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Global Run Challenge
24,901 Miles

*PDT (California Time)

Our Run The World team mission is to celebrate running, motivate our team, inspire other people by logging our miles and posting photos and comments and to reach our goals.  As we get ready to start Run The World Challenge 4 in March, the challenge for our total team is to log 100,000 miles we have run/walk since July 4, 2018.

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Bob Anderson (71) US, 46 miles

1.10 miles in Stanford, California (runner profile)

After finishing six miles I had about 15 minutes before meeting up with Swetha from our team to talk about RTW Challenge 4. So I ran an easy mile. Glad I did this. My body needed this. (Sat 19)
Time: 9:43 Pace: 8:50 / Total Miles 924.96 since 7/4/18

Bob Anderson (71) US, 45 miles

6.02 miles in Stanford, California (runner profile)

I broke up this workout. Started off with a 9:55 first warm up mile. Then ran a 8:21 mile followed by a 7:34 and 7:31. I was toast at the end. Then I did 20 1/10th of a mile at 6:32/mile pace. I keep moving the whole time. Walked at least an additional mile between the intervals. Met up with Swetha from our team at Coupa afterwards. (Sat 19)
Time: 46:36 Pace: 7:45 / Total Miles 923.86 since 7/4/18

Dana Anstey (70) US, 40 miles

7.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Ran 6 at home and then did another mile at an Cowboy Honor Ride for a Police Officer killed in the line of duty. (Sat 19) / Total Miles 515.72 since 8/22/18
Good day for you and there is no better to honor someone. 1/19 5:49 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 76 miles

29.00 miles in Rome (VA) (runner profile)

I finished the marathon in 5:36:39 and the other time included my warmup and cool down, (Sat 19)
Time: 7:03:01 Pace: 14:36 / Total Miles 1,068.92 since 7/4/18
Well done Brent. You keep pounding out the Marathons and it doesn’t appear your body knows how old you are. But we both know age is only a number. 1/19 5:41 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 30 miles

3.23 miles in Parkrun (runner profile)

What a lekker Parkrun this morning. I can feel I improved my running again (Sat 19)
Time: 00:35:51 Pace: 11:06 / Total Miles 341.61 since 8/29/18
You are rocking it. You will continue to get stronger and stronger. Proud of you. 1/19 5:50 pm

Carmen Gair (34) ZA, 46 miles

14.91 miles in Eastgate Road (runner profile)

Saturday long run with SA RTW team mates Neil and Lize :) (Sat 19) / Total Miles 364.17 since 8/29/18
You are really getting in the miles. Well done team! 1/19 5:51 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 55 miles

14.91 miles in Eastgate road (runner profile)

Carmen and myself were delighted to run with fellow ZA RTW team member Neil today!!! Lovely running with Neil today!!! (Sat 19) / Total Miles 690.61 since 7/5/18
Yes it was! βœ‹ 1/19 1:11 am
Did you guys run an even pace? Glad the three of you were able to run together. 1/19 5:52 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 245 miles

6.02 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Almost a non stop 6. 2x1 min walk recovery when HR spiked. First snow in the woods. More to come. Hopefully not enough to keep me off the trail for an extended time. (Fri 18)
Time: 1:00:15 Pace: 10:01 / Total Miles 886.31 since 7/4/18
Well done. Well done! Just enough snow to not impact your running it appears. The flag is a nice touch. Is there a story behind it? 1/19 5:55 pm
Just noticed the photo is three years ago but it sounds like it looked pretty similar? 1/19 6:01 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 39 miles

3.41 miles in Los Altos, California (runner profile)

Double training run. Ran over to downtown Los Altos. Easy first mile as warm up (10:01). Then one more mile under 9. Had a light lunch and ran back pushing it. However I was a little bit on the full side today. Maybe lunch was not as light as it needed to be. Oh well... (Fri 18)
Time: 29:53 Pace: 8:46 / Total Miles 917.84 since 7/4/18

Dana Anstey (70) US, 33 miles

6.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Lots of standing water after several days of much needed rain. (Fri 18) / Total Miles 508.72 since 8/22/18
We need the rain for sure and we just have to deal with the mud. 1/19 5:55 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 25 miles

3.98 miles in Wildlife Estate (runner profile)

Interval training with my gym trainer this morning. It was hard but very good. (Fri 18) / Total Miles 336.52 since 8/29/18
Love this quote! Good job Johanna! βœ‹ 1/19 1:11 am
Have to do intervals to be able to run faster. Good job! 1/19 5:56 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 47 miles

3.60 miles in Rome, Italy. (VA) (runner profile)

