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Run The World Gobal Challenge celebrates running around the world.  We have finished our first year. RTW Global Challenge 6 is a 10 week program that started July 2, 2019 and will finish 10-weeks later on September 11.  The idea is to run or walk and then log those miles on your My Best Runs account. There is no entry fee.  You just need a MBR account and that’s Free too.  Once you sign up you log your miles on your account.  

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John Henry (64) US, 143 miles

3.11 miles in Sioux Falls, SD (runner profile)

We ran with the Mayor of Sioux Falls, SD (our 47th state). It was a nice run for a good cause and I finished 5th. (Sat 10)
Time: 23:26 Pace: 7:33 / Total Miles 433.91 since 7/4/18

Dana Anstey (71) US, 108 miles

3.19 miles in Creswell, Oregon (runner profile)

Felt more like early winter than summer this morning. Nice cool running (Sat 10) / Total Miles 1,132.32 since 8/21/18
Must be nice. Hot down here in the afternoon, 8/11 5:19 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 715 miles

6.20 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Cooler with humidity. (Sat 10)
Time: 1:02:37 Pace: 10:06 / Total Miles 3,859.63 since 7/4/18
Lots of humidity! 8/11 5:18 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 213 miles

4.20 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Two mile warmup and two mile cool down at the race. (Sat 10)
Time: 1:29:00 Pace: 21:12 / Total Miles 2,249.94 since 7/4/18
Old style of timing but it still works! 8/11 5:18 pm

Michael Anderson (43) US, 233 miles

4.65 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Happy belated Birthday Smokey the bear (Sat 10)
Time: 43:43 Pace: 9:25 / Total Miles 2,136.59 since 7/4/18
Good day! 8/10 5:17 pm

Michael Anderson (43) US, 228 miles

3.80 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Beating the storm won’t Bear (Sat 10)
Time: 39 Pace: 10:16 / Total Miles 2,131.94 since 7/4/18
How did you get nearly 150 miles ahead of me since we started? 8/10 5:16 pm

Paul Shimon (72) US, 119 miles

4.57 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Windy, hot, humid weather took a toll on my tall sunflowers . (Sat 10) / Total Miles 2,954.30 since 7/4/18
Tough summers and winters. But you have to love the spring and fall in Kansas. 8/10 5:15 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 156 miles

5.50 miles in Stanford, California (runner profile)

First mile easy warmup. Pushed next three with mile four at 7:10. Then I did 1.5 miles of intervals. (Sat 10)
Time: 45:40 Pace: 8:19 / Total Miles 1,985.73 since 7/4/18
Nice descending splits! Go Bob! 8/10 1:58 pm
Thanks Paul. Now the last 1.5 miles were intervals mostly 176 yards each. Almost bailed before doing the last three. 8/10 5:05 pm
Blasting it, Bob!!! Kudos!!!! 8/10 6:43 pm
Thanks James! Working on some speed. 8/11 8:30 am
Speed and distance!! Becoming more versatile!! I LOVE IT!!!! 8/13 8:48 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 709 miles

18.71 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Early morning back home routine runs.. sometimes the familiar is best. (Sat 10)
Time: 2:24:48 Pace: 7:45 / Total Miles 3,853.43 since 7/4/18
Well done. Looks like James is back! 8/10 5:05 pm
About 93% of full.. going to start sprints in a week or so. 8/13 8:49 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 209 miles

3.10 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Finished 30th overall and 1st in the 70 plus age group. (Sat 10)
Time: 24:30 Pace: 7:55 / Total Miles 2,245.74 since 7/4/18
Good job! Well done. Sub 8 is always good for us older runners. 8/10 5:06 pm
One year I ran 48 races from 5k to 100k. 8/10 5:48 pm
So a race a week or did you do two some weekends? 8/11 8:31 am
Some weeks I did 7 races in 7 days. 👣 8/11 8:36 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 167 miles

8.70 miles in Mind Space Malad Mumbai (runner profile)

Today did the Weekend long road run of 14kms in 1:28:02 hrs @ 6:17 km/min pace (Sat 10)
Time: 1:28:02 Pace: 10:08 / Total Miles 1,442.93 since 7/4/18
I think a runner needs to challenge themselves at least three times per week to improve. Actually when I am getting ready for a race I challenge myself like five times weekly. Good job today! 8/10 5:14 pm
Yes Bob, that’s the way to improve yourself. Have a nice running. 8/10 5:28 pm
I have been doing a lot of runs were I do intervals at the end. Think it is helping my leg turn over. Keep up the good work! 8/11 8:32 am

Carmen Gair (35) ZA, 63 miles

6.11 miles in Phalaborwa (runner profile)

