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IAAF releases the biggest ever biomechanics study for Track and Field
The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) today released the results of, what they claim, is the... more
Getting into shape, it’s not glamorous says John Quinn who almost died from a heart attack. It’s hard. You can’t fake it.
John Quinn, a retired newspaper editor, likes to wear the teal cotton T-shirt he got from... more
Joel Flora wants to make this year's Boston Marathon be number five
Joel Flora recently qualified for his fifth Boston Marathon. He is able to register in September... more
Global Run Challenge Profile: Lifetime runner Fred Martin (74) remembers when races did not have an age-group over 59
RUN THE WORLD:  “I will be 75 in six months,” says Fred Martín, “and my running... more
I needed to suffer, says Kílian Jornet after breaking a record that had stood for 36 years
Early on Sunday morning, as the Lake District began to buzz with hikers walking in the... more
Catra Corbett Smashes the 310 mile John Muir Trail record
Vegan ultramarathon runner Catra Corbett has set a new record on the legendary John Muir Trail.... more
Nicky Spinks pushed the barriers of human endurace by running 116 Miles over Peaks in under 56 Hours
At the age of 51, a little-known Yorkshire (UK) farmer has completed an extraordinary mountain challenge. Nicky... more
Long distance runner Felicien Muhitira is optmistic to break a six-year record at the forthcoming Marvejols-Mende half marathon
Rwanda international long distance and cross country runner Felicien Muhitira is upbeat about defending his title... more
Deena Kastor is the honored guest at the 12th annual Missoula Marathon weekend
Deena Kastor started running at age 11 in 1984, after witnessing Joan Benoit Samuelson, the first... more
Global Run Challenge Profile: Mary Menton has been running for over 25 years and loves it as much now as ever
RUN THE WORLD:  Mary Menton has been running for over 25 years.  She works full time as a family... more
George Kraehe wanted to finish a marathon in all 50 States, Missoula will be number 50
Coming up this weekend is the extremely popular Missoula marathon. Thousands of runners are expected to... more

Fastest 5K (Women)
B.A.A. 5K
15:22 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Men)
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
27:08 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Women)
Birell 10K Race
29:43 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Men)
Copenhagen Half Marathon
58:40 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Women)
Valencia Half Marathon
1:04:51 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Men)
BMW Berlin Marathon
2:03:32 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Women)
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
2:18:31 (Stats)
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