Today we registered for Vatican City’s first ever running race. (Fri 18)
Time: 48:30 Pace: 13:29 / Total Miles 1,039.92 since 7/4/18
What prompted them to do a race? 1/19 5:56 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 27 miles

8.70 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Lunchtime 8s (Thu 17)
Time: 1:21:23 Pace: 9:22 / Total Miles 1,033.12 since 7/4/18
Looks like it is getting easier to run. Ice and snow does make it tough. Well done. 1/19 5:57 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 35 miles

1.35 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

This is a tough time of the year even for those of us that have been running for over 50 years. But the day would not be complete without getting out. Ran in sweats and if I had the time I would have taken off the sweats and gone further. Tomorrow. Always tomorrow, right? (Thu 17)
Time: 12:59 Pace: 9:38 / Total Miles 914.43 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 43 miles

5.90 miles in Tiber River (VA) (runner profile)

Three hours in Vatican City and up and down the nearby Tiber River, (Thu 17)
Time: 1:12:00 Pace: 12:13 / Total Miles 1,036.32 since 7/4/18
You certainly have seen the world and no better way to do it. Good luck this weekend. 1/17 6:52 pm

Carmen Gair (34) ZA, 29 miles

3.11 miles in Jonkmanspruit (runner profile)

Did a 5km time trial with Lize and Elize today, so much fun! (Thu 17)
Time: 29:16 Pace: 9:26 / Total Miles 346.77 since 8/29/18
Love the smiles. Good job! Go South Africa! 1/17 6:46 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 41 miles

3.11 miles in Jonkmanspruit road (runner profile)

5km pb! Loads of fun with running besties Elize and Carmen!! (Thu 17)
Time: 26:08 Pace: 8:24 / Total Miles 675.70 since 7/5/18
Well done! Next time you will get under 26. Go Lize! 1/17 6:45 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 31 miles

7.80 miles in Woodside, CA (runner profile)

My usual quiet, meditative run in nature. (Wed 16)
Time: 1:42:57 Pace: 13:12 / Total Miles 768.64 since 7/7/18
Wow these trees look like they are 100 feet tall. 1/19 5:58 pm
For sure Bob! 1/19 6:08 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 36 miles

9.00 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Lunchtime 9s (Wed 16)
Time: 1:21:00 Pace: 9:00 / Total Miles 1,042.12 since 7/4/18
Cool photo. Not too much snow! Looks very runable. 1/19 6:02 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 34 miles

2.20 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Got in a run before it started raining. I heard it was pouring down rain in San Francisco so I got out early. Ran out to the lake. Not a lot of people there today. (Wed 16)
Time: 21:00 Pace: 9:33 / Total Miles 913.08 since 7/4/18

Larry Allen (64) US, 236 miles

4.05 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Same walk-run on a recovery day as last Tuesday. 1 min walk, 2 min run x 13 :50 sec faster than last week & HR avg 5 Bpm lower. 27 min of the 41 min was running, 14 min walking and still not far over 10 min per mile. Little victories. My hat is a souvenir from Jenny Holzer’s landmark contemporary art exhibition in 2002 and isn’t such a bad mantra for us runners. (Wed 16)
Time: 41:16 Pace: 10:12 / Total Miles 876.94 since 7/4/18
Your oldest fears are the worse ones. I did not know but I found that on google. Your little victories add up to something grand. Well done! 1/17 6:59 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 27 miles

5.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Another thing we often get with our rainy season is beautiful sunrises. (Wed 16) / Total Miles 502.72 since 8/22/18
Trade offs. We sure do. 1/17 7:00 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 37 miles

2.14 miles in Vatican City (VA) (runner profile)

Walked around the outside of the worlds smallest country. πŸƒ (Wed 16)
Time: 32:44 Pace: 15:18 / Total Miles 1,030.42 since 7/4/18
Good luck this weekend. This gives us country 54 since we started logging miles July 4. Does the marathon cross into other countries or is it a lap course? Go Brent! 1/16 9:50 am

Erika Fourie (27) ZA, 29 miles

3.60 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

Pre-lunch run with my hubby!! Was tough in the heat but very nice - collected a few grass seeds as well!! πŸ˜† (Wed 16)
Time: 00:42:16 Pace: 11:44 / Total Miles 245.99 since 10/24/18
Sounds like you are really having some hot weather down your way? But then it is that time of the year. 1/16 9:50 am

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 24 miles

10.13 miles (runner profile)

