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The monthly KATA Time Trial in Thika Kenya was the 23rd in the series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) time-trial series for the month of July continued on Wednesday at Thika Stadium as the season move to a new phase.

Coming a week after engaging in tough competitions, Evans Kiguru dominated the 10,000metres event while Zakaria Kirika was comfortable in the shorter 5,000m.

Hitting the podium for the first time, Evans registered 31:38.9 to level his June’s 31:38.8 whereas Zakaria timed 15:04.8 as the duo worked to fight off the Nairobi City Marathon’s fatigue that saw them run against the elite class.

Fredrick Kiprotich emerged second behind Evans in 32:00.7 with newcomer Benard Gicheha chalking 34:32.7. Anthony Mukundi(2:24.3 in City Marathon) timed 15:32.0 while University’s National Cross-Country Champion Boniface Mungai finished third in 15:52.6

New entrant Pricilla Biwott (58) was the sole Master in 10,000m where she clocked an impressive 41:11.9 while upcoming Caren Chepkemoi timed 18:43.0 to win the women 5,000metres.

The 24th edition is scheduled for August 16thand will be held on the Ndarugo-Mangu Road, 5kilometres West of the KATA.


                10,000 Metres

1. Evans Kiguru             27             141          31:38.9

2. Fredrick Kiprotich   23             140          32:00.7

3. Benard Gicheha       33             149          34:32.7

4. Ismael Mburu         23              143          35:19.9

5. Pricilla Biwott         58              142          41:11.9

                 5,000 Metres

1. Zakaria Kirika          114             22            15:04.8

2. Anthony Mukundi 137            35             15:32.0

3. Boniface Mungai    144            25             15:52.6

4. Amos Chirchir         120            23             16:07.3

5. Peter Mukundi        125           25              17:07.0

6. Caren Chepkemoi   135          21               18:53.0

7. Nancy Githaiga        84            35               20:50.0

8. Virginia Wanjiru      136          21               21:16.4

9. Jacinta Mwende      122         21               21:29.8

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by Coach Joseph
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


You too can Train the Kenyan Way in Kenya

Kenyan runners and many non-Kenyan runners training in Kenya have had good success.  But why?  These four things stand out as the reasons behind their success. 

1. Training is a big part of their secrets including sloop training, intervals, fartlek and many exercise drills. They train twice a day, six times per week with the evening run easy. 

2. Equally important is their diet, the Kenyan's runner diet is starch based very high in carbohydrates.  Kenyan runners get 76 percent of their daily calories from carbs.

3. Almost all Kenyans train in groups, many at training camps.

4. Kenyans runners are surrounded by inspiration and positive thinking.  You must believe you can run a 2:01 marathon to be able to do it.  Visualization is a big part of this. 

Many runners outside of Kenya have thought about training in Kenya with Kenyan runners.  Some have made the trip and have had great success. But for most runners making the trip to Kenya and training for a month or more there never become more than a dream.

The main reason why it only remains a dream is because it just has not been easy to set it up.  Lifetime runner Bob Anderson who also was the founder of Runner's World Magazine in 1966 and most recently the publisher of My Best Runs has made it easy for runners to come to Kenya and Train The Kenyan Way.  

Bob and his wife Catherine first travelled to Kenya in 2013 and staged a race in Thika.  It was during this trip he met up with Elam Wangwero, a 29-minute 10k runner who just loved all aspects of athletics. Bob and Elam talked about setting up a training camp in Thika (just an hour outside of Nairobi) during that trip. 

Work started on the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) some years later.  Bob brought on board Florence Kimiti to be the manager and then hired Coach Joseph Ngure to be the head coach.

Construction was finished in September 2021.  For the last two years the KATA staff have been working with Kenyan staff athletes getting them ready to accept guest athletes from around the world.  The KATA staff athletes are training to become professional runners (some already are) and to help guests achieve their goals.

“COVID did slow things down for a while, says Bob Anderson,  "but on June 14, 2023 we welcomed our first guest."

KATA has six private rooms for guests, each with a double bed and private bath with a shower.  KATA has a total of 26 rooms including staff athletes’ rooms, office, a runners Lounge with a large TV screen, Olympic Dining Hall, Laundry room, Kitchen, massage room and a courtyard and garden so athletes can relax in between workouts.  

KATA is solely set up for athletes who are interested in improving, running new PR's, becoming campions or being a professional runner.  "We offer world-class training, quality Kenyan runner's food in a relaxed inspirational atmosphere with the emphasis on distance running, " says Director/Owner Bob Anderson working from his office in Mountain Views, California USA. 

KATA’s first guest arrived on June 14th and is staying for six weeks.  20-year-old Nahim Abdallah (first and second photo) is a college student at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He has clocked a 4:22 mile and recently ran a 14:31 5000m.  He wants to be in top form for the upcoming cross-country season.  His goal is to get under 14 minutes for 5k during his stay.  

The second confirmed guest checking in July 2 for 12 weeks is Max Barnett (third photo) from England.  He ran a 3:45 marathon in Paris a few weeks ago and wants to break three hours by October in Lisbon.  "This is an aggressive goal," says Coach Joseph, "but we are going to help him make it happen."  

"I have spoken with Max several times," says Bob Anderson "and I think we can help make this happen because of the passion Max has for running.  His focus for 90 days will be running where now in England he just has too many other things getting in the way."

Bob Anderson and the team are very dedicated to this program and feel their setup is different than most.  "We just have a cozy personal feel here," says onsite manager Florence.  "So much positive inspiraton."

"This is your chance to Train the Kenyan Way," says Bob.  All you need is a passport/visa and an airline ticket to Nairobi, Kenya. KATA will take care of everything else including picking you up at the airport. "Of course, you have to have the desire to become a better runner," says Florence, who was also a 1:59 800m runner as a junior.

"KATA offers training programs for 800m to 1-mile, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and the Marathon" says KATA's onsite senior AK coach Joseph Ngure.  "We will work with you and help you achieve your goals. Just let us know your starting point and your goals and we will provide the coaching to help you achieve it."  

At any one time 12-20 Kenyan KATA staff runners are training at KATA. Most live and eat at KATA while others live nearby. These Kenyan athletes set the style of KATA as they work hard to become better runners themselves and help and support our guests.

You might be thinking that something like this must be very expensive.  It is not, the cost is just $375US weekly with a minimum stay requirement of four weeks.  This covers all your costs including a private room, three meals a day and world-class training.  

For more info go to:

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by Lisa Wall

The 22nd KATA Time Trail in Thika Kenya saw many seasonal bests for 10k

The June Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Time-Trial took place on Thursday in Thika with a majority of the athletes attaining their Season Best.

Peter Mwaniki clocked 29:33.6 to win the 10kilometres while upshot Levis Kuria clocked 14:59.6 as his Personal Best in ruling the 5Km when the monthly event were staged on the The Mang'u - Ndarugo Road on Thursday morning.

In Women, Catherine Njihia was unchallenged in the 10Km trial clicking 34:26.7 followed by Maureen Nairesiae who clocked 41:49.8 while Nancy Githaiga closed the category in 45:38.7


1. Peter Mwaniki 138 - 29:33.6

2. Peter Wanyoike 139 - 29:38.7

3. Zakaria Kirika 115 - 29:41.6

4. Raphael Gacheru 117 - 30:02.1

5. Peter Mburu 144- 30:16.5

6. Eston Mugo 136 - 30:29.0

7. John Kuria 142 - 31:05.0

8. Evans Kiguru 122 - 31:38.8

9. Anthony Mukundi 108 - 32:08.1

10. Alfred Kamande 126 - 33:06.0

11. Paul Nganga 135 - 34:22.2

12. Catherine Njihia 141 - 34:26.7

13. Inertia Mugethi 129 - 35:33.6

14. Maureen Nairesiae 140 - 41:49.8

15. Ismael Mburu 111 - 45:33.7

16. Nancy Githaiga 120 - 45:38.7 


1. Levis Kuria 84 - 14:59.6

2..Fredrick Kiprotich 124 - 15:09.8

3. Amos Chirchir 114 - 16:31.5

4. Paul Kariuki 107 - 17:11.8

5..Peter Mukundi 17:26.5

6. Caren Chepkemoi   138 - 18:56.6

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Six tips on finding the right running coach

This time of year is the most popular for running, and challenging yourself to sign up for summer and fall races is a fantastic way to achieve personal goals. If you’re new to the sport or looking to take your running to the next level, working with a running coach can be a game-changer. Finding the right coach can be tough, but it can provide guidance, structure and expertise to help you reach your full potential. But how do you find the right running coach for your specific needs? Here are some essential tips and ideas to help you in your search.

1.- Align your goals

Before you begin your search for a running coach, take some time to write down your running goals. Are you aiming to complete a marathon, improve your speed in a 5K, or simply learn to run? Understanding your goals can help you find a coach best suited for your objectives, since different coaches specialize in various areas of running, such as the marathon, track and field, or recreational running. If you know what you’re looking to accomplish, it can help you narrow down your options and find a coach who can best assist you in reaching your goals.

2.- Do your research

When finding a running coach, it’s crucial to research their experience and ask for referrals from other runners. You should also consider their track record of coaching success, including testimonials from some of their athletes or former clients, to gauge their satisfaction and the effectiveness of their training approaches. The last thing you want is to have someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or crosses personal boundaries. The internet can be an incredible resource when trying to find the right coach-a quick Google search of their name to see accomplishments or reviews can go a long way.

3.- The two C’s

The two Cs might be the most crucial tip of the four. Compatibility and good communication are essential factors in finding a great coach. You want to make sure you find a running coach who understands you as a person and your running goals. The purpose of a running coach is not only to enhance your performance, but also to provide you with motivation, accountability, and valuable insights to help you become a better runner.

