Lize Dumon goal was to run 200 miles and she did - RunThe World Challenge 2 Awards

Run The World Global Run Challenge is a global event celebrating running, motivating the team, inspiring others and completing the goal.  The 131 member team ran and logged miles in 24 countries reaching a total of 24,901 in 44 days 18 hours 29 minutes.     "This event is a real motivator. Many of our members ran many more miles than usual and getting in better shape because of it," says Run The World Challenge Team Caption, Bob Anderson. 34-year-old team member Carmen Gair from South Africa posted, "Thank you...for this amazing challenge...thank you...for motivating me to run more than double my usual mileage in this amount of time." She ran and logged 151 miles in 44 days.  Members have added this challenge to your existing goals. You don’t have to change your training or racing plans. This challenge, however will motivate you to get out the door, run more and help you reach your goals.   Lize Dumon (photo), a team member from South Africa, posted this on the feed.  "We have finished! Great achievement! But this morning, going out for my run just felt that little bit harder. I haven't realized how precious this RTW community has become to me. It is like an extended running family, a safe place to share everything running without rolling eyes and sighs from non-runners. It has become a place where I learn so much about running from reading everybody's posts and a place of immense encouragement! I don't want to leave this place... bring it on Challenge 3!"  Challenge 3 starts Oct 29.   Here are the special awards for RTW Challenge 2: Outstanding achievement: Frank Bozanich age 74 logged 801 miles...   Most Inspiring: Lize Dumon set her goal to reach 200 miles and she did that. She also motivated other team members in South Africa that she recruited to reach their goal as well...   Most Motivating: Aaron L. Salvador from the little country of Palau logged 377.99 miles and posted a note and photo everyday...   Best Performance: Willie Korir from Kenya logged the most miles (993.88) which is an average of 22.5 miles per day. This is being shared with Joel Maina Mwangi also from Kenya who not only logged in 610.44 miles but he raced four half marathons during the Challenge clocking 1:02:52, 1:03:19, 1:02:50 and 1:02:54...   Five Most Inspiring stories: based on their story posted on My Best Runs: (this award goes to the five who received the most views on My Best Runs) Joyce Lee (1178 views), Michael Wardian (851 views), Gloria Nasr (616 views), Joel Maina Mqangi (492 views), Pete Magill (400 views)...   Best Youngest performance: Zander Brister age 11 logged 16.32 miles. He ran one mile in Hollister clocking 6:19 and He also averged 7:42/mile pace at the Pacific Grove Double Road Race 15k...   Best Oldest performance: Frank Bozanich age 74 logged 801 miles. Shared with 71-year-old Paul Shimon who logged 655.37 miles...   Top Fifteen Spirit awards: (Based on posts on the Feed) Aaron L Salvador, Michael Anderson, Brent Weigner, Danilo Purlia, Larry Allen, Asya Cabral, Lize Dumon, Roger Wright, Geoffrey Smith, Carmen Gair, Annie Conneau, Joseph Brazil, Vince Martignetti, Marnie Margolis, Willie Korir...   Best Single Run: Michael Wardian when he ran 184.5 miles in 36 hours 48 minutes 14 seconds on the C&O Canan Trail...   Notable Mentions: Boaz Kipyego logged 788.61 miles and came to the United States and placed fourth at the Twin City Marathon. Rosaline Nyawira was first female logging 454.37 miles. Brent Weigner (69) has been running races every weekend including running a marathon in another country Sri Lanka. He logged 258 miles. James Kalani has gotten back into running (this challenge motivating him) and has already run 4 miles at 5:33 pace. He logged 252 miles. Ultra marathon star Gloria Nasr from France logged 237 miles. Rosaura Tennant ran both the Berlin and Chicago marathon during this Challenge. Becca Pizziwas first woman in the marathon run inside a NFL stadium in Boston..."Everyone is a winner on our team," says Bob Anderson.  "I can't wait to do this again."  

posted Saturday October 13th