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John Hancock today announced its Elite Athlete Ambassador Team for the 2019 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon champions Meb Keflezighi, Tatyana McFadden, Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Greg Meyer and Uta Pippig will join Shalane Flanagan, Ryan Hall, Deena Kastor, Becca Pizzi and Team Hoyt as ambassadors for this year’s race.

“As Patriots’ Day nears, we welcome our 2019 Elite Ambassador Team for the Boston Marathon,” said John Hancock Chief Marketing Officer Barbara Goose.

“Through their mentorship and inclusiveness, these accomplished athletes inspire runners of all ages and abilities during race week and throughout the year at John Hancock sponsored events.

The team has become an integral part of our community.”

Ambassadors will cheer on the 30,000 participants racing from Hopkinton to Boston on Patriots’ Day and attend media, community and race week events, including making appearances at the Runner’s Seminar at the Expo, surprise “meet and greets” near the finish line, and at the John Hancock Elite Athlete press conference on April 12 at 10 a.m. at the Fairmont Copley.

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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

The 124th Boston Marathon originally scheduled for April 20 was postponed to September 14 and then May 28 it was cancelled for 2020. The next Boston Marathon is scheduled for April 19, 2021. Among the nation’s oldest athletic clubs, the B.A.A. was established in 1887, and, in 1896, more than half of the U.S. Olympic Team at the first modern...


The RTW team logged 24,901 miles and 52.4 of these miles were run inside an NFL stadium

Did you Know? Run The World Challenge 2 team members Becca Pizzi and Michael Wardian both ran the marathon (first woman and first man) that was run inside the Gillette Stadium in Boston September 29. 

This 114 lap race was the first-ever marathon held entirely inside and on the field of an NFL football stadium. 

Dave McGillivray (also a RTWC 2 team member) was the race director. "Dave's marathons are my absolute favorite and his DMSE support team is second to none," says Becca. 

A ton of funds were raised for the New England Patriots Foundation helping the homeless...Both Becca and Michael have signed up for the RTW Challenge 3 team.  

Run The World is an event created by lifetime runner 70-year-old Bob Anderson.  He ran 260 miles for challenge 2 and even through he did not complete anything close to what Becca and Michael did, he still doubled his normal weekly mileage.  Many team members were also motivated to run more hitting milestones of 50, 100, 200 or more miles before we finished. 

"The finish line of the RTW Challenge is when our team have logged 24,901 miles," says Bob Anderson.  It took 44 days 18 hours and 29 minutes to complete the task this time.  

Runners age 11-74 ran miles in 24 different countries. In the little country of Palau 1,187 miles were logged. 74-year-old Frank Bozanich ran and logged 801 miles in the 44 days. There are so many amazing stories. 

What has become really popular and a good motivator is the Run The World Feed.  Many team members post notes and photos daily for other members to leave comments. 

"I read every post and look at every photo and comment on each one," says Bob. "I started this with Challenge 1 and found this was a good motivator." 

Lize Dumon in South Africa wrote, "The RTW community is very precious to me. It is like an extended running family, a safe place to share everything running." 

RTW Challenge 3 starts October 29. The Challenge will help get you in better shape so you can reach your goals. This can be a tough time of the year to get out the door.  We will help each other.  Sign up today and join our team.     

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The Run The World Challenge 2 team has finished and here are the awards

"We have finished," says Lize Dumon (photo) a RTW Challenge 2 team member from South Africa, "Great achievement! But this morning, going out for my run just felt that little bit harder. I haven't realized how precious this RTW community has become to me. It is like an extended running family, a safe place to share everything running without rolling eyes and sighs from non-runners. It has become a place where I learn so much about running from reading everybody's posts and a place of immense encouragement! I don't want to leave this place... bring it on Challenge 3!" 

Run The World Global Run Challenge is a global event celebrating running, motivating the team, inspiring others and completing the goal.  The 131 member RTW Challenge 2 team ran and logged miles in 24 countries reaching a total of 24,901 miles in 44 days 18 hours 29 minutes.  

"This event is a real motivator. Many of our members (including me) ran many more miles than usual," says Run The World Challenge Team Caption, Bob Anderson. 34-year-old team member Carmen Gair from South Africa posted, "Thank you...for this amazing challenge...thank you...for motivating me to run more than double my usual mileage in this amount of time."

She ran and logged 151 miles in 44 days.  Team members added this challenge to their existing goals and used the Challenge to further motivate them.  

