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Global Run Challenge
24,901 Miles

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Our goal is to run and log 24,901 Miles, Enough Miles to Circle the Globe.  Our mission is to celebrate running, motivate our team, inspire other people and to reach our goal in the shortest amount of time.

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Joseph Brazil (53) US, 82 miles

6.20 miles in City Park Denver, Colorado (runner profile)

Pumpkin Pie 10k. I’ve always wanted to run this one, a fun event, well organized and pumpkin pie at the finish. Cold and rainy but well worth it! (Sat 17) / Total Miles 464.48 since 8/19/18

Dwayne Spencer (52) US, 101 miles

8.01 miles (runner profile)

Ran Pre's Trail (Sat 17)
Time: 1:03:30 Pace: 7:56 / Total Miles 683.75 since 7/4/18

Dana Anstey (70) US, 53 miles

3.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Felt good to get back out but couldn’t do a lot. (Sat 17) / Total Miles 328.72 since 8/22/18

Brent Weigner (69) US, 96 miles

5.10 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Had to run on the grass etc because of black ice on the roads. (Sat 17)
Time: 63:50 Pace: 12:31 / Total Miles 779.27 since 7/4/18

Willie Korir (26) KE, 477 miles

23.61 miles in Nairobi (runner profile)

Morning run was so good but I had to do it slow from 5:15am when darkness but am thankful I manage to finish. Every mile counts (Sat 17)
Time: 3:17:29 Pace: 8:22 / Total Miles 2,562.22 since 7/4/18

Johanna Fourie (55) ZA, 53 miles

4.66 miles in Macanetta (MZ) (runner profile)

First time running on the beach and what a surprise . . . . I ran 4km out and it was hell to get back. My legs was so tired but I made it πŸ˜€πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♀️ (Sat 17) / Total Miles 205.21 since 8/29/18
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And core needs to be strong. Yes very hard. Well done so jealous. 11/17 9:08 am

William J. Tejada Jr. (36) PW, 35 miles

13.24 miles in KB-Aimeliik (runner profile)

My 1st half marathon Heavy rain from the start. (Sat 17)
Time: 2:23:01 Pace: 10:49 / Total Miles 34.81 since 11/1/18

Lize Dumon (50) ZA, 61 miles

5.59 miles in Swadini Road (runner profile)

Beautiful sunshine on my way to my run this morning (Sat 17) / Total Miles 494.87 since 7/5/18

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 151 miles

15.54 miles (runner profile)

Today's long run give us a hard time, it rained all the way till we reached 7.5 miles, were soaked in the heavy pouring rain, heavy squishy shoes, were all wet. This kind of situation we faced still we keep on running till we finished, because of the passion we had, the determination and the spirit we made it. Victory is on us. Lets go Team PalauπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ😊 (Sat 17)
Time: 2:40:13 Pace: 10:19 / Total Miles 838.14 since 7/4/18
You guys picked up a lot of miles this morning. Lots of smiles. Only thing missing are the shirts but you will have them any day now. Go team! Back in second place but Kenya is tough! 11/16 9:54 pm

Ronald Prulla (35) PW, 65 miles

14.66 miles (runner profile)

Wet run early in the morning. Joined with William Tejada nice run broπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ™Œ (Sat 17)
Time: 2:21:56 Pace: 9:41 / Total Miles 65.06 since 11/1/18
Way to go. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun even with the rain. Go team! 11/16 9:52 pm

Rhealyn Callao Pojas (25) PW, 48 miles

13.90 miles (runner profile)

Slower this time because everything felt heavy when we were soaking wet. You know your team is hardcore when no amount of rain can stop it. (Sat 17)
Time: 3:10:49 Pace: 13:44 / Total Miles 47.70 since 10/30/18
ALl the rain in the world is not going to stop our runners from Palau and these miles moved Palau back into second ahead of Kenya. Go team! 11/16 9:51 pm

Paul Engelbert Zipagan (44) PW, 175 miles

13.98 miles in Koror (runner profile)

Mice run guys, rain or shine lets do it team Palau... (Sat 17)
Time: 2:32:55 Pace: 10:57 / Total Miles 174.76 since 10/29/18
You guys are rolling even with the rain. Go Palau! Go team! 11/16 9:49 pm

Paul Shimon (71) US, 259 miles

10.00 miles in Winfield KS (runner profile)

A beautiful Kansas sunset (Fri 16) / Total Miles 1,507.26 since 7/4/18
You are so right, beautiful. Go team! 11/16 9:48 pm

Johanna Fourie (55) ZA, 49 miles

3.11 miles in Macanetta (MZ) (runner profile)

Nice walk on the beach and I enjoyed it so muchπŸƒ‍♀️ (Fri 16) / Total Miles 200.55 since 8/29/18
By your next run you will be over 50 miles. Half way to the first bench mark. Go team! Go Johanna! 11/16 9:48 pm
Johanna where in Macaneta are you staying? Tan n Bietjie? 11/17 9:10 am