It is good to arrange an initial meeting or consultation with a few coaches to discuss your goals, training preferences, and expectations. This meeting will help determine if their personality and coaching styles align. An open line of communication, where you feel comfortable asking questions and providing feedback, is crucial for a coach to understand your needs and tailor their guidance accordingly.

4.- Consider your schedule

Unless you’re a professional runner, odds are you will be training while managing school or a full-time job, so finding time to squeeze in training sessions isn’t always easy. Before hiring a coach, make sure their approach and plan work with your schedule. A good coach should be able to adapt to each individual’s circumstances, considering factors like work, sleep, family commitments, and personal limitations.

Many coaches will offer an initial trial or assessment session to evaluate your running form and fitness level, determining where you’re at in your training. This trial period will allow you to experience the coach’s training approach and assess if their style suits your needs.

5.- Find your budget

It’s important to find a coach who fits your budget. Be sure to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on a coach. Running coaches may have varying rates, but they usually charge annually, monthly, or per training plan. When inquiring, always ask about their pricing structure and what is included in their coaching services. Some coaches offer different tiers or options, such as one-on-one coaching, online training plans, or group sessions, each with different price points. Consider the level of support and guidance you require and find a coach whose fees align.

6. - Train the Kenyan Way

Kenyan runners have proven that hard work pays off as many races around the world are won by Kenyan runners.  What is their secret? Kenyan runners don't only put in lots of miles.  It is a whole program guided by a coach.  In Kenya there are many running camps helping Kenya runners as well as other runners from around the world.  One of the best camps offering an all-inclusive pacakage is the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika just one hour from Nairobi. 

Everything is included in their program and the cost is just $375 per week with a four week minimum.  A guest runner from England booked a 12 week stay starting July 1.  Max ran a 3:45 marathon in Paris and want to get under three hours by October at the Lisbon Marathon.  An aggressive goal but one KATA Coach Joseph Ngure and team feel is possible. 

KATA has made it easy for runners all over the world to now Train the Kenyan Way in Kenya.   

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by Marley Dickinson

Kirika and Mungai were the winners at the 21st monthly KATA Time Trial in Thika

Zakariah Kirika and Boniface Mungai lived up to expectation by ruling both the 10, 000 and 5,000metres during the May Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Time- Trial held at Thika Stadium May 17. 

The Star, who has been playing second fiddle to KATA's internationals Peter Mwaniki and Peter Wanyoike, timed 30:42.1 in his 10,000metres specialty while Mungai outclassed newcomer Simon Ngubao in the 5,000metres after clocking 15:04.6, improving his January’s time of 15:27.7 by 23 seconds.

During the 21st KATA (Kenyan Athketics Training Academy) Time Trial that alternated with the Road last month, Evans Kiguru took the silver position in 10,000metres behind Kirika in 32:13.3 with another newcomer Gabriel Kahura coming third in 32:27.3.

In the 5,000metres, Levis Kuria bettered his March’s 15:32.8 to record new personal record of 15:06.2, chopping off 26.5 seconds and finished ahead of perennial Fredrick Kiprotich who finished in 15:18.2.

In the Ladies, Caren Chepkemoi bettered her 5,000m Personal Best after registering a new17:28.2 from her previous 19:11.6 to come ahead in the category with Narok-based Maureen Nairesiae clocking 18:20.6.

KATA's Peter Njeru did not run the time trial because he had just gotten back after finishing third at the Petrom Bucharest Romania half marathon clocking 1:01:21.

The 22nd edition of the KATA monthly Time Trial will return to the Road on 14th June on the Ndarugo-Mang’u Road.


Name:                    Bib               Age          Time


1. Zakaria Kirika      114              22            30:42.1

2. Evans Kiguru         93              27            32:13.3

3. Gabriel Kahura    124             40            32:27.3

4. Anthony Mukundi 84         35                32:41.8     

5. Alfred Kamande   113              25                34:01.1

6. Paul Ng’ang’a        106        42                34:05.3

7. Charles Ndirangu  90         60                 36:13.2

8. Moses Mutunga    121      27                 37:44.4


1.Boniface Mungai     111      24                 15:04.6

2. Simon Ngubao        121      28                 15:05.4

3. Levis Kuria               117      22                 15:06.2

4. Fredrick Kiprotich   122      24                15:18.2

5. John Mutiso             109      19                16:14.8

6. Amos Chirchir          126      23                16:19.3

7. Peter Mukundi         115      25                17:22.0

8. Caren Chepkemoi    89        21                 17:28.2

9. Ismael Mburu          120       22                18:18.1

10. Maureen Nairesiae  107    107              18:20.6

11. Virginia Wanjiru      123      21                20:14.2

12. Hannah Njeri           110      24                21:04.6

13. Nancy Githaiga        108      32                22:33.5.

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mwaniki again wins the 20th edition of the KATA monthly time trial in Thika Kenya clocking 29:17.5

The 20th edition of Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) time trial were held in Thika Kenya this Wednesday with on-form Peter Mwaniki and Fredrick Kiprotich retaining their titles.

Peter bettered his 29:42.6 attained in February to clock 29:17.5 on the 10Kilometres Course while Fredrick, who finished first in last month’s 5,000metres on the track, defended the 5Kilometres class after timing 15:34.7.

Zakaria Kirika followed the winner in the 10Km clocking 29:58.4 with 3rd-placed Raphael Gacheru clocking 30:54.2. 

Peter Mburu and Evans Kiguru followed in 31:04.5 and 31:08.1.

In the 5Kilometres, visiting athlete Daniel Kishoyan from Narok came second in 15:48.5 while upcoming John Mutiso,19, clocked 16:49.0 during the trial held at the traditional Mang’u-Bob Harries Road, just 5Km from KATA.  

In Ladies, Marathoner Kellen Waithera,36, improved her time from 36:38.3 to 34:36.3 while Caren Chepkemoi posted 38:08.2 for second place.   

Paul Ng’ang’a clocked 35:21.1 to come first in the 40-44 master’s class while Charles Ndirangu, 60, clocked an excellent 36:26.9 to win his category.



1.Peter Mwaniki              106          24         29:17.5

2.Zakaria Kiriki               124          22         29:58.4

3. Raphael Gacheru       117          24         30:54.2

4. Peter Mburu               123          26         31:04.5

5. Evans Kiguru               115          27         31:08.1

6. Simon Mwangi           107          21         31:08.5

7. Simon Ngumbao        120          28         31:50.3

8. Boniface Mungai        111          24         32:06.8

9. Anthony Mukundi       84           35         32:12.9

10.Eliud Muthike             127          28         34:22.5

11. Kellen Waithera          121         36         34:36.3

12. Paul Ng’ang’a              110         42          35:21.1 

13. Charles Ndirangu       118         60          36:26.9

14. Caren Chepkemoi       89          21           38:08.2

15. Chris Kamande            114        38           48:53.6 


1.Fredrick Kiprotich           108        23          15:34.6

2. Daniel Kishoyan               93          21          15:48.5

3. John Mutiso                   119        19          16:49.0

4. Amos Chirchir                122        23          16:52.7

5. Lawrence Maina           112        24           18:14.3

6. Francis Kariuki               120       16            18:20.8

7. Lewis Mwangi           109         16           18:22.9

8. Paul Kariuki                -              24           19:00.0

9. Virginia Wanjiru       126         21            25:12.5

10. Hannah Njeri          90           23            26:08.2

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mwaniki Njeru wins the 19th monthly KATA time trial clocking 29:36 for the 10000m in Thika Kenya today

Peter Mwaniki Njeru improved his February time by more than six seconds during Kenyan Athletics Training Academy 19th 10,000 metres time-trial as the monthly event moved to Thika Stadium on Wednesday.

Njeru clocked 29:36.2 improving his February 29:42.  He was followed closely by Nyahururu-based Joseph Mwangi who managed 29:59.1 while home-boy Zakaria Kirika finished 3rd in 30:37.1

In the 5,000m, Fredrick Kiprotich out ran Boniface Mungai to finished in 15:09.2 while the latter timed 15:15.6 with upcoming Levis Kuria came third in 15:32.8.

The next time-trial will take place on the Road and is slated for April 19 on the Ndaugo-Mang’u Road.


10,000 Metres  (Bib, age, time)

1.Peter Mwaniki       112            24          29:36.2

2. Joseph Mwangi     89             20           29:59.1

3. Zakariah Kirika      103            22           30:37.1

4. Peter Mburu         121            27            30:46.7

5. Raphael Gacheru  105           24            31:40.3

6. Evans Kiguru          117           27            32:04.1

7. Anthony Mukundi 119          35             32:42.2

8. Christopher Kamande 113   35            37:42.6


1. Fredrick Kiprotich     107        23          15:09.2

2. Boniface Mungai      111       25          15:15.6

3. Levis Kuria                 124       21           15:32.8

4. Eston Mugo              122        30           15:48.6

5. Alfred Kamande       123       25           16:17.7

6. Catherine Njihia       106       24            17:10.2

7. Paul Ng’ang’a            120      42            17:12.8

8. Peter Mukundi          90        25            17:53.7

9. Caren Chepkemoi     93        19            19:11.6

10. Amos Chirchir         110      23            20:30.0

11. Joseph Wanjiru       109      34            20:22.8

12. Hannah Njeri            84       23            22:27.6

13. Virginia Wanjiru      125      21            24:08.9

14. S. Suryawanshi        127      31            27:58.6    

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Bernard Wambua wins the monthly KATA 10K Time Trial clocking 29:14

Bernard Wambua and Zachariah Kirika emerged as the winners of the 18th edition of KATA (Kenyan Athletics Training Academy) 10k and 5K Time-Trial that took place on Wednesday Feb 15 in Thika, Kenya.  

The duo clocked 29:14.8 and 15:14.1 in the trials held on a 5Km- loop that has become the standard distance for the Training Academy. 

