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Our goal is to log 24,901 Miles, Enough Miles to Circle the Globe.  Our mission is to celebrate running, motivate our team, inspire others and complete our goal.

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Johanna Fourie (55) ZA, 40 miles

1.88 miles in Hoedspruit (runner profile)

After a bad flu and almost 10 days without running I did a slow treadmill walk this morning. πŸ™πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♀️ (Fri 21) / Total Miles 39.95 since 8/29/18

Suresh Pillai (60) IN, 136 miles

6.31 miles in Virar, Mumbai (runner profile)

Today morning ran 10.16k in Virar Nallasupara road. (Fri 21)
Time: 0:52:53 Pace: 8:23 / Total Miles 472.54 since 7/4/18

Parag Patel (52) IN, 125 miles

5.03 miles (runner profile)

Please reply my email question & quiry (Fri 21) / Total Miles 129.04 since 8/28/18

Aaron L. Salvador (26) PW, 213 miles

10.40 miles (runner profile)

It suddenly rain but run must go onπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ Its so good to run near the oceanπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ so refreshing, peaceful, away from the city and oh fresh ocean breeze☺☺☺ (Fri 21)
Time: 1:55:59 Pace: 11:10 / Total Miles 519.32 since 7/4/18
Good job on the ten miler. Rain and more rain and this keeps your Island green. But it does add to the challenge. Go team! 9/20 8:39 pm

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 151 miles

6.63 miles in Colorado Springs (runner profile)

Run home from work, as soon as I exited the building this is what I saw. (Thu 20)
Time: 1:44:07 Pace: 15:43 / Total Miles 216.95 since 8/19/18

Danilo Purlia (55) US, 124 miles

5.00 miles in Blackhawk, CA (runner profile)

Late afternoon run...92 degrees so took it indoors. Keep logging those miles. We’re on fire! (Thu 20)
Time: 42:25 Pace: 8:29 / Total Miles 387.79 since 7/4/18

Roger Wright (57) US, 175 miles

14.00 miles in Needham, Wellesley, Natick, MA (runner profile)

Tied up all day so I did a rare night run. Was going to do 10-12 miles (out and back), got to 6 miles and decided to go 6.5 as I felt really good. Once there remembered I have triskaidekaphobia so I ran 7 and headed back home for 14 miles. Decided to take a night picture and then got a little creative. (Thu 20)
Time: 2:10:54 Pace: 9:21 / Total Miles 454.01 since 7/4/18
We can always use the extra miles. I like the way you think. Go Roger! Go team! 9/20 8:36 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 140 miles

1.44 miles in La Piedad, Mexico (MX) (runner profile)

Ran and walked from our office back to our house. Our neighbor’s kids just love our dog. And Daisy can’t wait to hit the parks with Catherine and I this weekend. There is water in the creek which I cross on the way home. Go team! (Thu 20)
Time: 25:49 Pace: 17:56 / Total Miles 408.70 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (42) US, 138 miles

7.10 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Run with Bear, ran last 1/4 mile with Bear (Thu 20)
Time: 70 Pace: 9:52 / Total Miles 408.91 since 7/4/18
Bear ran a quarter mile! Wow! You are catching me. Just a couple of a miles back. I was going to get in four tonight but this 5,000 foot altitude just did me in tonight. Go Michael and Bear! Go team! 9/20 6:04 pm

Rosaura Tennant (59) US, 113 miles

5.50 miles in Vienna (AT) (runner profile)

Celebrating my Birthday today (according to my mom notes), so, on my BD it's mandatory to get up and first give thanks to God for letting me celebrate one more year of healthy life and for giving me the opportunity to do what I like, RUN. Second, go for a run or any other physical activity of my choice. I went out with the idea to run no more than 4 miles, so I decided to head out to Belvedere garten, with my phone fully charged just in case. Well, no problem finding Belvedere, taking pictures and exploring a little bit. Somehow I started running in circles because my phone started getting crazy and suddenly dying; soon I was totally lost, with my running distance increasing and getting further away from my hotel and no money with me, because after all I wasn't planning to run more than 4 miles. Two hours later I ended up in a taxi cab riding just for one mile and the abusive price of 10 Euros πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜© (Thu 20)
Time: 51:01 Pace: 9:17 / Total Miles 324.60 since 7/10/18
Happy bday to youπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ‘ΌπŸ˜Š 9/20 4:22 pm
Happy Birthday Rosaura. Getting close to a new exciting age group. I have gotten lost like you did before and had to take a taxi only to discover the hotel was close. There is the feeling where you think you are never going to get back. You are really seeing some amazing sites. Congrats again on a super good Berlin Marathon. How did you do in your age group? You now have brought us to 22 countries. Go team! Log those miles! We need them! 9/20 4:27 pm
Happy Birthday!!! Sorry you got lost and taken advantage of by the cab driver but at least you'll remember this birthday run. The silver lining is that you ran an extra 1.5 miles for the group so you got that going for you! :) 9/20 6:56 pm
Happy birthday to my favorite Costa Rican! πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ­πŸ· 9/20 8:53 pm

