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Run The World Gobal Challenge celebrates running around the the world.   RTW Challenge 12 started January 1, 2024. Monthly stats will be posted at the end of each month. We will also continue to keep track of miles from when we started as total miles since July 4, 2018.  And of course our weekly log starting on Wednesday and finishing on Tuesday.  The idea is to run or walk and then log those miles on your My Best Runs account. There is no entry fee.  You just need a MBR account - and that’s Free too.  After you sign up you log your miles on your account.  

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Shel Gersh (79) US

5.00 miles in Foster City (runner profile)

Started feeling sluggish and thought about stopping after one mile but I kept going and completed 5 miles. Some days are like this. Photo from 5k in Brisbane. I am doing it again March 8. I am the short “older” guy. (Sun 5) / Total Miles 424.19 since 7/5/18

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