Peter Mwaniki and Peter Wanyoike finished second and third in the 10Km while Evans Kiguru and Anthony Mukundi occupied similar positions in the 5km.

In women, Lucy Mawia led the class, cloccking 33:19.8 for the 10k ahead of Lilian Lelei who clocked 33:35.5.

The March Trial is schedule March 15 at the Stadium in Thika Kenya.    This will be the 18th monthly event.



1.    Bernard Wambua   25       119        29:14.8

2.    Peter Mwaniki         24       112        29:42.6

3.    Peter Wanyoike      26        114        30:03.6

4.    Raphael Gacheru    23        106        30:25.5

5.    Peter Mburu            27        110        31:25.3

6.    Simon Ngumbao     27          84         32:46.2

7.    Eston Mugo             30         125        33:19.4

8.    Lucy Mawia             24          121        33:19.8

9.    Lilian Lelei                26          122        33:35.5

10.Chris Kamande        35          107       36:11.6

11. Catherine Njihia     24           90        36:22.9

12. Paul Ng’ang’a         42           120      36:38.3

13. Kellen Waithera     36           124      36:38.7

14. Naomi Wambui      39           123      37:08.2


1.    Zachariah Kirika       22            89       15:14.1

2.    Evans Kiguru             27           111     15:52.5

3.    Anthoney Kamande 35           117     16:07.3

4.    John Mutiso              19           109      16:27.1

5.    Alfred Kamande       25           115      16:51.6

6.    Amos Chirchir           23           108      17:36.4

7.    Peter Mukundi         25            113     17:57.8

8.    Lawrence Maina      27            118     18:17.9

9.    Lilian Musenya         22             97      22:03.9

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


The 16th Monthly KATA Time Trial was dominated by Zachariah Kirika

Today in Thika, Kenyan Athletics Training Academy held its 16th edition of Time-Trial featuring 10Km and 5Km with on-form Zachariah Kirika winning both categories.

The monthly mini-competitions were held on a 5Km-loop that saw Zachariah stop at the turning point in 14:41 before deciding to run back with the newly recruited Evans Kiguru.

With rejuvenated strength, He overtook Evans at the 9th Kilometre and arrived at the finish in 31:17 with the latter trailing in 31:19.

Peter Mburu, the winner of last month’s 10Km run 15:04.9 to finish second in 5Km while Raphael Gacheru came third in 15:16.

In 10Km, Eston Mugo clocked 32:17  to close the podium where Alfred Kamandemanaged 4th in 32:35. 

In women, Kellen Waithera finished first in 39:04 while Naomi Wambui, both on-come back after their maternity leave, was second in 40:07.

Charles Ndirng’u took the masters 62-years class in 38:35 while Paul Ng’ang’a ruled the 40s category after finishing the loop in 34:35.

A total of 22 participants, all training under Kenyan Athletics Training Academy’s Programe, took part in event that was also the year-ender. 

The 17th edition will take place on January 18th, 2023.


POSITION:         Name:                BIB:           AGE:              TIME:


1.  Zachariah Kirika       88                21                31:17.8

2.  Evans Kiguru            102              27                31:19.2

3.  Eston Mugo              84                29                32:17.1

4.  Alfred Kamande      105             24                32:35.4

5.  Anthony Mukundi   80               34                32:49.7

6.  Paul Ng’ang’a           91               42                34:35.8

7.  Charles Ndirangu    210             62                38:35.4

8.  Kellen Waithera      86               36                39:04.8

9.  Michael Kimeu        96               28               40:07.3

10. Naomi Wambui      100               37               40:07.7

11. Kelvin Waiganjo     78                 26               47:47.2


1.  Zachariah Kirika      88              21                   14:41.1

2.   Peter Mburu           72              26                    15:04.9

3.   Raphael Gacheru   94              23                    15:16.9

4.   Levis Kuria              90               21                  15:37.3

5.   Fredrick Kiprotich 101             23                    15:44.3

6.   Jeremiah Obura     93               19                    18:15.3

7.   Stephen Kamau      500             19                   18:29.9

8.   Caren Chepkemoi  87                19                   18:38.8

9.    Peter Mukundi       70                25                  18:40.4

10. Lilian Musenya     103              21                     22:01.9

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mburu and Zachariah Kirika ruled the 15th KATA Time Trail this morning in Thika

The 15th Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Time-Trials were held in Thika Kenya on Saturday. Peter Mburu and Zachariah Kirika came first in 10k and 5k respectively. 

Peter retained the title he won in October in a time of 29:43.8 without big challenge as his would-be opponent Zachariah ruled the 5k category in 14:25.9.

Newcomer Jonathan Korir from Ngong finished second in the 10km clocking 30:19.1 with upcoming Raphael Gacheru timing 30:31.8 for bronze.

42-year-old Paul Ng’ang’a was first master clocking 34:42.

In 5Km, Erick Mutuku came second to Zachariah after crossing the finish line in 15:07.9 where Levis Kuria sealed the podium in 15:08.8.

In women, Caren Chepkemoi came first in the 10Km category in a Personal Best time of 36:49.9 followed by come-back Kellen Waithera who managed 37:53.9 while new-find Lilian Musenya led in 5Km in 21:10.9. Hannah Njeri clocked 26:30.6 to finish second.

The KATA Time-Trial, initially programmed to be held on the Track, were held on the 5Km loop after heavy rain made the track unusable.

The December trial, to be held on the track, will take place on 14th and will feature 10,000m and 5,000m respectively.

NAME                       BIB            AGE             TIME


1. Peter Mburu       105            24                29:43.8

2. Jonathan Korir     104            28                30:19.1

3. Raphael Gacheru 217           23                30: 31.8

4. Peter Wanyoike   92              26                30:42.2

5. Eston Mugo         87              29                31:02.5

6. Boniface Mungai 100            24               31:06.7

7. Evans Kiguru         82              27               31:16.2

8. Dennis Nyaga       86              24               32:03.0

9. Anthony Mukundi 80            34             32:43.4

10. Paul Ng’ang’a     98             42          34:42.3

11. Caren Chepkemoi 94         19                  36:49.9

12. Kellen Waithera  88           34                  37:53.8




1.Zachariah Kirika    209         21                  14:25.9

2. Erick Mutuku       443         21                  15:07.9

3. Levis Kuria            96           21                  15:08.8

4. Fredrick Kiprotich 78         23                  15:11.3

5. Alfred Kamande   90         24                   16:07.6

6. Michael Mualuko 103       18                    16:33.3

7. John Mutiso         101       18                    17:13.4

8. Samuel Muiruri   72          27                    17:22.1

9. Amos Chirchir     102        22                    18:20.9

10. Lilian Musenya   81         21                    21:10.9

11. Hannah Njeri      78         23                    26:30.6


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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mburu clocks 29:38.2 10k at the 14th KATA monthly Time Trial

In the absence of KATA's Peter Mwaniki and Peter Wanyoike (both competing in Italy) another Peter took over the driver's seat during the 14th edition of Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) on Saturday.

Peter Mburu is the new champion of the 10Km Trial that saw half of KATA Athletes improving their Personal Records.

Mburu, who has been struggling with an injury since May, timed 29:38.2, bettering his previous 30:13.8 with the ever-green Zachariah Kirika finishing second in a new Personal Best of 29:44.5, chopping off 10 seconds from his April’s 29:54.4 Personal Best.  

The monthly time-trial that took place near Thika on a 5Km loop with 22 participants, saw half of KATA Athletes register their personal best times as they step up their training for Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon at the end of the month where most of them will compete in 21km and 10Km respectively.

KATA's 60-year-old Charles Ndirang’u clocked 39:50 which is 83.8% age-graded.   

The next time-trial will take place on the track November 19 at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Track, and will include the 5,000m as well as 10,000m.  

            Full Results:

name, bib, age, time

1. Peter Mburu            98     26   29:38.2

2. Zachariah Kirika      210    20    29:44.5

3. Erick Mutuku           66      20   29:55.6

4. John Kuria                72      26  30:06.6          

5. Raphael Gacheru    81      22   30:43.2

6. Evans Kiguru            85      27   31:12.9

7. Eston Mugo             70      29   31:37.6

8. Fredrick Kiprotich   500    23   32:36.0

9. Anthony Mukundi  80      36    33:23.4

10. Paul Ng’ang’a         443     44  34:18.2

11. John Mutiso           127     18    35:45.1

12. Simpson Njoroge   217    38     36:03.6

13. Joseph Wanjiru        -       36     37:05.8

14. Susan Njeri             20      36     38:01.1

15. Caren Chepkemoi  94     19     39:43.0

16. Charles Ndirang’u  82     60    39:50.0

17. Kellen Waithera   100     35     39:50.5

18. Peter Mukundi    78        27     43:41.1

19. Hannah Njeri        95       23     52:29.0

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Thousands of Kenyan runners dream about becoming a professional runner but most can not find the support needed to make it happen. Their conditioning fades as does their dream.

Most Kenyans under the age of 25 or so who run seriously are not doing it as recreation or for health reasons, they run because they think they have the ability to be a professional runner.  A career where they can win enough prize money to provide for themselves and their family.

In the United States most runners of all ages run for recreation and or for health reasons.  Most Americans do not even know a runner can make a living, a very good living from running races. The sport of professional running did not start until 1986 officially.   

There are as many as 80,000 Kenyans who feel they have the talent to make it as a pro runner.  Some have made it but most have not.  Many feel they have the talent to become the next Eliud Kipchoge, the most well-known marathoner in history.

(First photo) Some of over 100 athletes who have trained at KATA since 2019.  Charles (red shirt) is one of the top 60-69 runner in all of Kenya and has been part of the KATA since the beginning.

Eliud is their hero, and everyone knows Eliud is earning millions of dollars for his efforts and well deserved too.  He has lowered the world record to 2:01:09 and he thinks he can run even faster. 