"Here are the special awards for our RTW Challenge 2 team," says Bob Anderson who reached 260.66 miles himself.

For Outstanding achievement: Frank Bozanich age 74 logged 801 miles...

Most Inspiring: Lize Dumon set her goal to reach 200 miles and she did that. She also motivated other team members in South Africa that she recruited to reach their goal as well...

Most Motivating: Aaron L. Salvador from the little country of Palau logged 377.99 miles, recruited others and posted a note and photo everyday...For

Best Performance: Willie Korir (second photo) from Kenya logged the most miles (993.88) which is an average of 22.5 miles per day. This is being shared with Joel Maina Mwangi also from Kenya who not only logged in 610.44 miles but he raced four half marathons during the Challenge period clocking 1:02:52, 1:03:19, 1:02:50 and 1:02:54...

Five Most Inspiring stories: based on their story posted on My Best Runs: (this award goes to the five who received the most views on My Best Runs) Joyce Lee (1178 views), Michael Wardian (851 views), Gloria Nasr (616 views), Joel Maina Mqangi (492 views), Pete Magill (400 views)...

Best Youngest performance: Zander Brister age 11 logged 16.32 miles. He ran one mile in Hollister clocking 6:19 and he also averaged 7:42/mile pace at the Pacific Grove Double Road Race 15k...

Best Oldest performance: Frank Bozanich age 74 logged 801 miles. Shared with 71-year-old Paul Shimon who logged 655.37 miles...

Top Fifteen Spirit awards: (Based on posts on the RTW Feed) Aaron L Salvador, Michael Anderson, Brent Weigner, Danilo Purlia, Larry Allen, Asya Cabral, Lize Dumon, Roger Wright, Geoffrey Smith, Carmen Gair, Annie Conneau, Joseph Brazil, Vince Martignetti, Marnie Margolis, Willie Korir... 

Best Single Run: Michael Wardian when he ran 184.5 miles in 36 hours 48 minutes 14 seconds on the C&O Canal Trail...

Notable Mentions: Boaz Kipyego logged 788.61 miles and came to the United States and placed fourth at the Twin City Marathon. Rosaline Nyawira was first female logging 454.37 miles. Brent Weigner (69) has been running races every weekend including running a marathon in another country Sri Lanka. He logged 258 miles. James Kalani has gotten back into running (this challenge motivating him) and has already run 4 miles at 5:33 pace. He logged 252 miles.

Ultra marathon star Gloria Nasr from France logged 237 miles. Rosaura Tennant ran both the Berlin and Chicago marathon during this Challenge. Becca Pizzi was first woman in the marathon run inside a NFL stadium in Boston...

"Everyone is a winner on our team," says Bob Anderson.  "I can't wait to do this again."  RTW Challenge 3 start Oct 29. 

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Michael Wardian wins the first ever full marathon held inside a NFL stadium

On Friday evening, 17 runners participated in the first full and half marathon around the home turf of the New England Patriots. 

It was also the first marathon run entirely inside a NFL stadium. Participants in the half marathon ran just over 59 laps on the warning track surrounding the turf, while the full marathon participants ran 118 laps.

The course is USA Track & Field (USATF) certified and a Boston Marathon qualifier.  Runners enjoyed special appearances by Patriots cheerleaders and the end zone militia, in-stadium music, motivational videos on the HD video boards and other entertainment throughout the evening.  

“We are thrilled to be hosting our first marathon inside Gillette Stadium,” said Josh Kraft, president of the New England Patriots Foundation.

“This is a really unique opportunity and this event will help us raise critical funds for the New England Patriots Foundation to benefit homeless shelter programs throughout the region.”  

The race was directed by Dave McGillivray who also is the Boston Marathon race director.  44-year-old Michael Wardian placed first clocking 2:49:26.  Michael had also won the marathon held inside Fenway Park a few months ago.  

Becca Pizzi was the first woman clocking 3:49.  Both are also participating in the second Run The World Global Run Challenge and these miles bring Michael’s total to 384 miles run and logged since August 29.  He is currently in 7th place.  The team is running and logging enough miles to circle the globe (24,901 miles).     

