My Best Runs
2022 Western States 100 Men’s Race

This year’s men’s race had the notable absence of course record holder Jim Walmsley, who has... more

2022 Western States 100 Women’s Race

Last year’s winner Beth Pascall was absent from the start list for 2022, but there was... more

Strava adds video uploads feature in latest update

Who needs to upload running content on TikTok or Instagram, when you can now do it... more

USATF 2022 Championships finals results through June 25

There has already been a lot of a action during the 2022 USATF Championships in Eugene... more

Demystifying Carbon Fiber, A Key Super Shoe Ingredient

The plate is just one part of a midsole’s secret sauce.

Four years ago, Nike launched the... more

How To Run Slow

The key to running fast is learning to run slow. I have said that so often... more

More Carbs Correlates With Less GI Distress in Runners

Race nutrition is a popular subject of discussion and a frequent source of anxiety for runners.... more

Western States 100 Time Predictions Based On Historical Data

The Western States 100 is the Super Bowl of US trail running, just with fewer cryptocurrency... more

50 Years After Title IX: The landmark legislation has had a profound impact on gender equality but it hasn’t fixed everything

It’s been a year of celebration for women in sports, but particularly for women in running.... more

Nike will fully shut down operations in Russia, joining other international companies that have withdrawn from the country after its brutal invasion of Ukraine

Nike Inc. suspended operations three months ago at all of its company-owned and operated stores in Russia but... more

South African runner takes on three triathlons in three countries in six days – all to help feed hungry children in Africa

South African runner, Rehan Greeff, will take on the biggest sporting challenge of his life from... more

The 2023 Tokyo Marathon will be run at full capacity of 37,500 runners

In March 2022, we came together to hold the first in-person Tokyo Marathon in two years,... more

Fastest 5K (Men)
Cursa dels Nassos
12:49 (Stats)

Fastest 5K (Women)
Cursa dels Nassos
14:19 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Men)
10k Valencia Trinidad Alfonso
26:38 (Stats)

Fastest 10K (Women)
10k Facsa Castello
29:14 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Men)
Rak Half Marathon
57:56 (Stats)

Fastest Half Marathon (Women)
Valencia Half Marathon
1:02:52 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Men)
Tokyo Marathon
2:02:40 (Stats)

Fastest Marathon (Women)
Tokyo Marathon
2:16:02 (Stats)
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