The professional sport of running as become very competitive. Gone are the days where a man could run a half marathon in one hour and five minutes or a woman one hour eleven minutes and expect to win the race.    

Maybe these times are still fast enough to win a race that does not offer prize money or very little but not races that pay out several thousand of dollars to their winners.

(Second photo) Coach Joseph going over a recent workout from KATA in Thika.

"There are thousands of Kenyans who want to be the next Kipchoge," says Joseph Ngure, Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika (KATA) head coach.  "They know they have at least some talent.  They know they have the passion. They dream about winning races all the time. 

"But many do not have any support.  Their family may be very poor and have very little money, even for food. Their parents may not even know that professional running is a way for their son or daughter to make a living, in fact a very good living."

The family, however expects their son or daughter to go out and get a job so they can bring home money for food.  Maybe a job on a farm or even in an office building. Yes, this would take care of the immediate issue of not having food and many potential professional runners have no choice but to take this path. 

However, this most likely will make it almost impossible for them to fulfill their real dream.  A much better career than working in the fields on a farm."It takes a lot of training these days to make it as a professional runner," says coach Joseph.  "We train twice daily six days per week.  And our athletes do more than just run 10 miles a day. It is a total program aimed at getting the most from the runner."

"And can you imagine training hungry," says Dan Sutich a coach from Washington. "It takes a lot of fuel to train to be a world class athlete. Just not going to happen if you are missing meals."

The talented runner needs support to make running their profession.  If their parents can't help, who do they turn too? In most cases there is no one else.  They attempt to do the necessary training (because they know they are talented) on their own and basically eat once in awhile. 

But this is not going to last very long.  And the chances of being discovered is almost impossible. Their shape will start fading away and they will just become another dreamer who never made it.  

Also the type of training necessary to run quality times, burns a lot of calories that need to be replaced. Food they do not have without support. 

If a son or daughter in the United States wants to be a professional soccer player and it is clear they are talented, they most likely would get the support they needed.  They certainly would not be missing meals or going to bed regularly hungry.  

Most parents in the US and in many other countries find a way to support their kids to pursue their passion.  Or there are programs, like schorships offering support. This type of support does exist in Kenya but not for many.

Bob and Catherine Anderson created the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika to help Kenyan runners become professional runners. The 23-room Academy trains, feed and house these runners was opened in 2020.  Training for the location was started in 2019. 

KATA offered the support they were not getting, three meals a day, twice a day training six days a week, a monthly time trial to gauge their fitness level and a clean place to sleep. 

(Third photo) Peter Mwaniki leading one of the monthly KATA Time Trials.  He clocked 29:00.9 for 10k.  Then Oct 2, 2022 he won a half marathon in Italy clocking 1:00:29.  

The Kenyan runner does not pay anything for these services. They are, however required to work 20 hours per week at KATA on things like cleaning, painting, computer work on the website My Best Runs (like posting results, links, etc.) and now operational duties for the KATA Hunger Project. 

KATA also does not take a commission from their prize money if and when this happens.  KATA does not manage runners, finding races and booking their travel.  Managers come to KATA to find talent.

Coach Joseph, KATA's head coach has over 30 years of experience as a AK senior coach.  He is very well respected.  Additionally, he is working on a series of four books called Train the Kenyan Way which will be available over the next six months.

In a short period of time the training programs he has put together at KATA are showing good results.

Eston Mugo checked into KATA 14 months ago.  He had run 36:50 for 10k, not a bad time but not good enough to make it as a pro runner. Eston was getting no support and not able to eat regularly.  He needed support and he contacted KATA. 

With a lot of hard work, Eston has already gotten his 10k time down to 30:04 (during a KATA monthly time trial) and will soon be under 30 minutes.  He could already win many pro races, especially in the US and once he shaves off another minute he will be ready to travel to Europe.

Eston spends his required 20 hours a week mosly on the My Best Runs website.  He has improved his computer skills in doing so and he is teaching other KATA athletes these skills as well. 

Another example of coach Joseph's KATA success, is Peter Mwaniki. Peter's family and even his brother offered him no support.  They did not believe that running could be a profession.  They were poor and could not provide any support.  He had run a 32:30 10k, a very good time for a recreational runner but not for a pro.  Peter sought out KATA for support.  

"After 13 weeks it was clear he was very talented," says KATA manager Florence Kimiti.  "Our 13-week program was not officially established yet but the program had already been born."

KATA asked him to stay and he can for sure call himself a professional runner now.  During the monthly KATA time trial he clocked a 29:00.9 10k at altitude.  A manager picked him up and sent him to Italy to run races.  Most recently he clocked a 1:00:29 half marathon (Oct 2, 2022), setting a new course record while winning by nearly two minutes. 

KATA's new program is called the KATA Hunger Project (just launched August 1, 2022).  The program offers support for runners from poor families for 13-weeks.

For now these runners would come to KATA in Thika for training and support.  At the end of each week, they would be given four kilos of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables grown on a KATA Fresh Farm.

The number of Kenyans in Need KATA can support will be based on the amount of contributions received by supporters. In addition to runners this program also supports women farmers.

During the 13-week time frame, he or she would be required to do our workouts and run in our monthly KATA time trial. The results along with a story and photos are posted on My Best Runs giving international exposure. These KATA time trials were started Sept, 2021 and have been held monthly without fail.  Most have been 10ks but difference distances and surfaces are being added going forward. 

Obviously in just 13-weeks almost no runners could improve so fast to make it as a pro. However, let say the monthly time trial is 10k, a male runner runs 36 minutes. Four weeks later he runs 32 minutes. And then runs 29:30 four weeks later.

"We know from experience this person has the DNA to become a star. a professional runner," says coach Joseph.

With the exposure he would get through My Best Runs and social media, he most likely will get picked up by a running camp or a manager.  Or KATA will offer to take him or her in.  The runner would have made the big step toward being a professional runner.

Right now the only training location is in Thika at KATA. "However, we will be setting up training at the KATA Fresh Farm about 10k from Embu and other locations," says KATA manager Florence.

In all cases, there will be daily (six days per week) training sessions, a monthly time trial and weekly four kilos of KATA food available for pick up.  Those showing great promise may also be asked to come live, train and eat at KATA in Thika sooner than 90 days.

"We hope this project is going to help a lot of Kenyans," says Bob's wife Catherine. "As one of our supporters wrote, I can not imagine going without food wrote Dan Sutich."  Dan contributed $114.40 to the project.  

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by Bob Anderson

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika just launched today the KATA hunger project helping potential pro runners from poor families

KATA (Kenyan Athletics Training Academy) announced today (Oct 4, 2022) it has launched a new project.  The KATA Hunger Project is going to help potential Pro runners from poor families.  Additionally the project will help struggling women farmers to be better more efficient farmers year around.   

"Our Kenya Fresh Farm Hunger Project (KATA Hunger Project) is going to provide 8.8 pounds (four kilos) of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables weekly to Kenyans in Need for 13 weeks," says KATA director Bob Anderson, MBR publisher and founder of Runner's World Magazine (1966-1984). 

Bob and his wife Catherine built and financed the Kenya Athletics Training Academy located in Thika Kenya.  The 23- room academy was officially opened Sept 4, 2021.  

KATA is a one-of-a-kind facility and its focus is on training runners to become pro runners.  KATA does not manage runners and does not ask its athletes to share any of their prize money.  

Kenyan athletes are not charged to live, eat and train at KATA.  "We mostly seek out runners who need our help," says head coach Joseph Ngure, a senior coach with over 30 years of experience.

As an example, Peter Njeru Mwaniki was one of the first potental pro runners who came to KATA for help.  His family did not believed he could make distance running a career. They basically kicked him out of their house.  He then moved in with his brother but that was not working either.  

“He had run a 32:30 10k but his hope of making a career out of running was slim," says coach Joseph. "We took him in, feed him and trained him.  Within just a few weeks we knew he had great potential."  

On Oct 2, 2022 Peter won the Telesia half marathon in Italy clocking 1:00:29.  It was a good pay day for Peter and his new KATA family made it happen for him.  "We are very proud of Peter and all our KATA athletes," says Bob.

"It would be almost impossible to train hard without enough to eat," says KATA manager Florence Kimiti, as a junior ran 1:59 for 800m. "A 32:30 10k is not bad for a recreational runner but not for a pro runner.  A lot of Kenyans make a living from distance running, the most famous being Eluid Kipchoge who is making millions for his efforts.  He is our hero. The goat."

Peter will be running several more races in Italy before coming back to KATA to keep up his training and to help support our Kenya Fresh Farms Hunger Project. 

"All KATA athletes staying at our academy put in 20 hours per week of work," says operations manager Elam Wangwero, a top runner himself and who have known Bob and Catherine since 2014. 

"The work might be cleaning, painting, working on My Best Runs website (posting results, checking links, photos, etc) and now KATA Hunger Project.  But of course the training always comes first along with three meals daily."

"It seems to me that doing something other can training, eating and sleeping is helping our athletes run so well," says Bob. "So much of running is mental and you need a sharp mnd." 

"Without the support of KATA,"wrote Peter from Italy, "my dream would not have come true.  I am feeling the happiest ever.  I never thought of running such a time at this age."    

The KATA Hunger Project was officially started August 1, 2022 but unofficially started in 2020.  "Since we are going to provide home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for our potential pro runners we needed to set up our own farm," says Florence.

Bob leased two acres of land outside of Embu on August 1.  It was idle land but it did have 40 fruits trees (banana and mango) that just needed care.  Additional land can be easily leased when needed.  

Vegetable beds at KATA's Fresh Farm have already been planted.  "We dug a well for water, we set up solar and are building a barn, thanks to Brock Hinzmann (2:19 marathoner back in the 80’s and 90’s) contribution," says Florence.