Margaret Timbrell Hiatt (39) US, 43 miles

5.00 miles in San Francisco (runner profile)

Another Presidio run! So lucky to have this nearby (Thu 20)
Time: 49:35 Pace: 9:56 / Total Miles 146.33 since 7/5/18
This part of the Presidio is a great place to run. Lucky girl. Go Team! 9/20 4:28 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 144 miles

1.10 miles in Frontier Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming (runner profile)

Sue and I walked dog Breezy. 🐾🐾🐾 (Thu 20)
Time: 21:30 Pace: 19:33 / Total Miles 376.61 since 7/4/18
Getting in the miles. We are going to take out our dog here in La Piedad over the weekend. Go team! 9/20 4:29 pm

Carla Van Kampen (57) IT, 36 miles

2.17 miles in Rome (runner profile)

The days are getting shorter in Rome so it's almost dark when I finish my workout at the track next to the Baths of Caracalla. But it's just as beautiful at night as the silhouette of the illuminated ruins can still be seen. (Thu 20) / Total Miles 115.21 since 7/4/18
It is just as beautiful. Good spot for a track. This brings you to 36 miles. Good job! Go team! Go Italy! 9/20 4:30 pm

Sam Tada (38) JP, 126 miles

6.21 miles in Japan (runner profile)

Did 8x400m (ave70") with racing flat. (Thu 20)
Time: 0:50:00 Pace: 8:03 / Total Miles 363.40 since 7/4/18
Good workout Sam. Japan, the home of Asics! Go team! 9/20 4:31 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 101 miles

4.00 miles in Patterson, CA (runner profile)

Tired legs today but had to get in some mileage (Thu 20) / Total Miles 135.44 since 8/20/18
I know the feeling but you still got in four. And now you are over 100. Congrats! Go team! 9/20 6:00 pm

Larry Allen (63) US, 103 miles

4.18 miles in Trumbull Center (runner profile)

Walk 1/4 mi warmup Jog 1/4 mi (walk til HR recovery) x 12 The view from the trail ain’t so bad! (Thu 20)
Time: 47:00 Pace: 11:15 / Total Miles 252.36 since 7/4/18
The view from the Trail is amazing. Lucky guy. And now this workout gets you over 100. Congrats! 9/20 4:32 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 138 miles

1.51 miles in La Piedad, Mexico (MX) (runner profile)

Ran on the all weather path in the The park by our house. It is a 503 meter loop. I run here often. No traffic other than people who run and walk here. Hundreds of people come here everyday. There is also workout equipment there too. Just some photos in the park. Go team. We are half way! Go team! (Thu 20)
Time: 14:54 Pace: 9:53 / Total Miles 407.26 since 7/4/18
Halfway! How exciting! Im loving your collages! 9/20 8:40 am
Thanks Lize. So many cool things in this park and it is only a quarter of a mile from the house. 9/20 4:33 pm

Asya Cabral (45) US, 188 miles

6.11 miles in Florida (runner profile)

6.11 easy treadmill miles this morning (Thu 20)
Time: 53:40 Pace: 8:48 / Total Miles 396.76 since 7/4/18
Love it! Must be hot out for you to do the treadmill. Or raining? Or dark? In any case good pace. You are getting close to 200. Couple more days and you are there! Go team! 9/20 4:34 pm
Thanks, Bob. I prefer morning runs, but it's getting light later. I don't run alone in the dark and starting late isn't possible because I won't get to work on time. I run on the treadmill to avoid running after work. Rain is welcome and I enjoy those runs. 9/20 5:35 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 143 miles

5.10 miles in Country Club, Cheyenne, Wyoming (runner profile)