Back again for another set of long runπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ and now im feeling nervous for my interview tomorrow for New Zealand radio station about RTW challenge though ive done it before on Australia radio station same thing about RTW challenge, so help me GodπŸ‘ΌπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ RTW team Palau is now crossing the Oceania. Lets do it and this is all for us RTW Family all over the WorldπŸ˜‰ (Wed 16)
Time: 1:31:57 Pace: 9:05 / Total Miles 1,075.76 since 7/4/18
Good luck with the interview. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good run today and a good pace. 1/16 9:51 am

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 19 miles

6.90 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

Much beter run this morning. (Wed 16) / Total Miles 330.37 since 8/29/18
This gets you up to 330 miles since August 29. Like the shirt. 1/16 9:52 am

Bob Anderson (71) US, 32 miles

1.30 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

It was raining out so I decided to do a walk/run carrying an umbrella. It is tough running with something in your hand. I know pacers and flag carriers do it all the time. It is an added challenge for sure. Go team! (Tue 15)
Time: 19:38 Pace: 15:07 / Total Miles 910.88 since 7/4/18

Larry Allen (64) US, 232 miles

6.36 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

2 min walk to warmup, 20 min slow run up the hill, 2 min recovery, 37:36 steady run to finish. HR got up there for a few minutes at the end but mostly good. Progress. Grateful still to be on the trail this far into January but snow in the forecast for Friday and again on Sunday. 19th anniversary with Kristen, she’s in Manila til March so I’ll cook for one and Skype with her at some point.. (Tue 15)
Time: 1:01:36 Pace: 9:42 / Total Miles 872.89 since 7/4/18
Happy Anniversary. Looks like you had a good workout. The snow is coming but I hope not too much. Go team! 1/15 6:26 pm

Lisa Wall (46) US, 1 miles

1.00 miles in San Jose, Ca (runner profile)

My oldest son (pictured here) has recently started doing very early morning workouts (5:15am). Part of his routine is 10 hill sprints. He does this at 5:45am. I told him I would do it with him …. also, good for me to push myself. So, yesterday we did 10 hill sprints together. Today, he was tired but, I was up so instead, I went out and ran 1 mile. I know it's not much but, it's a start. Early morning is the only time I can fit a run in, will work hard to try to keep this up, even if only a mile or two :) (Tue 15)
Time: 10 minutes Pace: 10:00 / Total Miles 149.00 since 7/4/18
Love it. So glad to see you and Jaxson doing this. It is dark at 5:15am. Wow, I am impressed. 1/15 6:28 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 35 miles

1.85 miles in Denver International Airport (runner profile)

Leaving for Newark and then Rome. (Tue 15)
Time: 39:10 Pace: 21:11 / Total Miles 1,028.28 since 7/4/18
Have a great trip. You should be almost there! 1/15 6:29 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 31 miles

1.75 miles in Mountain View, Califirnia (runner profile)

Was not sure how this run would go because my legs were dead from the 12 miles I ran over the weekend. But as I got going I wished I had more time. (Mon 14)
Time: 17:07 Pace: 9:47 / Total Miles 909.58 since 7/4/18
You are doing well. Strong like Bull! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ 1/15 7:12 am

Dana Anstey (70) US, 22 miles

6.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Hoped to beat the rain Long slow train had other plans Still made it home dry Looking at the weather forecast it looks like a lot of running will be between rain storms for a while. (Mon 14) / Total Miles 497.72 since 8/22/18
Try to stay dry but we certainly do need the rain. 1/15 6:29 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 33 miles

2.30 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Photo of our hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, (Mon 14)
Time: 29:26 Pace: 12:48 / Total Miles 1,026.43 since 7/4/18
Big trip ahead of you! Enjoy! 1/15 6:30 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 13 miles

10.26 miles (runner profile)

A fruitful morning run, a dose of vitamin C πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ͺπŸƒ (Mon 14)
Time: 1:30:55 Pace: 8:52 / Total Miles 1,065.63 since 7/4/18
What is the fruit? Solid run at a good pace. Go team! 1/13 10:37 pm

Zander Brister (12) US, 10 miles

9.32 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Not my best. Got a leg cramp with in the first mile That did not go away until after mile 5. (Sun 13)
Time: 1:19:05 Pace: 8:30 / Total Miles 117.88 since 9/26/18
You really have good running form. As you know I tried to stay with you for three miles in Pacific Grove. You are a strong runner. 1/15 6:31 pm
Good Job Zander! See you at Palo Alto. 1/18 7:10 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 10 miles

9.50 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Found a new course and love it (Sun 13)
Time: 1:25:00 Pace: 8:57 / Total Miles 1,015.42 since 7/4/18
Can’g Wait to run this with you. Go team! 1/13 10:37 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 220 miles