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Run The World Global Run Challenge 1 July 4 Start Special Awards Announced

The Run The World Global Run Challenge 1 presented by My Best Runs started July 4, 2018.  The goal was to run and log 24,901 Miles in the shortest posible time.  "The mission was to celebrate running, motivate our team, inspire others and complete the challenge," says team caption Bob Anderson

The team of 175 active runners finished in 36 Days 23 Hours and 13 Minutes on Thursday night August 9th at 11:13pm (PDT).  "It was an amazing event and I can not wait until the next one starting August 29," says Geoff Smith (team member and two time Boston Marathon winner). 

"Everyone on our team was a winner and deserve an award," says Bob Anderson.  "Here are our special awards just announced today.  Congrats to these winners and our entire team." 

Outstanding achievement - Frank Bozanich age 74 logged 475 miles. 

Most Inspiring - Aaron L. Salvador from the little country of Palau logged 296.4 miles and posted a comment and photo everyday. Shared with Geoff Smith who also posted a comment and photo everyday logged 240.5 miles (which is almost double what he was doing prior to the Challenge)  

Most Motivating - Grace Padilla (US) logged 327.11 miles posted a comment and creative photo everyday. Grace who is 47 placed 11th overall and was first female.  

Best Performance - Willie Korir from Kenya not only did he log the most miles (797.37) he also ran one of his workouts at 4:37/mile pace for 9.13 miles.  

Five Most Inspiring stories - based on their story posted on My Best Runs: (this award goes to the five who received the most views on My Best Runs) Michael Wardian (1,677 views), Benn Griffin (1,461 views), Swetha Amit (1,431 views), Roy Pirrung (1,241 views) and Kiranpal Singh Dhody (1,088 views)  

Most Inspiring Photo - Grace Padilla´s July 5th photo training on the track in Mammoth Lakes, California (featured photo).  

Best Youngest performance - Owen Wall age 11 who logged 34.2 miles including running 8.1 miles in one day at 9:59 pace during his longest ever run. Shared with Elliot Daniels age 14 who ran and logged 184.45 miles and ran 5:47/mile pace for six miles in the Wharf to Wharf race in Santa Cruz, California.  

Best Oldest performance - Libby James age 82 who logged 81.81 miles (rounds up to 82). Shared with 74-year-old Frank Bozanich who ran and logged in 475 miles. 

Top Fifteen Spirit awards (based on coment and photo posted regularly that appeared on the Run The World Feed): Aaron L Salvador, Grace Padilla, Shawn Whalen, Michael Anderson, Brent Weigner, Danilo Purlia, Larry Allen, Rosaura Tennant, Asya Cabral, Kati Toivanen, Lize Dumon, Roger Wright, Abbey Cannon, Geoffrey Smith, and Pulkit Singh.  

Best Single Run - Michael Wardian when we ran 100.5 miles in 30 hours 23 minutes to place 11th on July 21 at Hardrock 100.  

Notable Mentions - Dave Mcgillivray logged 164.52 miles (Boston Marathon Director), Becca Pizzi logged 226.17 miles (Holds the record for running seven Marathons. Seven days on seven Continents), Liz Dumon had never run 150 Miles in 30 days before this challenge, Boaz Kipqego from Kenya logged 588.52 miles and placed second, JR Mintz (age 52) logged the most miles by an American with 480.86 miles, Paul Shimon (age 71) logged 390.71 miles placed 6th overall and was third American, Harpal Singh Gill was first runner from India logging 331.66 miles placing 10th overall, Sam Tada was first runner from Japan logging 237.30 miles placing 29th overall. Malin Andersson co-owner of World´s Marathons logged in 77.67 miles and Will Adams who logged 51.58 miles mostly all plogging (picking up trash while running).  

Our next Run The World Global Run Challenge starts August 29.  There is a $25 entry fee to help cover expenses unless you can not afford it and then it will be waived.  

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World Record Endurance Marathoner Becca Pizzi will run the Falmouth Road Race

World Record Endurance Marathoner Becca Pizzi will run the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday, August 19th as part of the NF Northeast Team, a Burlington, MA based non-profit organization whose mission is to find a treatment and the cure for neurofibromatosis (NF). Pizzi is 38 years old and lives in Belmont, MA with her husband, Joe, and 10-year-old daughter, Taylor. Having been the first American female to run the World Marathon Challenge in 2016 - 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days - Pizzi recently went back and made history by running it again and breaking the World Record: 6 days, 7 hours and 58 minutes. Her current goal is to complete a marathon in all 50 states and to run the Kona Ironman. Pizzi was introduced to the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis through her good friend and running buddy Scot DeDeo.  His 2-year-old son Nat was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 when he was 7 months old. DeDeo says, “I'm super excited that Becca will be running with us at Falmouth. To have someone of her caliber is hugely motivational to the team and will really help us bring awareness to neurofibromatosis.” “I’ve run the Falmouth Road Race many times; it is one of my favorite races,” said Pizzi. “The race directors are very well organized, and they do an excellent job with the race and pulling the community together.” (07/17/2018) Views: 953 ⚡AMP