Wet and foggy morning running through Lions Park and the Country Club. (Thu 20)
Time: 57:20 Pace: 11:15 / Total Miles 375.51 since 7/4/18
Good running conditions once you get going and warmed up. Go team! 9/20 4:35 pm

Carmen Gair (34) ZA, 75 miles

6.21 miles in Swadini (runner profile)

A bit cooler here today, yay! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™ˆ Great early morning run with Lize. She did 2km more than me today so I waited for her at the end and turned from runner to cheerleader and that was lots of fun too πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Thanks Lize for a great start to the day! (Thu 20)
Time: 1:09:07 Pace: 11:08 / Total Miles 74.77 since 8/29/18
You are rocking it! Another runner who, thanks to RuntheWorld, is discovering that she has much more in her than she ever imagined! And today you were a Comrade, helping me finish strong! Your cheering and the sight of you at the finish was the most precious thing! 9/20 4:16 am
Glad it has cooled off. Good to get out early like this anyway. Go team! 9/20 4:36 pm

Lize Dumon (50) ZA, 91 miles

7.46 miles in Swadini (runner profile)

Had a fantastic run with team mate Carmen. She did a slighter shorter run and waited for me at the end. When I was tired and faced the last steep incline to the finish, ready to just walk those last meters, I heard her and the security guard at the boom cheering me on! That was so so so special! I looked up and RAN all the way to the finish!! Thank you Carmen!!!!!! (Thu 20)
Time: 1:14:53 Pace: 10:03 / Total Miles 250.75 since 7/5/18
Only a pleasure! And gosh, did you RUN! Go Lize!!! 9/20 1:31 am
Good Lize and Carmen πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ“· 9/20 4:43 am
Way to go Lize. Great job. Well done! That 100 mile mark is in sight. Go Lize! go team! 9/20 4:37 pm

Parag Patel (52) IN, 120 miles

6.21 miles (runner profile)

What's procedure to have e certificate at end of EVENT?? Please reply my email & quiry 😣😣 (Thu 20) / Total Miles 124.01 since 8/28/18
We do that. Good way to remember our challenge. Go team! 9/20 4:38 pm

Aaron L. Salvador (26) PW, 203 miles

10.42 miles (runner profile)

There you go his waiting for me until I come back home. Meet SparkyπŸ•, my cute little puppy (i do love dogs alsoπŸ’œ) Today's run was good sun is up, and little bit hot but that's OK rather than running wet. (Thu 20)
Time: 1:43:35 Pace: 9:57 / Total Miles 508.92 since 7/4/18
This takes you over 200! Congrats! We love dogs too and little daisy is our dog here in La Piedad. We have someone to take care of her when we are not here. Go team! 9/19 7:08 pm
Aaron, that is a cute puppy!! 9/19 8:31 pm
Over 200 miles! You are going to surpass your milage of challenge 1! 9/20 4:18 am

Kris Anne Kane (54) US, 77 miles

6.00 miles in Preston,Ct (runner profile)

The leaves are starting to fall here in New England.6 miles done...legs feeling a little heavy...body still recovering from 15 k run 10 days ago! Hopefully more energy tomorrow! (and less humidity!) (Thu 20)
Time: 51:37 Pace: 8:37 / Total Miles 77.15 since 8/29/18
Sometimes it takes a few extra days to recover fully. But good job and solid pace. It is looking beautiful. Go team! 9/20 4:39 pm
Thanks Bob! 9/20 6:21 pm

Michael T Anderson (60) US, 180 miles

5.00 miles in Boston, MA (runner profile)

In my favorite city for a two day work trip. Staying at the iconic Verb Hotel next to Fenway Park. Easy run around the neighborhood. (Wed 19)
Time: 43:00 Pace: 8:36 / Total Miles 497.58 since 7/4/18
I love Boston too. Enjoy...great running city. Good job. 200 miles is in sight. Go team! 9/20 4:41 pm

Silas Nyasani Kerosi (22) KE, 190 miles

12.43 miles in Mt Kenya (runner profile)

It was a stretch my muscles from Tuesday's speed was nice to go at a low pace.... (Wed 19)
Time: 1:30:00 Pace: 7:15 / Total Miles 190.24 since 8/29/18
Almost at 200 miles! Go get it! 9/20 4:19 am
Great quote! Good run today and a good pace for an easy day. When this pace is that easy, a sub 4:45/mile pace will come easy. Go team! 9/20 4:42 pm