Runners can also train with the team by just coming to KATA and soon other locations.  And when approved, will be given four kilos of Fruits and vegetables at the end of the week starting Dec 23.  After or during the 13-week program the athletes with the most potential will be asked to live at KATA at no expense for them.

Potential pro runners outside of Kenya will be able to join the program starting November 1, 2022.  "Our guest runners will receive all the benefits as our Kenyan athletes," says Bob.  "Same food, same training, same duties with one difference. Our guests can have their own room."

Minimum stay is one month.  Cost which covers everything is $1000 not including airline ticket and visa.  

"A single month is not a lot of time," says coach Joseph, "but at least you will see what we do here.  Our program is more than going for runs and doing some speedwork.  We can get you ready to set new PR's."

"Our KATA Hunger Project is a keeper.  We want to reach a lot of Kenyans in need but we need your help," says Catherine.  "This is how the program works: for every one US dollar contributed, one pound of home-grown Fresh fruits and vegetables will be provided to a Kenyan in Need.  8.8 pounds weekly."

"There is so much talent here in Kenya," says Elam. "I am glad Bob and Catherine have set up these programs.

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by Lisa Wall

Joseph Njoroge clocks the 4th fastest Double 15k (10k+break+5k) ever this morning in Thika Kenya

Joseph Njoroge (blue jersey) from Ngong Athletics Club was the overall winner of the Second edition of the Double 15k race held in Thika on Wednesday morning.

The 18-year-old Nyandarua-born Njoroge clocked 29:56.17 in 10Km before caping the event with 14:43.93 to emerged top in 44:40.10 in the new race that is gaining ground in Kenya.

Local ace Zakariah Kirika, 21, who trains with the host Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika, combined 45:25.31 to finish second splitting 30:28.54 in 10Km and 14:56.77 after the break.

For the women, Newcomer Caren Chepkemoi from the Thika based Training Academy won the lady’s category in 59:50.76. She timed 40:14.97 in 10km and 19:35.79 followed by training mate Susan Njeriwho fished second in combined 1:00.01.68 in the race organized by Kenyan Athletics Training Academy.

62-year-old Charles Ndirangu who trains at KATA smashed the 60-69 world best clocking 55:11 for the two legs.  His splits were 37:04 for 10k and 18:07 for 5k.  

“The double Race tests athletes’ endurance. They must do 15Km split into 10Km and 5Km. This is separated by 1hr 45min break from the start of the 10Km race and beginning of the 5Km leg.  Times are added together for scoring.  The leaders after the first leg wears the yellow jersey so everyone knows who is leading going into the second leg," explained Bob Anderson, the creator of Double Racing in 2010 and the chairman  of the Double Road Race Federation based in Mountain View California USA. 

This was the second Double Race after the first was held in September last year during the official opening of the KATA that now hosts 15 athletes.

The KATA 10Km monthly Time-Trial resumes on October 15th in Thika.   


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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Monthly KATA Time Trial series was run on the track with good success

The August Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) Time-Trial was held on the Track in Thika Kenya for the first time toady (August 17) with Peter Mwaniki and Fredrick Kiprotich winning the 10,000m and 5,000m respectively. The 5000m was added this time around. 

Running on the 400m training track at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Mwaniki transferred his winning from the road to complete the 25 laps in 29:24.4 followed by new addition Bernard Musau who finished in 30:02.8 while seasoned Zakariah Kirika maintained the third position clocking 30:17.9.

In the shorter 5,000m, middle distant runners and upstarts got motivated to running in their preferred distance.  Fredrick clocked 15:22.5 just edging out Boniface Mungai (15:23.9) with Alfred Kamande just behind clocking 16:11.9.

The August time-trial will now usher in the September race that will be the Second edition of the Double 15k (10k+break+5k) race as the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy marks it's first Anniversary. The September event will be held on 14th starting and finishing outside the Academy.  "All runners are invited to run in the second annual KATA Double 15k," says KATA Director Bob Anderson from his office in Mountain View, California.  "There were many world class times clocked a year ago."


1. Peter Mwaniki (bib 70) 29:24.4

2. Bernard Musau (82) 30:02.8

3. Zakariah Kirika (98) 30:17.9

4. Peter Mburu (79) 30:54.9

5. Nicholas Kitundu (72) 31:36.0

6. Evans Kiguru (85) 32:01.5

7. Anthony Wanjiru (80) 33:57.8

8. Joseph Nyota (66) 36:57.2

9. Caren Chepkemboi (76) 38:15.6

10. Susan Njeri (100) 38:58.5


1. Fredrick Kiprotich (500) 15:22.5

2. Boniface Mungai (77) 15:23.9

3. Alfred Kamande (67) 16:11.9

4. Gipson 17:19.8 (81) 17:19.8

5. Hannah Njeri (83) 26:02.3

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mwaniki Njeru sets new course record at the KATA 10k Time Trial clocking 29:00.9

Peter Mwaniki Njeru used his international experience to produce scintillating performance at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 10 Kilometres monthly time trial held in Thika Kenya on Wednesday morning (July 13).

Njeru bounced back to victory and chalked new course record of 29:00.81 to surpass his previous mark while his namesake Peter Wanyoike, the winner of the last four editions, also beat his personal record after timing 29:18.88, eclipsing his time of 29:53.19 attained last month.

The victory, coming soon after the winner resumed his training after competing in Europe, aided the champion to focus on the programe for faster times in August.

“I was just testing my body after doing good loading the last two weeks. I know I will do better in my next races,” said Njeru, whose races are centralized in Italy.

The monthly time-trial also ushered in newcomers KepharNamtala from Nyahururu and Evans Kiguru of Murang’a who clocked 30:29.6 and 30:40.4 and finished 3rd and 4th respectively during the event held on a five kilometres paved stretch of road not far from KATA.

In the absence of consistent and regular Zakariah Kirika, rising star Nicholas Kitundu registered new 30:46.3, erasing his previous 31:13.3 to finish in position five as the Academy, located near Mang’u High School, off Thika Superhighway, marked 11th months since it officially opened.

The next time-trial, will be moved to the track to introduce variety, is scheduled for August 17th this year.

KATA 10k Time Trial #11 Results:

Name                       Bib             Age           Time

1. Peter Njeru          80              23             29:00.9

2. Peter Wanyoike  78              26             29:18.9

3. Kephar Namtala  66             23              30:29.6

4. Evans Kiguru        79             27              30:40.4

5. Nicholas Kitundu 500           22              30:46.3

6. Johnson Kaberia   81           25              31:10.4     

7. Raphael Gacheru 72             22              31:26.9

8. Boniface Mungai 77             23               31:46.3

9. Levis Kuria            82             21               32:04.1

10. Fredrick Kiprotich 100       23               33:26.8

11. Erick Mutuku     99             20               33:27.4

12. Alfred Kamande71             24               34:17.8

13. Martin Mambo 98              27                34:18.2

14. Peter Mukundi 85             25                 37:59.8

15. Jackson Cheruiyot 70       29                 38:01.5

16. Eston Mugo         73          29                 D N F

17. Robinson Mwaura 67     29                  DNF

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by By Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Inspired by his dream of competing in the Boston Marathon, Bob Anderson started Distance Running News In 1966

Bob Anderson (publisher of My Best Runs) started Distance Running News in 1966, while he was still a high school student. Retitled Runner’s World in 1970, the magazine played a pivotal role in establishing running’s credentials as a legitimate sport.

Feature articles on training, diet, race tactics, and hotly contested reviews of running shoes delivered Runner’s World an audience in the millions, before the company was sold in 1984. Nearly 40 years later, Bob is still an exercise evangelist and a serial entrepreneur. Just don’t call him a jogger, he was only interested in racing!


1. Why do you love running so much?

I love running simply because it gives me a lot of self-confidence. Plus you can run anyplace, anywhere, anytime — all you need is a good pair of shoes! It’s just you and your body in the fresh air. I also love that feeling when your heart’s pumping, things are clicking and you’re running as fast as you can. It’s an adrenaline rush. I’m 74 years old and I still run about 30 miles a week and walk another 30 miles. My little dog Daisy joins me for about half of this.

2. That is an amazing effort. Back in the early 70s, running wasn’t considered a sport in the way that football or baseball is, was it? How would you describe it?

Well, my dad, when he was in his 40s, wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pair of running shorts outside, it was just way too weird! I grew up in Kansas and ran cross-country and track in high school. But once the season ended, there was nothing, and college running was really only for superstars. People just didn’t run for fun and fitness. There were a few pockets of hardcore runners (like in San Franciso), and the Boston Marathon was around, but only a few hundred people entered races in those early years.


3. A lot of things conspired to create the jogging boom in the late 1970s. How did the marathon become a phenomenon?

I have to say one thing about jogging — I’ve never jogged a mile in my life! I run, and I run races! Anyway, what really helped put running on the map was when Dr. Kenneth Cooper came out with the book Aerobics. A few years earlier, President John F. Kennedy started the 50-mile hike challenge. Those two events really jumpstarted the running scene in America.

In January 1966, I published the first issue of Distance Running News.  Even though I only printed a thousand copies, lots of people wanted to read it. The next thing I knew, people started sending in subscription money. New Balance was one of my first advertisers. I think they paid $10 for a little ad.

4. Bargain! 

It started with two issues a year, then we went from four to six, then monthly. We went from black and white photos to colour. I started with a hundred bucks, and by the time I sold the magazine in 1984, we had 2,500,000 readers! We changed the name to Runner’s World in 1970, and the magazine became the Bible of running.

5. Did you have a grand plan for the business?

Not really. I was still in high school at the time! I was interested in running the Boston Marathon but had no idea how to train or go about it. I was reading every single word I could find about running, which wasn’t much. On the way to a cross-country meet one day I said to my best friend (Dave Zimmerman), "I want to start a magazine about running. We’ll call it Distance Running News!"  He said great!