Girl Power ✌🏻🌸 10K with Johanna to celebrate Women’s Day (Fri 9)
Time: 1:03:00 Pace: 10:19 / Total Miles 768.12 since 8/29/18
Girl Power for sure! 8/11 8:32 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 94 miles

6.50 miles in Phalaborwa (runner profile)

Carmen thank you for running the Women's day run in Phalaborwa with me. It was my pb in 10km (Fri 9)
Time: 01:16:55 Pace: 11:51 / Total Miles 766.46 since 8/29/18
PR’s are always nice. Well done. Proud of our South African leader. 8/10 5:07 pm
Thank you Bob. I'm feeling so good after the long sicknesses 😁😁🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ 8/10 9:45 pm
Seems like things are really working for you. Sometimes a person comes back stronger after a break! 8/11 8:33 am

James Kalani (54) US, 690 miles

7.80 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Home sweet home.. (Fri 9)
Time: 1:22:45 Pace: 10:37 / Total Miles 3,834.72 since 7/4/18
Traveling is always a treat but it is ALWAYS nice to get back home as you posted. 8/10 5:08 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 150 miles

4.10 miles in Los Altos, California (runner profile)

Ran two miles over to lunch downtown and then had to make a call so walked back 2.1 miles. My second mile was 8:37. Nice day out! (Fri 9)
Time: 1:09:39 Pace: 17:00 / Total Miles 1,980.23 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (43) US, 224 miles

7.00 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Riders on the trail (Fri 9)
Time: 57:10 Pace: 8:10 / Total Miles 2,128.14 since 7/4/18
Lots of friends on the trail. Love running among the canal with you and our friends. 8/10 5:08 pm

Paul Shimon (72) US, 114 miles

4.00 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Though it was a gloomy day I faced it with a smile as big as Texas. (Fri 9) / Total Miles 2,949.73 since 7/4/18
Have to smile to make it easier. Even the Kipchoge says this. 8/10 5:10 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 206 miles

1.90 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Easy workout because we have a 5k race tomorrow. (Fri 9)
Time: 25:30 Pace: 13:26 / Total Miles 2,242.64 since 7/4/18
Always best to race on fresh legs if possible. 8/10 5:10 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 146 miles

4.05 miles in Palo Alto (runner profile)

Ran in Los Altos this morning and Palo Alto at lunch. Photos from Los Altos. Started each two mile run with an easy warmup and the pushed a sub 8. (Thu 8)
Time: 39:50 Pace: 9:51 / Total Miles 1,976.13 since 7/4/18
Good training time for us 70+ runners. 🏃🏃🏃 8/9 6:59 am
Feels good to push it. Wished we could have raced together in SF. Just got too hectic. Next time! 8/10 5:11 pm

Paul Shimon (72) US, 110 miles

4.00 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Won some Jayhawk awards at Kansas Relays. I love Clinton Dam! (Thu 8) / Total Miles 2,945.73 since 7/4/18
Good memories I bet! 8/8 9:49 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 204 miles

2.20 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Walk with the dog to see the train. (Thu 8)
Time: 39:47 Pace: 18:05 / Total Miles 2,240.74 since 7/4/18
Pushing the miles! 8/8 9:48 pm

Michael Anderson (43) US, 217 miles

5.00 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Easy 5 (Thu 8)
Time: 45:30 Pace: 9:06 / Total Miles 2,121.14 since 7/4/18
Good pace for an easy run. 8/8 9:48 pm

Dana Anstey (71) US, 105 miles

2.01 miles in Creswell, Oregon (runner profile)

Shake out run while trying to decide if I’m going to do the Oregon Track Club 5K tonight. (Thu 8) / Total Miles 1,129.13 since 8/21/18
Every mile count. Is this your cat? 8/8 9:47 pm
One of 7 8/9 6:33 am
We have two! 8/10 5:11 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 682 miles

13.79 miles in San Luis Obispo, Ca. (runner profile)

San Luis Obispo today.. early run. (Thu 8)
Time: 2:08:31 Pace: 9:19 / Total Miles 3,826.92 since 7/4/18
Looks like you are recovering? Love that area of California. 8/8 9:42 am
Yes!! I have been doing yoga, icing, and small muscle workouts to get strength and flexibility back. Tightness almost gone. Still not pushing it and i'm wearing a knee brace while just walking around. Running straight is ok, just can't sprint or pound downhill. 8/8 10:52 am
Take care my friend! 8/8 9:47 pm
Honesyly I was pushing too hard. Took advice from a former military man that told me to listen to the pain.. it's telling you to ease off. I was running with emotion, as we should never do. If you are not in "that zone", you need to ease off and let the discomfort guide you hou to recovery. 8/13 8:55 pm