Ravindra G Rajput (40) IN, 131 miles

8.76 miles in Shivajingr (runner profile)

Run at Greenpark....🌱🌱 (Wed 19)
Time: 01:36:32 Pace: 11:02 / Total Miles 381.34 since 7/4/18
Go Ravindra!! 9/20 4:19 am
πŸ‘ 9/20 4:44 am
Good run. Takes you over 130 miles now. Go team! 9/20 4:43 pm

Danilo Purlia (55) US, 119 miles

4.17 miles in Danville, CA (runner profile)

Did a “double” to add to my morning miles. Wednesday night group run, although you can’t see any of the “group” in this photo. They’re all inside eating pizza and drinking beer. (Wed 19)
Time: 35:53 Pace: 8:37 / Total Miles 382.79 since 7/4/18
You did a double workout. Good job! Go team! 9/20 4:44 pm

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 145 miles

5.13 miles in 80920 (runner profile)

Brought some company with me on this morning’s run (Wed 19)
Time: 1:14:19 Pace: 14:30 / Total Miles 210.32 since 8/19/18
I hope soon my lil Sparky join me on this challenge too🐢😊 9/19 8:08 pm
Looks like it's a doggie run week πŸ•. Wow look at thoze clouds! Doing great on the milage! 9/20 4:22 am
Good to have dog company sometimes. Nice photos! Go team! 9/20 4:44 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 137 miles

1.40 miles in La Piedad, Mexico (MX) (runner profile)

Had to get in another mile after dinner. There are hills going back to our casa (house). This was not as easy as the time would imply. Did two laps in the park too. Go Team! (Wed 19)
Time: 29:46 Pace: 21:16 / Total Miles 405.75 since 7/4/18
After dinner run!? Wow, you are working hard!! 9/20 4:23 am

Bob Anderson (70) US, 135 miles

1.32 miles in La Piedad, Mexico (MX) (runner profile)

Mostly walked over to one our fav places to eat here. We call it sisters. Official name is La Toscana. Meeting Catherine here for dinner. It is 1.3 miles from our office. What a busy day. I was hoping to run 4 miles or so but just ran out of time. We are almost half way. Log your miles team! Go team! (Wed 19)
Time: 24:48 Pace: 18:48 / Total Miles 404.35 since 7/4/18

Michael Anderson (42) US, 131 miles

6.27 miles in Bend (runner profile)

Run with Bear, ultra sluggish today lots of wind most of the run, lost one of bears hot wheels on the run but circled back and found it (Wed 19)
Time: 68 Pace: 10:51 / Total Miles 401.81 since 7/4/18
Cool shot of Bear. Glad you found the hot wheels or you would have been in the dog house. Go team! You are closing the gap on me...just six miles back now! 9/19 7:10 pm
Ah, hello Bear! Where does that name/nickname come from? 9/20 4:24 am

Kat Powell (67) US, 95 miles

11.20 miles in Woodside, CA (runner profile)

Quiet jog in rural Woodside and Huddart Park. Jogged on dirt trails 99% of the way. Enjoyed some blackberries along the way! (Wed 19)
Time: 2:34:00 Pace: 13:45 / Total Miles 351.19 since 7/7/18
You really love Woodside. Maybe even more than the Los Gatos Trail? Good run today. Go team! 9/19 7:11 pm
One run away fro.m a 100 miles! Go Pat! 9/20 4:25 am

Jinky Legawen (30) PW, 46 miles

1.00 miles in Koror (runner profile)

Just a mile but I feel the sweat coming out because the weather is too hot... Late run. Better late than nothing... (Wed 19)
Time: 0:15:41 Pace: 15:41 / Total Miles 46.47 since 8/29/18
I think it is important to break a sweat every day and you did it. Go team! 9/19 7:11 pm
That looks hot. Yay thanks to your run we are one mile closer to our goal! Go Jinky! 9/20 4:26 am

Roger Wright (57) US, 161 miles

5.50 miles in Needham,MA (runner profile)

Morning: Ran 1.5 miles, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home. Evening: Ran to CVS and back for 3 more miles. (Wed 19)
Time: 46:46 Pace: 8:31 / Total Miles 440.01 since 7/4/18
It is so cool that you get in Runs when you can. I like doing this too. Everyone should do it. Go team! 9/19 7:12 pm

Asya Cabral (45) US, 182 miles

4.05 miles in Florida (runner profile)

