American’s Becca Pizzi wins the First Marathon - Six to Go by Feb 5

American's Becca Pizzi was the overall winner of the 2016 World Marathon Challenge. Today she won the Antarctic Intercontinental Marathon (the first of seven) in a time of 4:06:45. In second was Renee DeMarsh(USA) 4.28.10, third Gulzhamal DeFelice (RUS/USA)4.38.03, fourth Meghan Newcomer (USA) 4.41:14, and fifth Cara Nelson (USA) 4:50:15. For men, Gary Thornton (IRL) won in a time of 2.58.39 today. Gary ran an amazing sub 3 hour time. Second was Jason Cousins (GBR) 3.44.56, third Scott Coey (AUS) 3.52.47 and in fourth Joshua Cohen (USA) 3.55.05.

posted Tuesday January 30th
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