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How My BEST Runs Works

My Best Runs website is the only Illustrated Race Guide following the best races in the world. You do not need to have an account to do most things. However, if you want to make comments, rate the race, add the race to your bucket list or record your previous race performance you will need an account. It is free to set up an account and will take you less than a minute.

Here is how our site works, enjoy!

  1. Facebook link. Give feedback to your Facebook friends. Maybe you are running the race or you just want to share your thoughts about the race on FB.
  2. 100 races were picked by My Best Runs as the 2016 World's Best Races. Only the top 100 display this logo. A major challenge for many of these races is getting an entry.
  3. Name of race or group of races.
  4. Five Star Rating from members. Five is the best score. Just click on the stars to rate a race. You have to have an account to rate a race.
  5. Date of the race. If it is being held over several days, it would be the date of the final day.
  6. Location of race. If it is a point to point race, it would be the location of the finish line.
  7. These are the different distances during race day or race weekend.
  8. This is the general description of the race in most cases. It is up to the race director what copy they want to include here.
  9. Race Billboard. This is the first thing to attract the attention of runners. It is up to the race director how they want to present their race.
  10. My Best Runs rate races we follow. Ten is the best score and all of our World's Best 100 Races are rated 10. Not all races we are following have a rating. We need additional feedback to rate some of the races we are following. Comments and star ratings are taken into consideration.
  11. My Bucket List. This is a race you want to run or at least watch. Just click the button. You do need to have an account to use this function. These races will appear on your account.
  12. Ran It. If you have run this race (at any time) and was an official finisher, click this button. If you remember your time, record that too. These will show up on your account.
  13. Large photo showing what makes this a race everyone wants to run.
  14. If the race is going to pay prize money. The estimated amount (including all bonuses being earned) is listed along with the link for the details. If nothing is listed, the race does not pay prize money.
  15. Location of the finish line. Be sure to verify this location since sometimes things change.
  16. Comments about the race. Just click on My Best Runs Comments to make a comment. You have to set up an account to leave comments.
  17. Leader Board results. Most races post results of their overall top four (men and women) and age-group winners. The fastest times over the last 12 months for the 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon are highlighted on sliders on the home page.

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My Best Runs only follows the best races in the world. My Best Runs will be the go-to site for runners who are looking to run top quality races. By being featured, you will attract more runners to your race.

Every race has to meet our standards set by our director, Bob Anderson and his race team. Bob Anderson was the founder of Runner's World magazine and published it for 18 years building readership to over 2.5 million.

Bob has run over 1000 races all over the world. In 2012, he ran 50 races, covered 350.8 miles and averaged 6:59/mile. At age 65, in 2013, he ran the Boston Marathon finishing in a time of 3:32:17. He loves racing and never plans to stop. He is currently training 45 miles per week and racing at just over 7 minutes per mile.

On the event side, he is currently producing more than ten Double Racing events around the world. Additionally he has produced well over 100 races since 1972 including Corporate Cup Relays, Fun-Runs, road races and even an indoor track meet.

This knowledge is the foundation of My Best Runs. Every race being followed by My Best Runs has to put the runner first. The race has to be technically well run. Additionally, every runner's safety has to be the race directors number one priority.

If you are looking for more runners, more attention or more sponsors, let us help you. There is a reasonable monthly fee (introductory price of $75) and this will be covered by just attracting a few entries.

To get your race listed fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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