As I had hoped this morning, I followed through on doing Thursday's second run of the day today instead. It was an easy Recovery run after this morning's track work. I have 12.29 total miles for Wednesday. I'm anxiously awaiting next week to find out if I got into the Tokyo Marathon. Lottery entry is difficult, but you never know. I've completed 2 World Marathon Majors so far (Chicago, Boston) and have 4 left. I'll get in to NY 2019 having run a guaranteed time. London, Berlin and Tokyo will be the final 3. (Wed 19)
Time: 34:19 Pace: 8:29 / Total Miles 390.65 since 7/4/18
This is so cool. What an experience! Good run today. Go team! 9/19 7:13 pm
Praying with you! Keep us posted. 9/20 4:27 am
Thank you, Bob and Lize! I will let the team know if I get in. 9/20 5:36 pm

Brent Weigner (69) US, 138 miles

2.60 miles in Country Club, Cheyenne, Wyoming (runner profile)

Short run after a 45 minute pool run. (Wed 19)
Time: 37:00 Pace: 14:14 / Total Miles 370.41 since 7/4/18
What a beautiful shot. Go team! 9/19 7:14 pm
This belongs on a puzzle box! 9/20 4:28 am

Geoffrey Smith (64) GB, 87 miles

1.50 miles in Mattapoisett Ma (US) (runner profile)

Still feeling the hurt but it was good to be out early 7 am. 65f and damp was nice. Running slow and nursing the leg. Feels like there is a little improvement. I took no ibuprofen today. I will just have to let nature take its time . Definitely will not be rushing it. Go Team. (Wed 19)
Time: 13:35 Pace: 9:04 / Total Miles 327.23 since 7/4/18
You are doing this so right. You will be back in i time. Go team! 9/19 7:14 pm

Larry Allen (63) US, 96 miles

6.29 miles in Trumbull Center CT (runner profile)

Fall is trying to settle in and I’m pretty darned pleased about that. Midday walk & jog on the way out and then a jog and walk on the way back. Joy & peace with every step. (Wed 19)
Time: 1:12:30 Pace: 11:32 / Total Miles 246.20 since 7/4/18
Love the shot. And you went over six and are closing in on 100. Go team! 9/19 7:15 pm

Bob Anderson (70) US, 134 miles

1.50 miles in La Piedad, Mexico (MX) (runner profile)

First run in La Piedad. Down here at our MBR/Ujena office and factory. First stop after my run is always the market. Today got some cactus. I like it. Go team! Get those miles logged. (Wed 19)
Time: 16:21 Pace: 10:54 / Total Miles 403.03 since 7/4/18
These are beautiful shots. Love the door! Is it your office or casa or just a random picture? 9/20 4:29 am
Just a random door I passed on the way to the market. I have always enjoyed finding cool looking doors. I even did a fashion video called The Door. We found some cool looking doors in and around San Francisco. This was about 20 years back. Just for fun. Did you notice the photo of the birds? Another random shot. 9/20 5:54 am
Oh that's fun! 9/20 7:27 am

Danilo Purlia (55) US, 115 miles

5.00 miles in Danville, CA (runner profile)

Trying to get more miles out of these legs this week... all for the team! Need to ramp it up these last 10 days! (Wed 19)
Time: 43:09 Pace: 8:38 / Total Miles 378.62 since 7/4/18
You are doing it. And now you have 115. Go team! 9/19 7:16 pm
The pressure is on for us! Go Team! 9/19 8:32 pm

Dana Anstey (70) US, 97 miles

6.00 miles in San Joaquin River (runner profile)

An unusual thing about this river is that it runs south to north. (Wed 19) / Total Miles 131.44 since 8/20/18
That is very unusual. Cool photo. Go team! 9/19 7:16 pm

Asya Cabral (45) US, 178 miles

8.24 miles in Florida (runner profile)

I had my track work threshold session today. Started with a 1-mile warm up and dynamic stretching. Then, 2x15 minutes at threshold pace with 3:00 jog recovery after each and 1x10 min at threshold pace. Ended with my 1-mile cool down. I have 2 runs scheduled for tomorrow (6 miles and 4 miles). I may end up doing the 4 miler later today. It will give me longer recovery time for Saturday's 22 miles. (Wed 19)
Time: 1:04:40 Pace: 7:51 / Total Miles 386.60 since 7/4/18
Great workout; pain no gain 9/19 9:37 am
Thank you, Joel! You are right - no pain, no gain. 9/19 10:48 am
Super good workout! Go team! 9/19 7:17 pm