The first ever Run The World Challenge Team has already logged in 4,092 Miles since July 4

The Run the World Global Run Challenge started July 4th.  Our goal is to login 24,901 miles (40,072k) within 30 days.  We wanted this to be a Global event and it is. Our team of 200 has already run and logged in miles in 17 different countries.  Our mission is to reach our goal but we also want to motivate, inspire others and celebrate running.  A sport we love.  Our team range in age from 11 to 81.  Team member Abbey Cannon sums up our mission,  "I think the Global Run Challenge is great because it shows that even though we are all at different levels and may run for different reasons, we in the running community from all over the globe can all come together to work for the same goal." Our team is amazing.  Willie Korir from Kenya has already logged in 173 miles. 51-year-old JR Mintz has logged in 112 and 74-year-old Frank Bozanich has logged 112 miles as well.  Grace Padillia has logged in the most miles for females with 72 miles.  Becca Pizzi who ran a marathon on each continent in seven days earlier in the year has logged 60 miles.  There are many amazing performances.  You can follow all the action on our Run The World feed.  We still have a long ways to go but we have almost already covered the distance between San Francisco and Iceland in eight days.  This is more than just logging training and racing miles.  It is a celebration of running.  To help remember what we are doing we have an official shirt and a medal when we finish.  Just click on the link and we will get out the shirt to you right away.  If you didn't join us this time, we will be doing this same Global Challenge again starting August 29.   (07/11/2018) Views: 1,027 ⚡AMP
by Bob Anderson

Global Run Challenge Profile: Becca Pizzi has run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents twice and never gets injured

RUN THE WORLD: Becca Pizzi ran her first race when she was six years old.  Now 38 she has run over 70 marathons in 33 states.  "I love running, sharing my passion, and inspiring others," Becca says. She has run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, twice.  “I ran the World Marathon Challenge in 2016, to make history," she says. She was the  first US woman to complete this challenge.  She went back in 2018 to hopefully lower her time.  "I love to run and I love to travel; this is my favorite race."  She beat her 2016 time setting a new world best performance clocking 6 Days 7 Hours and 58 minutes this year.  "My daughter was at the finish line and ran the last 100 yards with me. She was my biggest inspiration to get me to the finish as fast as I could. I will never forget that moment."  Becca has many things going and she loves every minute of it.  "My life is like a puzzle. I own a Day Care, I manager an ice cream shop, my daughter is 10-years-old, I am a motivational speaker,  I coach my daughters soccer team, a kids Tri team,  I started the Belmont Track Club and a kids track club."  What she is most proud of is the Becca Pizzi 5k (now in the third year) in her hometown.  The proceeds go to graduating seniors.  "It is my chance to give back to the community. I love all that I do and don't ever feel overwhelmed."  Asked about this challenge.  "I am excited to log my miles with RUN THE WORLD. I whole heartedly believe in Bob's mission."  She runs a lot of miles and has never been injured.  What is your secret?  "I listen to my body. When I feel good I go for it, when something is tweaking I back off."  We know you love deserts? "I have my own ice cream flavor named after me, Becca7. I try to eat healthy and hydrate especially leading up to a marathon. I have a weak spot for Swedish Fish." she says.  Becca lives in Belmont, Mass with her husband Joe and her daughter Taylor.  "Lets circle the world," Becca says. (06/29/2018) Views: 992 ⚡AMP
by Bob Anderson

America's Becca Pizzi is the Women's World Marathon Challenge Champion

Becca Pizzi (USA) wins women’s race in Miami and overall women's title in the World Marathon Challenge. It’s her second time winning! Her time today in Miami was 3:51:21. Becca says on her blog, "Running is in my DNA. My Dad is a runner and inspired me to start running when I was a six years old. I ran my first race when I was seven. I have never stopped, competing through college and running 45 marathons, including 15 Boston Marathons, and in 25 USA states." She is the only runner in the world who has won this event two times. (02/05/2018) Views: 1,105 ⚡AMP
Epic Running Adventures

Becca Pizzi got lost during the sixth marathon in Colombia but still finished second

Becca Pizzi finished strongly last night at the 6th marathon in a time of 4:21.21. Apparently, there were some marking problems in the route and Becca ended up getting lost for a while. But she was able to get back on track and still managed to finish in second place. Meghan Newcomer (USA) finished first. Gary Thornton who had won the first five this time finished together with Jason Cousins from England. The last marathon of the World Marathon Challenge is today in Miami. (02/05/2018) Views: 904 ⚡AMP

Five marathons completed in Five Days...Two to go!