6. It sounds like the magazine fostered a great sense of community.

Absolutely. You’re right, it was all about bringing people together, which is exactly what social media does for people today. A kid living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, who absolutely loved running, but was into it by himself, was suddenly able to find out what was happening in the world of running by reading the magazine.

We covered all sorts of topics, including articles on how to break through the pain barrier when you hit the wall at 20 miles, training information, dietary advice, running after 40, and women’s running. When I started Runner’s World, a woman was not allowed to run more than a half-mile.

7. Whoa! I have never heard that before.

I mean, it’s hard to believe that was the case, but a lot of people thought the female body was just not made to run beyond a half-mile. As far as I was concerned, people are people, and it didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman. I didn’t care if you were 10 years old or 75 years old — or even 100 years old! — the fact of the matter is running should be for everyone. I remember Kathy Switzer was thrown out of the Boston Marathon in 1967. It was crazy, but women were not allowed to run 26 miles at that time. That rule didn’t change until 1972. Anyway, those are the sorts of things we were dealing with in those early days, and we covered it all.

8. The athletic brands were also in their infancy during this period. Did you have any inkling how big brands like New Balance would become?

I wish I could say I did. [laughs] At the time, the sneaker companies were really small firms. New Balance was based up in the North East of the USA and other brands were dotted around America. To put things into perspective, back in those days, a best-selling running shoe maybe sold a thousand pairs. That’s how small the business of running was.

In 1968 I asked some experienced runners if 10,000 subscribers was possible. They told me that figure was just unbelievable and that I’d never reach it. Those people I talked to clearly thought I was just a kid with crazy dreams, but I didn’t start Runner’s World to make money — I just wanted to help the sport! In my mind that was a much bigger goal.

9. Well, I’d say you had the last laugh. Do you remember when your first running shoe edition was printed?

Oh yeah, our first shoe issue came out in 1967, and we reported on all the brands. As the years went on we did it annually, and it became the biggest issue of the year by far, with close to four million readers. We hired Peter Kavanaugh at Penn State University — who we paid $25,000 for equipment — and sent him all the shoes to test. We included feedback from readers in the results too. We would end up ranking the shoes starting with the number one running shoe of that year.

10. Sounds like a recipe for drama and intrigue.

Yeah, it was. [laughs] Because we rated a shoe number one, the controversy was never far away. Some brands felt we had too much power and … actually one company thought that we were being ‘influenced’ and decided to pull out of the shoe issue, thinking that their second place ranking should have been higher. Funnily enough, we sold more copies of that October shoe issue than we ever had because the controversy made the national news. We were fully investigated and cleared, of course, because we were doing nothing wrong. We just presented the facts as we saw them.

11. What are your memories of working with Jim Davis, president of New Balance?

First of all, Jim was very personable and he didn’t need to be in the limelight. He seemed like a really hardworking guy who really cared about running shoes and making the very best product that he could. I was very impressed, and you just got the feeling he was gonna make his brand work. He made and sold shoes in different width sizes, and he was willing to roll the dice on that. And here we are today, New Balance is a huge company. It’s a very impressive story. 

(Jim Davis bought a small Boston Shoemaker in 1972 and turned it into a $3.6 billion New Balance company.  Jim is the chairman of New Balance and his wife Anna joined the company in 1977 and is the vice chairman.  Jim and Anna's net worth is estamated to be 4.6 billion dollars.)

12. You sold Runner’s World in 1984, by which time you had 300 employees…

We had 350 employees actually. [laughs] I was going through a divorce at that time and needed to sell the company. It’s funny, I started the magazine because I wanted to run the Boston Marathon, but I literally became a weekend runner only because my day was pretty full from six in the morning until eight at night. However, I was still able to run sub-six-minute miles in races on the weekend.

13. That’s quite ironic, isn’t it?

Yeah, it is. I wish I had followed my own advice. As I’ve gotten older, when I look back, my whole life was Runner’s World before the age of 35. Instead of taking off for an afternoon run, I just worked really hard. Luckily I’m still running 30 to 35 miles every week. I finally ran the Boston Marathon in 2013. It only took me 45 years to be on the starting line.

14. And was it as amazing as you thought it would be?

Oh my gosh, I’ve run close to a thousand races in my life but the Boston Marathon is number one. It was just an incredible experience and I was thrilled my wife and son Michael were with me that day. At the same time, that was also the year of the terrible bombing. Luckily I finished about a half hour before that happened. I ran 3:32:17 that day at age 65.  I was proud of my time but it only gave me like 9th in my age division.  

15. I didn’t connect that tragic year with the Boston race. That should have been a great day for you and a lot of other people.

Yeah, it was great, right up until the point the bomb went off. The experience of finally running through Boston and seeing the crowds was just beyond words. That doesn’t overshadow the victims and all the other people whose lives were destroyed that day, but the Boston Marathon is still an incredible race. What a tragic contrast to the joy that running brings.  

16. One last question.  You just can't stay away from being part of the running world!

I just love running and it will be part of my life until the end.  I am the editor/publisher of our website My Best Runs.  As of 2022 we have nearly one million unique readers annually.  In 2010 I started a new sport called Double Racing and we established the Double Road Race Federation. The double is a two stage race.  Our most popular disance is the Double 15k.  We run 10K and then a 5k one hour and 45 minutes after the start of the 10k.  Times are added together for scoring.  In 2012 I ran 50 races over the course of a year covering 350.8 miles averaging 6:59/mile.  A movie A Long Run the movie covers the event.  

I also started  the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya (one hour outside of Nairobi) and officially opened it Sept 4, 2021.  We currently have 13 Kenyan runners living and training there.  We do a monthly 10K time Trial and we have had four of our runners already break 30 minutes.  We have a lot of plans and have just started.  I am working with an amazing team there who takes care of the day to day.  Many have already told us we have one of the nicest if not the nicest "camp" in all of Kenya.

I love running and I love turning on as many people as I can to this amazing sport...Running and Racing!

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by Woody (Sneaker Freakers)

Only five seconds separated the top three at KATA 10K Time Trial

Sibling rivalry and Excitement marked the May Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 10k Time Trial with elite athletes fighting hard to keep their positions.

The event, the 9th since the inception of KATA, was a motivating factor for all those who posted their personal records during the trials that took place on Wednesday May 18 in Thika Kenya.  

However, Peter Wanyoike and Zakariah Kirika were unstoppable as they fought tooth and nail to keep their top positions three times in a row.

Doing the trial a week after running his local marathon in Kenya, Wanyoike led Kirika to a 1-2 finish with Eston Mugo finishing third after recovery from an Injury.

Though the top two could not better their previous times, it was a relief for all the rest after knocking down several minutes and second from their previous times.

Wanyoike, who ran 2:25.04 ten days ago, registered 30:01.3 while his avid rival, who also ran 30:04, maintained 30:02.4 to keep his runners-up position.

Eston Mugo was shade over 30 minutes to click 30:06.3 from his April’s 33:22.1 with the all the rest attaining their Personal Best times during the trial that were held under cloudy weather.

60-year-old Charles Ndirangu clocked a fine 36:13.  

The next KATA 10k Time Trial will be held on June 15th with better times being anticipated on the same course.  Runners of all abilities are welcome to compete.  


Names                       BIB       Age    Gender    Time            April Time

1. Peter Wanyoike     213       26         M           30:01.3       (29:53.7 April time)

2. Zakaria Kirika          237       21         M            30:02.4      (29:54.4)

3. Eston Mugo           224       26        M           30:06.3       (33:22.1)

4. Erick Mutuku          216       20        M           30:14.7       (31:41.3)

5. Raphael Gacheru   233        22        M           31:35.9       (32:28.4)

6. Fredrick Kiprotich  79          23        M            31:41.5       - - --

7. Nicholas Kitundu    80         22        M              32:06.9      ------          

8. Boniface Mungai   235        23        M             32:30.5     (33:05.6)

9. Levis Kuria             214       21        M             33:04.5     (33:11.6)

10. Charles Ndirangu 82         60       M              36:13.2      ------

11. Samuel Muiruri    68         27        M              36:55.7     (42:30.8)

12. Peter Mukundi     71         25        M              39:16.5     New

13. Caren Chepkemoi 127    19        M           42:06.      (42:30.5)

14. Susan Njeri             76      36         M              45:11.9    (45:30.2)

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon in Verona: Alfred Kipchirchir and Meseret Gola win

The Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon and Avesani Monument Run 10k experienced another historic day of great international sport and strong solidarity with the A Casa far from Home project "Emergency Sick Children of Ukraine - We help sick little ones on the run"They traveled half the world to come to Verona starting from the endless African highlands to become the new champions of the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon.

The 'Romeo' of 2022 is Kenyan and bears the name of Alfred Kipchirchir, he is the winner of the 15th edition of the Verona half marathon where he crossed the finish line in 1h00'57 ".

The 'Juliet', on the other hand, is very shy but when she runs she has grit and class to spare, her name is Meseret Gola and she comes from Ethiopia. He took the success in 1h10'09 ".

Two excellent performances, even if both failed to beat their personal bests or even to beat the records of the course. It is difficult to do so at this point of the season that sees the great road racing competitions finish. The satisfaction of winning the prestigious Verona race was nevertheless great.A great event as usual was the one organized by the organizers of Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon Asd, in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona, which maintained organizational standards of excellence, confirming the Gold Label Fidal.

Official start complete with a gunshot entrusted to the mayor Federico Sboarina and for the following waves also to the Sports Councilor Filippo Rando present at the start to greet the thousands of Italian and foreign participants.

Surprise second in the standings was placed by the Polish Ada Nowicki in 1h02'51 ", delighted at the arrival for having established a new personal best. He beat his 1h03'11 "which he had done at the Napoli City Half Marathon last February. Place of honor again for the colors of Kenya with Bernard Musau Wambua with 1h02'57 ". First of the Italians is the South Tyrolean Hannes Perkmann (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe), sixth in 1h05'03 ".  Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) athlete Peter Njeru finished fifth clocking 1h03'53 just 30 seconds back of 4th place.  