Purushottam Atkare (40) IN, 59 miles

6.19 miles in Thane (runner profile)

Today morning run enjoyed in heavy rains. If you are disciplined like the birds in the photo, it pays off during the races. (Wed 19)
Time: 1:07:07 Pace: 10:51 / Total Miles 59.29 since 8/29/18
Those are a lot of birds. I see birds waiting on power lines near restaurants. They wait for food. You're right - discipline during training pays off on race day. 9/19 8:50 am
Yes Asya, human encroachment change their habitat in search of food. 9/19 9:06 am
Gotta love these birds! Go team! 9/19 7:17 pm

Carmen Gair (34) ZA, 69 miles

3.73 miles in Kampersrus (runner profile)

Another (extremely hot) day, another (indoor) run! Left my run a bit late today so rather than facing the heatwave outside, I did intervals on the treadmill. (Wed 19)
Time: 47:41 Pace: 12:48 / Total Miles 68.56 since 8/29/18
I think it is over 100f degrees (40c). This is hot. Good time to run indoors. Go team! 9/19 6:11 am
I've been doing indoor treadmill runs too. It's a nice break from the hot weather. 9/19 8:51 am
Great intervals as shown by your heart rate! 9/20 7:29 am

Aaron L. Salvador (26) PW, 192 miles

3.25 miles (runner profile)

Heavy rain for today, and were planning to have our team picture this morning but due to the rain we cancel it and hopefully we have a beautiful day tomorrow. Still today is a wonderful day there's a rainbow always after the rainπŸŒˆβ˜ΊπŸ‘ (Wed 19)
Time: 35:23 Pace: 10:54 / Total Miles 498.50 since 7/4/18
I guess you have to have all this rain to keep your island all green and lush. Just makes it hard to run. Go team! 9/19 6:10 am
Great picture of the rainbow! 9/19 8:52 am

Kat Powell (67) US, 97 miles

1.80 miles in Los Gatos, CA (runner profile)

Did not feel like running or interval training today, so did my own little jog, then met everyone for my daily caffeine boost. Feel like I'm aging faster now. (Tue 18)
Time: 24:00 Pace: 13:20 / Total Miles 352.99 since 7/7/18
You are only 67! Go team! 9/19 7:18 pm
Cat you are such a strong runner, when I scroll down the team leader board and I see your name I always marvel at how strong a runner you are and know that I have to still scroll down a bit to find my own name πŸ˜‚ 9/20 7:32 am
Sorry Kat not Cat! 9/20 7:34 am

Larry Allen (63) US, 98 miles

1.98 miles in Trumbull Center (runner profile)

An easy day (Tue 18)
Time: 30:00 Pace: 15:10 / Total Miles 248.18 since 7/4/18
Beautiful photo. I want to run there. Go team! 9/19 7:19 pm

Silas Nyasani Kerosi (22) KE, 178 miles

4.47 miles in Kiambu (runner profile)

It was a speed work,,,,,1200metres*3:20mins,,,,where we worked over 1200m six times with a break of 200m after every 1200m... (Tue 18)
Time: 20:00 Pace: 4:29 / Total Miles 177.81 since 8/29/18
This is a good workout. Sub 4:30/mile pace for six with only a 200m break between. What race are you training for? Go Team! 9/19 6:08 am
Nice rtrainingrunning - it's so amazing to see how all the talented athletes in Kenya train. Thank you for the inspiration. 9/19 9:09 am
On 28 this month I have 10km road race for Universities at Laikipia university,,, 9/19 10:27 pm

Joseph Brazil (53) US, 140 miles

5.45 miles in Monument, CO (runner profile)

Early evening run in a different location than my last few weeks. I never know what I will see during the journey but have really learned to open up to seeing things I missed in past runs. My Best Runs Global challenge has really inspired me to share what I see with others in exchange for getting to enjoy your communities and beautiful sights. Thanks Bob, and all who are participating!! (Tue 18)
Time: 1:22:57 Pace: 15:14 / Total Miles 205.19 since 8/19/18
Really like this collage. You have a good eye. Many of us just don’t take the time to notice what is around us. Glad you do and that you are sharing. Go Joseph! Go team! 9/18 10:47 pm
These are nice pictures. There's so much beauty to take in on our runs. I try to remember not to take it for granted and enjoy it. 9/19 9:10 am
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