Brent Weigner (70) US, 202 miles

2.90 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Run in the rain this morning. 😋 (Thu 8)
Time: 37:13 Pace: 12:50 / Total Miles 2,238.54 since 7/4/18
You get rain or snow year around there. In California we don’t get rain during the summer which is one reason we have so many fires. 8/8 9:41 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 142 miles

1.37 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

My lunch walk over to Erik’s and back to the office. Did a few strides. Every mile counts! Keep moving! Our next Double, the 15k (10k+break+5k) is coming up Sept 29. Also doing a 10k and 5k. Want to run well there. Good course. This is our first Double 15k of the year. (Wed 7)
Time: 27:30 Pace: 20:05 / Total Miles 1,972.08 since 7/4/18

Willie Korir (27) KE, 8 miles

7.46 miles in Thika (runner profile)

Morning run very slow but it's good to do away with my 6kgs .Anyone there struggling with weight should get tips by following my one month work outs that involves cutting weight and bringing body back to good shape.Be ready to see unbelievable heavy load of miles. (Wed 7)
Time: 1:02:00 Pace: 8:19 / Total Miles 5,203.02 since 7/4/18
We have missed you. That dog bite cost you a month but glad you are able to train again. 8/8 9:28 am

Dana Anstey (71) US, 103 miles

4.50 miles in Eugene, Oregon (runner profile)

Another Taco 🌮 Tuesday hosted by Eclectic Edge Racing. 5K followed by a taco bar and trivia. (Wed 7) / Total Miles 1,127.12 since 8/21/18
Was this the shirt too? Looks cool! 8/8 9:29 am
Not sure about shirt I haven’t got one yet. I’ll check next month. 8/8 10:04 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 141 miles

4.34 miles in Los Altos, Ca (runner profile)

Run around the neighborhood. First real run in ten days. Been crazy since half marathon and my body needed a rest. But this felt good even through it was slow. (Wed 7)
Time: 40:40 Pace: 9:23 / Total Miles 1,970.71 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (43) US, 212 miles

8.67 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Midweek 8 (Wed 7)
Time: 76 Pace: 8:46 / Total Miles 2,116.14 since 7/4/18
Gotta love the scenery in Bend Oregon. Well done! 8/8 9:29 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 86 miles

3.36 miles in HOEDSPRUIT (runner profile)

Feeling beter and stronger everyday (Wed 7)
Time: 00:45:57 Pace: 13:42 / Total Miles 758.07 since 8/29/18
We sure do! And South Africa is holding down second place in the team standings. Well done Team Leader! 8/8 9:30 am
Thank you Bob I am super excited. Team SA is logging awesome kms. I'm so proud of them 8/8 10:04 am
Me too! 8/8 9:46 pm

Paul Shimon (72) US, 106 miles

4.21 miles in Winfield Kansas (runner profile)

Outrageous humidity! (Wed 7) / Total Miles 2,941.73 since 7/4/18
That Kansas humidity is a tough one. Glad to see you are able to up your mileage. One step at a time and be sure to drink plenty of water. 8/8 9:32 am

James Kalani (54) US, 662 miles

12.80 miles in Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Regular knee ice therapy, rolling, and stretching are paying dividends! (Wed 7)
Time: 1:43:15 Pace: 8:04 / Total Miles 3,806.33 since 7/4/18
Take care of yourself. You have been pushing the miles. Be safe. 8/8 9:32 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 199 miles

5.10 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Run through the Cheyenne Country Club. (Wed 7)
Time: 1:02:00 Pace: 12:10 / Total Miles 2,235.64 since 7/4/18
It was good to spend a little time together. You have so many stories and we have so much in common. 8/8 9:33 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 154 miles

6.21 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

Today was Speed workout day. Trying my best to run fast. Today did 6 repetitions of 1 Km each at an average pace of @ 5:05 min/km with 3min rest between each repetition. (Wed 7)
Time: 1:05:50 Pace: 10:36 / Total Miles 1,430.33 since 7/4/18
Well said. You are what you put into it. 8/8 9:34 am

Michael Anderson (43) US, 204 miles

6.20 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Easy 10k (Tue 6)
Time: 55 Pace: 8:53 / Total Miles 2,107.47 since 7/4/18
Cool shot! 8/8 9:34 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 136 miles

3.54 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Ran out to the club house at the golf course and back. Had a hamburger for lunch. Easy! (Tue 6)
Time: 51:01 Pace: 14:25 / Total Miles 1,966.37 since 7/4/18
Miss running that trail with you, great spot 8/7 8:02 pm
Miss it too. Love running at Shoreline and I think of you often when I do. We had many good runs there! 8/8 9:35 am