Female podium completed by the Kenyan Lilian Lelei (Atl. Castello), second in 1h14'04 "and third the Ethiopian Meseret Ayele (G.s. Il Fiorino) with 1h15'25". Holding the Italian flag high is Arianna Lutteri, the current Italian marathon champion, who ran in 1h21'40 ". Avesani Monument Run 10k, real 9.7km, which was won by Alessandro Comai (Venus Triathlon) in 29'19 ", while among women the success of Claudia Andrighettoni (Us Quercia) in 34'23". Hundreds of people also participated in the non-competitive Avesani Monument Run 10k.

Gianni Pistis, coach and runner of the Charity Partner A Casa Away From Home, engaged in the project "Emergency Sick Children of Ukraine - We help sick little ones on the run" has more than hit the target.

Leaving last, Gianni had the task of overcoming a minimum of a thousand athletes, for each of which a company from Varese, which wishes to remain anonymous, will donate a thousand euros. Gianni honored his commitment by finishing in general position 204 with a time of 1h28'18 "and thus surpassing over 2 thousand athletes.

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Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon

Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon

The Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon is held in the spring in Verona, a beautiful city of art and culture, and the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet play. It's a very popular early-season road running event that attracts a crowd of more than 5,000 half marathon runners and 500 relay teams (10km+11km)....



The Eighth Edition of Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) Time-Trial took place on Wednesday morning (April 13) in Thika Kenya with upcoming athletes recording remarkable improvement.

However, experience and international exposure was at play where Peter Wanyoike remained unbeaten for the second time after winning the race back- to-back.

Wanyoike did not only win the 10Kilometres event but also improved his previous 29:57.8 after clocking 29:53.7. It was not easy for the winner as he had to resort to experience to fight off strong opposition from upcoming Zakaria Kirika who stuck on his shoulders from the beginning.

Zakariah managed a sub-30 clocking  29:54.4 in second position during the race that brought together 19 athletes.  Levis Kuria out-grew himself to finished 7th with an impressive 33:11. His personal best was 35:38.8

In women, Lucy Muli, has just started her training after racing in Europe in January, February,and March, set a new course record of 33:22.5 in winning the ladies trophy. Her December course record was 34:58.3.    

The trial came ahead of Regional Athletics Championships that was moved to 22nd and 23rd. The trial was also be used to select a KATA team that will participate in the Uhuru Marathon Classic that will be held on 8th May in Nairobi.

The 9th Edition of the monthly 10k time trial series is set for May 18th on the same out and back course about 5k from KATA (Kenyan Athletics Training Academy) where over 20 athletes are training under coach Joseph.  Twelve are living, eating, training and working at KATA.  "I am so proud of our runners," says KATA Director Bob Anderson from his office in Los Altos California USA. "They are getting stronger and stronger.  Our monthly 10k series is a first for Kenya and  is helping our athletes (and guests) both mentally and physically."

Overall Resuls:

  Names                           Age       Gender          Time 

1. Peter Wanyoike          26             M           29:53.7

2. Zakaria Kirika             21             M            29:54.4

3. Peter Mburu               26             M            30:13.8

4. Erick Mutuku             20             M            31:41.3

5. Raphael Gacheru       22             M            32:28.4

6. Boniface Mungai     23             M             33:05.6

7. Levis Kuria                  21             M            33:11.6

8. Eston Mugo               29          M           33:22.1

9. Lucy Muli                   23           F             33:22.5

10. Paul Ng’ang’a         42           M            33:33.4

11. Alfred Kamande    24           M            34:19.1

12: Samuel Chege       24           M            34:32.7

13. Wilfred Mang’eni 32           M            35:22.8

14. John Mwangi        40            M           41:05.8

15. Karren Chepkemoi 19          F           42:30.5

16. Samuel Muiruri     27           M           42:30.8

17. Susan Njeri            36            F          45:30.2

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Wanyoike and Catherine Njihia are the March 2022 Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 10K Time Trial champions with individual personal records

Peter Wanyoike edged out 42-year-old Peterson Wachira from Nyahururu during the 10k time trial held in Thika Kenya on Wednesday morning (March 16) on the newly upgraded Bob Harris Road. He completed the course in 29:57.8 after covering the first 5Km in a slow 15:40.5 while Peterson finished in 30:06.0 which is a 95.79% age-graded.  

The monthly time-trial, the 7th since Kenyan Athletics Training Academy was officially opened in September last year, saw most KATA athletes post their Personal Bests with third-place finisher Zakariah Kirika and women champion Catherine Nikihia maintaining remarkable consistency.

Zakariah clocked 30:25.7, bettering his previous 30:41.9 while Catherine, the winner of the women category clocking 35:35.2. Her December time on the same course was 36:54.1.

Others with positive results included Peter Mburuwho clocking 30:43.5 from December’s 31:28.2, Paul Ng’ang’a 34:01.7, improving his 34:31.9 and Alfred Kamande who timed 34:41.4. Alfred did 35:16.5 in December.

60-year-old KATA athlete Charles Ndirangu clocked 38:08 which is 87.54% age-graded. 

With Athletics Kenya lining up a lot of activities in April, the KATA 10k Time Trial 8th edition is slated for 20th.

"We welcome runners to our next event in Thika, Kenya,"  says director Bob Anderson.  "We do not charge an entry fee and there is no prize money.  What we offer is an official 10k time. Times are published on our sponsor My Best Runs website."

Place, name, time, bib number and age.

1.Peter Wanyoike M 29:57.8 (210) Age 262. Peterson Wachira M 30:06.0 (216) Age 423. Zakariah Kirika M 30:25.7 (213) 214. Peter Mburu M 30:43.5 (211) 265. Peter King’ori M 31:38.7 (218) 256. Eston Mugo M 31:45.3 (220) 297. Erick Cheruiyot M 32:10.5 (214) 278. Raphael Gacheru M 32:48.3 (225) 239. Christian Muthini M 33:00.4 (234) 2910. Paul Ng’ang’a M 34:01.7 (224) age 4211. Alfred Kamande M 34:41.4 (217) age 2412. Samuel Chege M 34:59.4 (236) age 2513. Nicholas Kitundu M 35:19.6 (233) age 2214. Catherine Njihia F 35:35.2 (68) age 2315. Levis Kuria M 35:38.8 (231) age 2116. John Mwangi M 36:24.0 (235) age 4017. Solomon Njenga M 37:04.6 (232) age 3818. Lamech Cheleket M 37:32.1 (228) age 2319. Samuel Kamau M 38:01.7 (73) age 2720. Charles Ndirangu M 38:08.6 (237) age 60

Karren Chepkemoi F 20:37.9 (5KM) 69 age 21

Erick Mutuku M 15:05.8 (5KM) 229 age 20


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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


6th KATA 10k Time Trial Series continues in Thika

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 6th edition of the 10K Time-Trials series was held on the 5Km loop course outside KATA in Thika Kenya Feb 16.  

Peter Mwanikie was the winner.

Peter, the winner of last month’s edition, broke away from closest rival Zakari Kirika in the last 20 meters after running shoulder to shoulder most of the ways to finish in 31:39.9

Zakari, who finished 4th in January, clocked 31:44.8 followed by Erick Mutuku in 33:01.6 on the winding and rough course starting and finishing outside the Academy.

The lone lady, Caren Chepkemboi, fresh from High school and a week old in the Academy, did 50:29.4.  The monthly event sponsored by KATA and My Best Runs had 15 participants. 

The date for the 7th edition will be held March 16th.  The series is for athletes training at KATA and for others.  There is no entry fee and no prize money.  "This is a good event to measure your fitness and to see your results published online," says  KATA director and My Best Runs publisher Bob Anderson working from his office in Mountain View California.  

"We run our series on two courses.  This is the tougher one," says head coach Joseph.  "The course record on this course is 29:59.  The course record on the other course 5k from KATA is 29:40."

The results (two lap course by KATA)

1. Peter Mwaniki 24 31:39.9

2. Zakari Kirika 21 31:44.8

3. Erick Mutuku 20 33:01.6

4. Erick Cheruiyot 26 33:50.6

5. Fredrick Kiprotich 23 34:22.2

6. Raphael Gacheru 23 35:07.4

7. Lamech Cheleket 21 36:56.8

8. Paul Ng’ang’a 42 36:59.1

9. Alfred Kamande 24 37:44.2

10. Godfrey Migwi 22 41:32.8

11. Caren Chepkemboi 21 50:29.4



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great time trial guys. keep up the great job. 2/19 7:54 am

KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our MBR family from publisher Bob Anderson

Another year has passed.  It has been a challenging two years for most of us all over the world.  But I do think the worst is mostly behind us.  The good news is that most races are coming back.  The Boston Marathon will be held in April again and most likely the 2024 Paris Olympics will be held as planned.  

The sad news is that we have lost a lot of good races. The Fukuoka marathon was first run 75 years ago.   This year's race was the last.  (Michael Githae was victorious at the 75th and final edition of Fukuoka International Marathon clocking 2:07:51.)

The pandemic was not the only reason, I am sure, why the Fukuoka Marathon was cancelled but it certainly was what pushed the organizers not to continue. 

Many other races have already been cancellled or are still in limbo.  From what I have read, there is no evidence that any runner has gotten Covid by attending a race.  I am sure there might be some but certainly what many people feared did not happen. But things will get back to normal soon.  

The good news is that many people decided to take up running during the last two years.  With all these people now training the obvious next step will be to yet again offer them a variety of races.  Training is great but running without racing is like writing and not publishing.  Our focus should be on what races are being held and not on what races are not.