Dana Anstey (70) US, 50 miles

1.20 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Had to stay close to my dog who had eye surgery so didn’t get much done. Probably wise because it was the worst smoke day yet. (Fri 16) / Total Miles 325.72 since 8/22/18
Eye surgery! This smoke situation certainly does not help. Go team! 11/16 9:46 pm

Swetha Amit (37) IN, 31 miles

6.20 miles in Santa Clara (US) (runner profile)

Sweated it out in the gym as the air quality is cited to be bad. Music kept me going. Captured the sunset while coming out of the gym. (Fri 16)
Time: 1:01:10 Pace: 9:52 / Total Miles 180.01 since 7/4/18
Air is bad. Inside probably is the best solution right now. Or put on a scrape or mask. Go team! 11/16 9:45 pm
Than you Bob. Yes just running indoors for now. 11/16 9:53 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 91 miles

4.01 miles in Los Altos, California (runner profile)

Air quality index is at 263. 150 is bad and this is not good. Walked three miles with one mile of running mixed in. Did this in two pieces with a one hour stop for lunch in between. Met up by chance with a running friend I have known for 20 years plus. Had not seen Louis for three or four years. Lots to catch up on. Go team! Be safe! (Fri 16)
Time: 1:07:55 Pace: 16:57 / Total Miles 672.47 since 7/4/18

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 76 miles

2.25 miles in Colorado Springs (runner profile)

Walk at lunchtime, resting the legs for tomorrow’s 10k. (Fri 16) / Total Miles 458.28 since 8/19/18
Good luck tomorrow Amigo! Enjoy that pumpkin pie 11/16 2:47 pm
Good luck in the 10k in the morning. Go Joseph! Go team! 11/16 9:44 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 144 miles

8.00 miles in Bend (runner profile)

New course larkspur 8 (Fri 16)
Time: 62 Pace: 7:45 / Total Miles 759.14 since 7/4/18
Wow! By your next run you will be over 150 miles in 19 days. I can’t wait to run this new course. Go team! 11/16 9:42 pm

Rhealyn Callao Pojas (25) PW, 34 miles

3.00 miles (runner profile)

Run to condition the body for today's long run. (Fri 16)
Time: 0:29:31 Pace: 9:51 / Total Miles 33.80 since 10/30/18
Nice run Rhaelyn & Shock... GO TEAM!! 11/16 2:52 pm
Good fun and at a good pace! Go team! 11/16 9:41 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 82 miles

4.01 miles in Stratford (runner profile)

Forced off the trail and onto paved roads for the first time in months by 6-8” of early snow last night. Bright sunshine but very windy and cold. Feels more like January. Hope it’s not an indication of things to come and the beginning of a long winter. Oh well. Grateful to get another nonstop, slow 4 mile run. Another 3-5 months and things are supposed to get much better if my Dr has it right. I hope so! (Fri 16)
Time: 42:30 Pace: 10:36 / Total Miles 502.13 since 7/4/18
Seems like it is really early for this much snow. Could be a tough winter. Go team! 11/16 9:40 pm
Compared to what all of you In California are dealing with directly and indirectly as a result of the fires and smoke, we have no issues whatsoever. None. 11/17 4:09 am

James Kalani (53) US, 167 miles

4.18 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Day after day, all around the bay. (Fri 16)
Time: 53:41 Pace: 12:51 / Total Miles 643.44 since 7/4/18
Going to be around for a few more days. I can’t wait to see blue sky’s again. Go team! 11/16 9:39 pm

Geoffrey Smith (65) GB, 30 miles

1.20 miles in Mattapoisett Brandt Island RD (US) (runner profile)

Easy run after a night of snow and heavy rain. Legs are heavy and I know I’m feeling the effects of the last three runs. Time to back off a little. 12 minutes easy. (Fri 16)
Time: 12 minutes Pace: 10:00 / Total Miles 399.22 since 7/4/18
Looks pretty wet out there. Go team! 11/16 9:38 pm

Suresh Pillai (61) IN, 84 miles

8.09 miles in Virar, Mumbai (runner profile)

Today evening ran 13k in Yashwant nagar, virar. (Fri 16)
Time: 1:19:06 Pace: 9:47 / Total Miles 757.66 since 7/4/18
Getting close to 100! The first bench mark. Go team! 11/16 9:37 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 91 miles

1.30 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

Snow forecast for Cheyenne tonight. (Fri 16)
Time: 29:00 Pace: 22:19 / Total Miles 774.17 since 7/4/18
Okay! I am ready to go Brent! Go team! 11/16 9:36 pm

