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Recover like Kipchoge: three simple ways you can be like the GOAT

The world’s fastest marathoner knows how to take care of himself. Eliud Kipchoge, 38, lives and trains... more

Breathe your way into your best running performance

Your breath has the power to shift your approach to an intense event and can be... more

Kenyan marathoner starts all-girls training camp

Kenyan distance runner Mary Ngugi, 33, shared that she often felt on high alert as she trained as... more

Make a strong, healthy comeback to running with these tips

"Hurry slowly," says ultrarunner Emelie Forsberg.

Whether you’re returning from injury or took some time off of... more

2022 - the year when international road racing got back to normal

There have been big city races with mass participation, high-profile clashes between the world’s elite distance... more

You’re Tracking Miles. This Brand Is Tracking Sustainability Goals.

The sneaker industry has a role to play in climate change. New Balance is trying to... more

Who Wore Which Shoes at the New York City Marathon?

The running shoe hype train was high in New York City with a few fast yet-to-be-released... more

Winter Running Doesn't Have to Be Cold, Dark, and Lonely

The shortest days and the longest nights are upon us. In many parts of the country,... more

How to Disrupt Diet Talk this Holiday Season

Holidays themselves can bring about so many different feelings for different people. While many appreciate the... more

Take a Sneak Peek into 'Born to Run 2'

Thirteen years after the publication of Christopher McDougall's popular book, Born to Run, the author teams... more

Tips for Your First Ultramarathon

By definition, an ultramarathon is anything longer than 26.2 miles. Maybe you've run a marathon and... more

The Cannon Core Workout For Runners

There’s a good reason why core workouts for runners have become so popular over the last... more

Fastest 5K (Men)
Cursa dels Nassos
12:49 (Stats)

Fastest 5K (Women)
Cursa dels Nassos
14:19 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Men)
10k Valencia Trinidad Alfonso
26:38 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Women)
10k Facsa Castello
29:14 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Men)
Rak Half Marathon
57:56 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Women)
Rak Half Marathon
1:04:14 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Men)
BMW Berlin Marathon
2:01:09 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Women)
Bank of America Chicago
2:14:18 (Stats)
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