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South Africian Bee Keeper Runs Ultra Marathons to bring attention to Honeybees
Running ultra marathons is impressive enough; but running backwards through one is astounding – and that’s... more
The 10th Annual Kauai Marathon offers a world class race along with world class scenery
The 10th annual Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon set for Sept. 2 is a little more... more
Shelby Houlihan runs a big PR to break the American 5000m record, clocking 13:34
Shelby Houlihan, a native of Sioux City, Iowa, who now lives in Portland, Oregon, won the... more
Why do 90 percent of Runners miss training time every year due to injury
Gretchen Reynolds, writing about running for The New York Times, claims that studies estimate that “90... more
France’s Xavier Thévenard disqualified at Hardrock 100 with less than 10 miles to go
Race leader Xavier Thévenard of France was disqualified from the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run early Saturday... more
Bazeley and Murrin are set to battle for the 2018 Tely 10 crown
Jennifer Murrin won the 2017 Tely 10 title, has won the race four times, and is... more
Kennol Narayan won the 2018 Island Chill Suva Marathon
Kennol Narayan won the 2018 Island Chill Suva Marathon full marathon in Suva earlier yesterday. He... more
Global Run Challenge Profile: Sam Tada’s first run was a 1500m Race, he finished third in five flat
RUN THE WORLD: “When I was a junior high school student, I was a baseball player,“ says... more
Stanford School of Medicine tracked 500 runners for 20 years and here is what they discovered
Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from the Stanford University... more
41-year-old Colin Fewer still feel he has not run his best Tely 10
Colin has won the race more than anyone else in its 90 years, and can boast... more
Wharf to Wharf elite field is strong and fast times are expected
The Wharf to Wharf race in California has a lot of history to it, some of... more
Island Chill Marathon Defending Champion, Ben Ashkettle Hopes To Represent Fiji
Fiji-born Benjamin Ashkettle runs more than 250 kilometers every week in preparation for marathons . The... more

Fastest 5K (Women)
B.A.A. 5K
15:22 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Men)
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
27:08 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Women)
Birell 10K Race
29:43 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Men)
Copenhagen Half Marathon
58:40 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Women)
Valencia Half Marathon
1:04:51 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Men)
BMW Berlin Marathon
2:03:32 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Women)
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
2:18:31 (Stats)
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