Larry Wakakoro (50) PW, 94 miles

5.60 miles (runner profile)

with John Mark Ventura and Merriam Imperio (Fri 16)
Time: 1:10:16 Pace: 12:33 / Total Miles 94.20 since 10/30/18
Almost to 100 miles! Our Team Palau is doing great! Back in second place. Go team! 11/16 9:36 pm

Tammy Cumo (40) US, 25 miles

3.00 miles in Slingerlands (runner profile)

4:45am snow=treadmill run (Fri 16)
Time: 27:06 Pace: 9:02 / Total Miles 24.55 since 10/29/18
There are times when the treadmill is the best solution. Go team! 11/16 9:34 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (27) PW, 136 miles

6.15 miles (runner profile)

Having a problem syncing my Garmin watch to Strava (need an update). Short run for today and long run for tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone. πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ (Fri 16)
Time: 1:10:03 Pace: 11:24 / Total Miles 822.60 since 7/4/18
This happens to me sometimes too. Not sure why. Your package of shirts should be there any day. Go Team! Have a good run tomorrow. 11/15 6:41 pm

Ronald Prulla (35) PW, 50 miles

3.11 miles (runner profile)

Enjoy the run around the seaπŸƒπŸŒŠ (Fri 16)
Time: 34:00 Pace: 10:57 / Total Miles 50.40 since 11/1/18
You have a nice place to run. Go Team! Go Palau! 11/15 6:40 pm

Willie Korir (26) KE, 433 miles

9.32 miles in Nairobi (runner profile)

Middày jog .I went from where I was 1.5km and 1.5km to-fro where kids were.I took them 12km and watch one girl run fast than others. (Thu 15)
Time: 1:56:30 Pace: 12:30 / Total Miles 2,518.73 since 7/4/18
You have been getting in lots of miles! You are our leader again! Go team! 11/16 9:24 pm

Geoffrey Smith (65) GB, 28 miles

3.50 miles in Mattapoisett trails (US) (runner profile)

Morning run on the trails. Continuing with walk run. I had to take my guests through the trails and along the beach. And like yesterday I think I ran much more than I walked. Legs are holding up but I know I need to back off a little and slow down. I want to be running a comfortable 30 minutes buy December 14. I will be home in Liverpool (Thu 15)
Time: 39:20 Pace: 11:15 / Total Miles 398.02 since 7/4/18
You are getting there Geoff. It is good you are not over doing it too soon. You will get there. Go team! 11/16 9:26 pm

Terry Papadopoulos (46) ZA, 14 miles

3.20 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

really wish i can get rid of this flu!!! (Thu 15) / Total Miles 80.77 since 8/29/18
You will soon. You guys have so many animals down your way! Go team! 11/16 9:27 pm
Oh no!!! Horrible to have flu in this heat! 11/17 9:12 am

James Kalani (53) US, 163 miles

4.20 miles in Sunnyvale, Ca (runner profile)

Slowing waaaay down. Smoke is horrible. (Thu 15)
Time: 58:36 Pace: 13:58 / Total Miles 639.26 since 7/4/18
Yes indeed. This smoke is terrible! You have really gotten back into running. Doing awesome. Go team! 11/16 9:28 pm

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 74 miles

4.55 miles in Colorado Springs (runner profile)

Lunchtime run today, beautiful outside β˜€οΈ ! (Thu 15) / Total Miles 456.03 since 8/19/18
So great to see photos of fresh air. We need some of it or actually a lot of it out here soon. Go team! 11/16 9:29 pm

William J. Tejada Jr. (36) PW, 22 miles

3.73 miles in Airai (runner profile)

Night run before work (Thu 15)
Time: 45:26 Pace: 12:12 / Total Miles 21.57 since 11/1/18
Getting in the miles! Go team! 11/16 9:30 pm

Paul Shimon (71) US, 249 miles

13.35 miles in Winfield KS (runner profile)

Southwestern College track in Winfield, Kansas (Thu 15) / Total Miles 1,497.26 since 7/4/18
It is amazing how many all weather tracks there are around the country. I can remember as I am sure you can too when there were very few. You are doing great Paul! Go team! Go Paul! 11/16 9:32 pm

Michael Anderson (42) US, 136 miles

9.00 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Stuck at the train 9 miler (Thu 15)
Time: 1:16:47 Pace: 8:32 / Total Miles 751.14 since 7/4/18
That had to be a bummer. Just like at the Portland Marathon. Go Team! You are going to be at 150 miles soon. Smoke here is so bad and I am just not able to do a lot right now. 11/15 6:40 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 78 miles

6.34 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Just made it. Freezing rain and sleet began just as I finished. Icing roads on the way home and now snowing at home as darkness sets in. (Thu 15)
Time: 1:38:40 Pace: 15:34 / Total Miles 498.12 since 7/4/18
Beautiful photo. Glad you were able to get in the six miles before it got messy. Go Team! 11/15 6:39 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 89 miles