It is Christmas Day.  Be sure to get in your Christmas run.  I plan on getting in at least seven miles today.  Since turning 70 a few years back I also now count walking.  

Actually I think mixing in walking at any age is good for the body.  I am going to average 8.8 miles daily for the calendar year and with the walking I have not had any serious injury all year long.  (I need 49.6 more miles over the next seven days to reach my goal of 3212 miles.  About 50 percent has been walking.)  

I will be 74 Dec 28 and I can still run 6 miles at eight minute pace.  I know there are lots of guys my age who are faster, that is super and I admire you.   But making running (and walking) a regular thing at any pace is also great.  We all just need to keep moving today, tomorrow and so on....

2022 is going to be a good year.  Let's make it our best year yet!  Merry Christmas and I need to get out before it starts raining again. 

Second photo is me, my daughter, son-in-law and grandson Owen getting in four miles yesterday.  My son, Michael will be here later today and we will get out as well.  He just ran a half marathon yesterday placing second overall clocking 1:38 on a tough course.  

As long as the rain is not too bad,  we are hoping to do a 35 mile relay tomorrow. Just the two of us and our Jeep.  One of us will be running all the time.  We tag off and cover anywhere from a couple of miles up to eight or so on each leg.  Fun event we came up with.  This will be the third time we have done it.  

Third photo is some of our KATA (Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika Kenya) athletes with head coach julius the other day.  (Bob owns the KATA operation and is very proud to be offering this training, educational and housing facility.). Our Academy manager is Florence and she is doing a good job making it all work day to day.  She has a good staff as well and our athletes help out too.  

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by Bob Anderson, MBR publisher

Good times at the 4th KATA 10k Time Trial Series in Thika kenya

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) is concluding the year strongly after athletes posted impressive times during the 4th edition of KATA monthly 10 Kilometres Time-Trial on Wednesday morning in Thika Kenya.  

The time-trial, held on a new course West of the Academy, saw Solomon Gachoka, the winner of the 2nd edition in October, clocked 29:44.23, bettering his previous time of 31:22.10 during the event that attracted 23 participants.

Solomon dislodged Elisha Tarbei, the November winner while new entrants, Evans Kibet, finished 3rd. Tarbei timed 30:05.91, chopping off 1minute and 28 seconds from his previous 31:34.45. Kibet was timed at 31:02.35.

In women, Lucy Mwende Mawia regained her footing ruling in the category just a week after returning to Kenya from Europe where she dominated her races. 

She clocked 34:58.24 ahead of Catherine Njihia and Monica Njeri who finished second and third timing 36:38.86 and 44:05.20.

Both the winning times for men and women are KATA 10k Time Trial best performances for the monthly series.  

Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Competition Director Joseph Ngure has hailed the results and predicted better times in future from all the Athletes.

“This is our 4th edition since the Academy was opened officially on 4th of September. All our athletes have been posting impressive times and we are expecting more next year,” summed up the Director, also a senior Middle and Long Distant coach.

Three of our elite athletes- Joel Maina, Peter Mwaniki and Lucy Mawia, fresh from winning several races in Europe, also participated in the monthly time trial.  

"Our 5th edition will take place on Wednesday January 19th and will act as a warm-up for those who would be competing for the Regions on 22nd," says KATA head coach Julius.  

KATA manager Florence days,"Some people want it to happen,others wish it happens,and others makes it happen. Our Kenyan athletic training academy time trial is one of a kind, where you can make it happen."

For more info of our monthly time trial please get in touch with academy manager florence at 0729074388 or 0104074388 in Thika Kenya.  

December 15th KATA 10k Time Trisl Results: 

1. Solomon Gachoka  29:44.23  (31)

2. Elisha Tarbei     30:05.91   (32)

3. Evans Kibet        31:02.35   (31)

4. Zakaria Kirika       31:27.60   (20)

5. Peter Kimwetich    31:34.92     (32) 

6. Erick Cheruiyot      31:39.29    (26)

7. Peter Mwaniki       32:00.25      (23)

8. Alex Ekesa        32:17.41    (39)

9. Eston Mugo       32:32.26      (28)

10. Fredrick Kiprotich  32:44.45      (22)

11. Paul Ng’ang’a    33:47.05     (43)

12. Collins Kibet      34:56.08     (22)

13: Lucy Mwende     34:58.24    23) F

14: Joel Maina         35:44.45    (36)

15. Alfred Kamande  35:44.47    (23)

16: Charles Ndirang’u 36:25.84  (57)

17: Catherine Njehia   36:38.86  (22) F

18. Martin Ndung’u   38:18.50   (31)

19. Levis Kuria      41:06.06  (20)

20. Lamech Cheleket  44:05.19  (23)

21. Monica Njeri     44:05.20   (23) F

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by Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Are you looking for a coach to take your training to the next level?

Before we jump into whether or not you need a running coach, it’s important to understand that personal coaching can be for everyone. If you’re trying to run UTMB or simply want to run a mile without stopping—there is a coach out there for you.

Whether or not you need someone to coach you to hit those goals (and beyond!) comes down to your desire to step up your training, your personality, and your budget.

How bad do you want it?

Desire is a simple concept. If you don’t truly want to improve as a runner, no coach in the world is going to be able to help you. But keep in mind, your desire doesn’t have to be for any sort of competition. A coach can help you to just keep running in your life. They can help you fit it into your schedule in a way that will create a lifelong love. “You get to start wherever you are and go wherever you want to go,” says Heather Stephens, a coach with Seattle-based Rad Running.

And certainly, if you have big competitive goals, coaches bring that training expertise to the table to help you get there.

Do you need guidance? 

Kristin Metcalf, who coaches alongside Stephens at Rad Running, says that most athletes come to them for personal coaching because they want to be held accountable. If you are a person who needs someone to set a schedule for you and get you out the door, a coach provides that. They will check in with you after the workout and, if you falter, help you create a plan to do better next time.

On the flip side, runners who don’t lack motivation but are instead too headstrong may also find a coach beneficial. You may be prone to overtraining or continue to get injured when you go it on your own. Stephens says she sees that fairly often in the athletes she trains. “You just need someone to say, ‘Hey, permission to take the day off. Let’s do it tomorrow.’”

A personal coach will be able to guide you through the balance of training, racing, rest, and recovery. They can be a sounding board as you go through the whole process.

How much are you willing to spend? 

Depending on how involved and specialized the training is, coaching tends to range from $100 a month all the way up to $500 or more a month, says Metcalf.  A less expensive option is to have a virtual coach.  

One such program that is just now starting up is Runner’s Coaching "Be coached the Kenyan Way."  Yes, you read that right.  You can now be coached by world class English speaking Kenyan coaches.

These are coaches that are based at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika Kenya.  They train people in person at the Academy as well as virtually around the world.  Their virtual training program is just $79US per month.  You just need a smart phone and a free runner's app (like Garmin Connect) and you are set.  

May you choose in-person or virtual, Metcalf and Stephens recommend that runners try to analyze the costs and benefits from every angle before committing to a coach. Think about how much you might pay for a monthly gym membership or fitness classes. What kind of time is the coach committing to you? What else might they be offering (like access to a physical therapist or nutritionist on their staff)? All of those things can help you determine if the cost is worth it to you.

“It’s kind of like when you go to a restaurant and you sit down and you expect to have a certain experience and a certain level of food,” says Stephens. “Is that valuable to you versus going to the pizza place down the street?” In this analogy, the pizza place is like an online training plan, which is a more affordable, cookie-cutter approach. But in that way, many recreational runners might view personal coaching as an indulgence.

Stephens compares coaching to therapy, which isn’t always treated with the importance it deserves. “There’s this thing in your life that you love,” she says “And if running has the power to help you make other areas of your life go smoother, for me, at least, if I do a hard workout and I nail it, I feel like I set the rest of my day and week up really well.” If that’s true for you, the cost may well be worth it.

There are a lot of options available to you.    

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Well known Kenyan coach Joseph K Ngure joins the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy

Joseph K. Ngure has joined the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy staff as Director of Education and Race Director.  

"He comes with lots of experience," says Bob Anderson (pictured with Joseph) managing director of the Academy in Thika.   "He is a senior coach and AK certified official.  He has been a school teacher and most recently was the head coach at Run2gether.  He also brought Mountain Running to Kenya."

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy is a unique facility offering training, education and for those living there an excellent meal plan and a pleasant atmosphere so athletes can focus on their running.

The staff and staff-athletes at the Academy welcome other athletes interested in improving, setting new PR's and hopefully winning races.  The top athlete currently training at the Academy is Joel Maina, a 1:00:40 half marathoner.

The cost for a shared room is just 10k KES per week for a Kenyan Citizen.  Or just $29US per night for non-citizens.  Private rooms are also available.   

"I met Joseph during our trip in January 2020 to Kenya," says Bob Anderson.  "I found him to be very personable and knowledgeable. He was working as head coach for the Run2gether camp at the time."

Joseph left Run2gether earlier this year and contacted Bob Anderson about wanting to join his staff at the unique new project he had going in Thika.

Joseph took the job and says: “I have been involved in athletics on different levels and have learnt a lot.  With the evolution and the dynamism in the sport, new approaches and professionalism need to be injected in order to move to the next level.

“I will work with the staff at our Kenyan Athletics Training Academy  and offer expertise in competition organisaton, lias with grassroots and national federations to make sure the objectives of the Academy are achieved.”

Several unique and standard races are being planned along with time trials. 

Joseph continued, “With the state-of-the-art facility in Thika new talents in the neighboring regions and elite runners will get wholestic training in preparation for local and international competitions 

"I wish to lay strong tradition and culture of discipline, team work and integrity in accordance with World Athletics, Athletics Keny and AIU.   More so inject the spirit of sportsmanship and respect to the sport and to the individual.”

The Academy is unofficially open now and the official opening date is September 1.  A grand opening along with a race is being planned.  

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