Becca Pizzi (USA) and Gary Thornton (IRL) continue to dominate the World Marathon Challenge on day five in Lisbon. Both winning by big margins. Becca’s winning time was 3:59:28 and Gary’s 3:19:28. Next stop South America. Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivary finished 12th in 4:42:52. (02/03/2018) Views: 926 ⚡AMP
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Becca Pizzi wins her fourth marathon in four days

Becca Pizzi won her fourth marathon in four days today on the continent of Asis in the country of Dubai, almost eclipsing the 4-hour mark with a time of 4:00:01. Tomorrow, she will run her fifth marathon on the continent of Europe in Lisbon, Portugal. For the men Gary Thornton (IRL) won his fourth marathon in 3:04:29. This has to be a tough point of the competition. There were 35 men and 11 women finishers. (02/02/2018) Views: 986 ⚡AMP

Becca Pizzi and Dave McGillvray Have Finished Marathon Three of Seven

Becca Pizzi with running legend and Boston Marathon race director, Dave McGillivray, at the finish line of the Perth Australia marathon, crossing off their third of seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Dave McGillvray finished 10th in 4:28:08. America's Becca Pizzi continue to dominate the women's field winning in 4:02:13. Gary Thornton (IRL) continues to lead the men winning this marathon in 2:59:55, over 40 minutes ahead of second place. (02/01/2018) Views: 1,083 ⚡AMP

70 Degrees Warmer for Second Marathon In Challenge today

Gary Thornton (IRL) wins Africa Intercontinental Marathon (Cape Town) in 3:06:55 today. It’s his second marathon in 24 hours as part of the 2018 World Marathon Challenge. The temperature today was degrees 72 Fahrenheit , which is 70 degrees warmer than the windchill temperatures in Antarctica yesterday. Becca Pizzi wins second consecutive marathon in 4:11:15. She is the returning 2016 champion! (01/31/2018) Views: 892 ⚡AMP

American’s Becca Pizzi wins the First Marathon - Six to Go by Feb 5

American's Becca Pizzi was the overall winner of the 2016 World Marathon Challenge. Today she won the Antarctic Intercontinental Marathon (the first of seven) in a time of 4:06:45. In second was Renee DeMarsh(USA) 4.28.10, third Gulzhamal DeFelice (RUS/USA)4.38.03, fourth Meghan Newcomer (USA) 4.41:14, and fifth Cara Nelson (USA) 4:50:15. For men, Gary Thornton (IRL) won in a time of 2.58.39 today. Gary ran an amazing sub 3 hour time. Second was Jason Cousins (GBR) 3.44.56, third Scott Coey (AUS) 3.52.47 and in fourth Joshua Cohen (USA) 3.55.05. (01/30/2018) Views: 1,028 ⚡AMP
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4th Annual World Marathon Challenge Starts January 30

The World Marathon Challenge is a logistical and physical challenge to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Competitors must run the standard 42.2 km marathon distance in Antarctica, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and North America within seven days. The clock starts when the first marathon begins in Antarctica January 30. Fastest Average Marathon Times: (Men) Michael Wardian (USA) 2:45:57 (Women) Becca Pizzi (USA) 3:55:11. Wardian's 19:21:36 is the world best. (01/16/2018) Views: 755 ⚡AMP
Epic Running Adventures

Seven Marathons, 7 days, 7 Continents - Again!

She's already run around the planet in world-record time. So what does Becca Pizzi do for an encore? Do it again! The Massachusetts marathoner, who won the 2016 World Marathon Challenge will attempt to become the only person to twice complete the odyssey, which begins in Antarctica on Jan 30 and ends in Miami on Feb 5. What was the biggest challenge? "Antarctica is the most intimidating. The wind is fierce. The sun is blinding. There are crevices you can fall through. It's bitterly cold..." (01/16/2018) Views: 801 ⚡AMP
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