men)
10k Valencia Ibercaja
26:24 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Women)
10k Valencia Ibercaja
29:46 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Men)
Copenhagen Half Marathon
58:01 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Women)
Great North Run
1:04:27 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Men)
INEOS 1:59 Challenge
1:59:40 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Women)
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
2:14:04 (Stats)
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