James Kalani (54) US, 649 miles

11.80 miles in Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Still on Vacation! (Tue 6)
Time: 1:36:41 Pace: 8:12 / Total Miles 3,793.53 since 7/4/18
Getting in loads of miles for being on vacation. 8/8 9:35 am
I love it.. everyone wakes up after 9am and I am up at 6am to run!!! FOR THE WIN! LOL 8/8 10:42 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 629 miles

6.73 miles in Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Have to be careful running.. these guys will bust you.. (Tue 6)
Time: 2:16:50 Pace: 20:20 / Total Miles 3,773.53 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (70) US, 194 miles

3.20 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Back in Cheyenne last night and up early this morning for a run with my dog Bonzer. 🐾🐾🐾 (Tue 6)
Time: 46:42 Pace: 14:36 / Total Miles 2,230.54 since 7/4/18
I love running early mornings too! 8/8 9:36 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 148 miles

6.21 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

Today did 10kms of running at a medium pace of 6:15 min/km in 1:02:28 hrs Just an hour of running can transform your mind, body, and soul. This is not an exaggeration. All these benefits are backed by various scientific studies. Make it a routine to go out for a run at least four to five days a week. Running will gradually affect and improve your diet and lifestyle habits. Another study found that the runners continue to live an active life and have fewer disabilities compared to the ones who don’t. (Tue 6)
Time: 1:02:28 Pace: 10:04 / Total Miles 1,424.12 since 7/4/18
We need to keep moving. I run or walk at least 1 mile (and mostly at least 3 miles) every day and have been doing this since Nov 1 2008. I just make it part of my day. I really like your spirit and you are a very inspiring person. Keep moving! 8/8 9:39 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 133 miles

1.51 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Legs tired from the weekend. Have not had a good solid run since the half. Probably good that I am letting my body fully recover from the half. And from the wear and tear of putting on a race. Photo with our Golden Gate Double 8k winner from yesterday. She is 12 years old. (Mon 5)
Time: 23:13 Pace: 15:23 / Total Miles 1,962.83 since 7/4/18

Dana Anstey (71) US, 98 miles

6.00 miles in Creswell, Oregon (runner profile)

Supposed to be the last day over 90 for a while. Hopefully we’ll get out from under this extreme fire danger soon. (Mon 5) / Total Miles 1,122.62 since 8/21/18
Beautiful waterfall. Is this near you? 8/5 10:39 am
No it’s up by where I raced this past weekend. It’s Horsetail Falls in the Columbia Gorge east of Portland 8/5 12:43 pm

James Kalani (54) US, 622 miles

8.42 miles in Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Vacationing all week.. taking a much needed break! (Mon 5)
Time: 1:26:43 Pace: 10:18 / Total Miles 3,766.80 since 7/4/18
Happy belated birthday to Cameron. We missed you guys in SF. You did need a break! 8/5 10:41 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 190 miles

3.00 miles in The Inn at the Presidio (runner profile)

Out and back through the forest trails behind our hotel house. (Mon 5)
Time: 45:43 Pace: 15:15 / Total Miles 2,227.34 since 7/4/18
You two are staying in a cool area of SF. 8/5 10:41 am

Kiranpal Singh Dhody (63) IN, 142 miles

3.73 miles in SAI Kandivali Mumbai (runner profile)

Today did a Speed workout of 6kms @ 5:18 min/km pace. (Mon 5)
Time: 31:49 Pace: 8:33 / Total Miles 1,417.91 since 7/4/18
There you go. Good pace! 8/5 10:41 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 81 miles

5.25 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

I am struggling so hard to get my pace back but it feels so good to run again (Mon 5)
Time: 01:19:14 Pace: 15:06 / Total Miles 753.22 since 8/29/18
This is one cool photo! Glad it is coming back! 8/5 10:42 am

James Kalani (54) US, 614 miles

7.83 miles in Long Beach/ Anaheim, Ca (runner profile)

Happy Birthday, Cameron! (Sun 4)
Time: 2:23:51 Pace: 18:23 / Total Miles 3,758.38 since 7/4/18
The big 21 for him! Hope you guys had a blast! 8/5 10:42 am

Michael Anderson (43) US, 197 miles

3.10 miles in Toasty Bend (runner profile)

Little toasty out, just 1,111 miles for year cool number to close week on (Sun 4)
Time: 30 Pace: 9:41 / Total Miles 2,101.27 since 7/4/18
Big milestone! Congrats! 8/5 10:43 am

Brent Weigner (70) US, 187 miles

8.00 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Two mile warmup and two mile cool down, 5k race, and 3k race, (Sun 4)
Time: 1:35:00 Pace: 11:53 / Total Miles 2,224.34 since 7/4/18
You handled our Double 8k well. How did you like doing a double? It was great meeting you (finally after all these years) and Sue. And thanks for all the help! 8/5 10:44 am
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