1.90 miles in Cheyenne (runner profile)

I wore out the dogs. 🐾🐾🐾 (Thu 15)
Time: 37:58 Pace: 19:59 / Total Miles 772.87 since 7/4/18
They are getting in the miles. Go Team! 11/15 6:38 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 87 miles

2.33 miles in Mountain View, California (runner profile)

Air quality is worse today than yesterday. Ran easy. I had to cover my mouth and breath through my jacket at times. Over here at the lake and hardly anyone is here. Who wants to sit outside in the smoke? We are sitting inside. Go team! (Thu 15)
Time: 24:58 Pace: 10:43 / Total Miles 668.46 since 7/4/18

Nick McNabb (31) US, 47 miles

5.01 miles in Colorado Springs, CO (runner profile)

Beautiful day for a run. Loving the sun! (Thu 15)
Time: 00:40:12 Pace: 8:02 / Total Miles 47.01 since 10/29/18
Gotta love these beautiful days. Solid run at a good pace. Go Team. Almost to 50 miles. 11/15 6:38 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 49 miles

6.10 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Slow and easy run. Smoke is still significant. (Thu 15) / Total Miles 324.52 since 8/22/18
This smoke is terrible and I guess it is hanging around all weekend. But you never know. It is so terrible what happen. Hopefully the fire fighters can get things in control soon. They are doing an amazing job. My heart goes out to all the victims. Be safe Dana. Go Team! 11/15 6:37 pm

Lize Dumon (50) ZA, 56 miles

5.97 miles in Fleur-de-Lys Guest Farm (runner profile)

Today a 10k felt like 100 miles! Hot and humid and weird πŸ˜‚πŸ€·‍♀️ (Thu 15) / Total Miles 489.28 since 7/5/18
These are not the fun runs. Humidity is a killer for me too. Go Lize! Go Team! 11/15 6:33 pm

Larry Wakakoro (50) PW, 86 miles

3.60 miles (runner profile)

Another perfect morning for running (Thu 15)
Time: 43:17 Pace: 12:02 / Total Miles 86.40 since 10/30/18
Go buddyπŸ‘ Lets go Team PalauπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ˜Š 11/14 5:49 pm
Good job! Go team! 11/14 10:05 pm
You are getting close to 100 miles. Go Team! 11/15 6:32 pm

Geoffrey Smith (65) GB, 25 miles

3.00 miles in Mattapoisett Brandt island road (US) (runner profile)

Had friends visit so we ran in the afternoon. I forced them to run walk with me. We did run a little more and it felt good. I took them out to the island on the causeway. A beautiful run to visitors. (Wed 14)
Time: 32 minutes Pace: 10:40 / Total Miles 394.52 since 7/4/18
You guys look a little cold. Looks like a good spot. Go team! 11/16 9:33 pm

James Kalani (53) US, 158 miles

5.25 miles in Los Gatos, Ca (runner profile)

Extremely bad air quality for over a week now.. killing my runs! (Wed 14)
Time: 44:21 Pace: 8:27 / Total Miles 635.06 since 7/4/18
You are getting in lots of miles. Don't push too hard in this smoke. Go Team! 11/15 6:32 pm

Paul Shimon (71) US, 236 miles

8.97 miles in Winfield KS (runner profile)

Another cold night run! (Wed 14) / Total Miles 1,483.91 since 7/4/18
Great photo! You do look cold. Soon you will be at 250! Go team! 11/14 10:05 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 84 miles

1.80 miles in Palo Alto, California (runner profile)

Air quality has really gotten bad. It was okay at the house this morning but by noon six miles away toward the bay it was not good. Had to mostly walk. Go team! (Wed 14)
Time: 27:38 Pace: 15:22 / Total Miles 666.13 since 7/4/18
Do you wear a mask in that smoke? 11/14 9:25 pm
I should it was bad. I really felt it. 11/14 10:06 pm

Larry Allen (64) US, 72 miles

4.01 miles in Trumbull (runner profile)

Cold day. Chill factor in the 20s. Teens tonight and 3” of snow. Very early for this cold and for accumulating snow this far south. Ran a bit of fartlek on the uphill 2mi and a steady slow 2 miles back. All good. Bob. Almost finished answering your questions. Will send tonight or early tomorrow. (Wed 14)
Time: 43:00 Pace: 10:44 / Total Miles 491.78 since 7/4/18
You are doing great! Nice photo. Looking forward to getting your email. Go team! 11/14 10:07 pm

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 69 miles

4.68 miles in Colorado Springs (runner profile)

Running to work this morning, guess which photo was Sep. 6, 2018 earlier this year and which photo is from today (11/14/18)? Almost exact same location for each photo. (Wed 14) / Total Miles 451.48 since 8/19/18
Top photo. That is a lot of snow already. I like both photos. Go Team! 11/14 1:49 pm
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