7.02 miles in Monroe CT (runner profile)

65 minutes of slow running & 10 minutes of walking. Hilly 7. (Sun 13)
Time: 1:15:24 Pace: 10:45 / Total Miles 860.74 since 7/4/18
Wow, the miles are coming! Go team! 1/13 10:38 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 29 miles

6.02 miles in Palo Alto, California (runner profile)

Ran over to Bill’s in Palo Alto to meet Catherine for lunch. First mile over 12 minutes for warm up. Seems like a need a mile to get going. Go team! (Sun 13)
Time: 51:44 Pace: 8:36 / Total Miles 907.83 since 7/4/18
Well done. πŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍♂️ 1/13 3:35 pm
Thanks Brent. Getting there’s 1/13 10:38 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 23 miles

13.10 miles in Clarksburg, CA (runner profile)

Run among vineyards in wine country. Postponed race due to smoke from Camp Fire (Sun 13)
Time: 2:17:51 Pace: 10:32 / Total Miles 760.84 since 7/7/18
Good job! I like this course. Go team! 1/13 10:39 pm

Boaz kipyego (27) KE, 160 miles

14.91 miles in Iten, Kenya (runner profile)

Training in Iten (Sun 13) / Total Miles 2,681.76 since 7/4/18
You guys really put in the miles. Go team! 1/13 10:39 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 31 miles

3.20 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Vatican City will have their first official race next Sunday. (Sun 13)
Time: 37:51 Pace: 11:50 / Total Miles 1,024.13 since 7/4/18
That is exciting. First one! Go team! 1/13 10:40 pm

Johanna Fourie (56) ZA, 12 miles

4.97 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

Not so good run this morning (Sun 13) / Total Miles 323.47 since 8/29/18
Really hot I understand! Go team! 1/13 10:40 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 30 miles

8.45 miles in Swadini Road (runner profile)

Ready for my run. Playful mood! (Sun 13) / Total Miles 664.79 since 7/5/18
You are really racking up the miles. Go team! 1/13 10:41 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 19 miles

9.00 miles in End (runner profile)

Catch up miles to make 30 (Sat 12)
Time: 1:20:00 Pace: 8:54 / Total Miles 1,024.42 since 7/4/18
Getting there! Go Michael. Like your blog! 1/13 10:42 pm

Kat Powell (68) US, 10 miles

1.82 miles in Saratoga, CA (runner profile)

Jogging on West Valley Campus today. Running Half Marathon tomorrow (Sat 12)
Time: 21:07 Pace: 11:37 / Total Miles 747.74 since 7/7/18
Kat who is the statue of? 1/13 4:03 pm
Good warm up for tomorrow. 1/13 10:42 pm

Bob Anderson (71) US, 23 miles

6.20 miles in Stanford, California (runner profile)

Ran the first mile easy (10 flat) then I picked it up and ran mile four in 7:25. Then I did intervals of 1/10th of a mile and 2/10th of mile. Walked another mile in between not timed. Go team! (Sat 12)
Time: 48:51 Pace: 7:53 / Total Miles 901.81 since 7/4/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 28 miles

6.28 miles in Golds Gym (runner profile)

Next Saturday we will be running the Vatican City Marathon. (Sat 12)
Time: 1:10:23 Pace: 11:13 / Total Miles 1,020.93 since 7/4/18
Good luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it. 1/13 10:43 pm

Andriette vd Merwe (49) ZA, 12 miles

12.43 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

It is way toooooo hot to run (Sat 12)
Time: 2:36:58 Pace: 12:38 / Total Miles 194.30 since 10/24/18
But you did and your furthest run ever as yet! Well done!!!! 1/12 6:48 am
Tough to run in the heat. Be safe. 1/13 10:43 pm

Lize Dumon (51) ZA, 21 miles

12.43 miles in Eastgate road (runner profile)

With 41 degrees Celsius and real feel of 45 degrees Celsius today, it was another early start and still a hot hot hilly run. But we did it and did it well! (Sat 12) / Total Miles 656.34 since 7/5/18
That is hot. How did you get in 12.4 miles in that weather. Be safe! 1/13 10:44 pm

Carmen Gair (34) ZA, 12 miles

3.07 miles in Hoedspruit Parkrun (runner profile)

Parkrun with a friend from Johannesburg. (Sat 12)
Time: 31:57 Pace: 10:25 / Total Miles 330.28 since 8/29/18
Well done! 1/12 6:50 am
Gotta love the Park Runs! 1/16 9:54 am
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