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Today's Running News


Peter Mwaniki Njeru wins the 19th monthly KATA time trial clocking 29:36 for the 10000m in Thika Kenya today

Peter Mwaniki Njeru improved his February time by more than six seconds during Kenyan Athletics Training Academy 19th 10,000 metres time-trial as the monthly event moved to Thika Stadium on Wednesday.

Njeru clocked 29:36.2 improving his February 29:42.  He was followed closely by Nyahururu-based Joseph Mwangi who managed 29:59.1 while home-boy Zakaria Kirika finished 3rd in 30:37.1

In the 5,000m, Fredrick Kiprotich out ran Boniface Mungai to finished in 15:09.2 while the latter timed 15:15.6 with upcoming Levis Kuria came third in 15:32.8.

The next time-trial will take place on the Road and is slated for April 19 on the Ndaugo-Mang’u Road.


10,000 Metres  (Bib, age, time)

1.Peter Mwaniki       112            24          29:36.2

2. Joseph Mwangi     89             20           29:59.1

3. Zakariah Kirika      103            22           30:37.1

4. Peter Mburu         121            27            30:46.7

5. Raphael Gacheru  105           24            31:40.3

6. Evans Kiguru          117           27            32:04.1

7. Anthony Mukundi 119          35             32:42.2

8. Christopher Kamande 113   35            37:42.6


1. Fredrick Kiprotich     107        23          15:09.2

2. Boniface Mungai      111       25          15:15.6

3. Levis Kuria                 124       21           15:32.8

4. Eston Mugo              122        30           15:48.6

5. Alfred Kamande       123       25           16:17.7

6. Catherine Njihia       106       24            17:10.2

7. Paul Ng’ang’a            120      42            17:12.8

8. Peter Mukundi          90        25            17:53.7

9. Caren Chepkemoi     93        19            19:11.6

10. Amos Chirchir         110      23            20:30.0

11. Joseph Wanjiru       109      34            20:22.8

12. Hannah Njeri            84       23            22:27.6

13. Virginia Wanjiru      125      21            24:08.9

14. S. Suryawanshi        127      31            27:58.6    

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Bernard Wambua wins the monthly KATA 10K Time Trial clocking 29:14

Bernard Wambua and Zachariah Kirika emerged as the winners of the 18th edition of KATA (Kenyan Athletics Training Academy) 10k and 5K Time-Trial that took place on Wednesday Feb 15 in Thika, Kenya.  

The duo clocked 29:14.8 and 15:14.1 in the trials held on a 5Km- loop that has become the standard distance for the Training Academy. 

Peter Mwaniki and Peter Wanyoike finished second and third in the 10Km while Evans Kiguru and Anthony Mukundi occupied similar positions in the 5km.

In women, Lucy Mawia led the class, cloccking 33:19.8 for the 10k ahead of Lilian Lelei who clocked 33:35.5.

The March Trial is schedule March 15 at the Stadium in Thika Kenya.    This will be the 18th monthly event.



1.    Bernard Wambua   25       119        29:14.8

2.    Peter Mwaniki         24       112        29:42.6

3.    Peter Wanyoike      26        114        30:03.6

4.    Raphael Gacheru    23        106        30:25.5

5.    Peter Mburu            27        110        31:25.3

6.    Simon Ngumbao     27          84         32:46.2

7.    Eston Mugo             30         125        33:19.4

8.    Lucy Mawia             24          121        33:19.8

9.    Lilian Lelei                26          122        33:35.5

10.Chris Kamande        35          107       36:11.6

11. Catherine Njihia     24           90        36:22.9

12. Paul Ng’ang’a         42           120      36:38.3

13. Kellen Waithera     36           124      36:38.7

14. Naomi Wambui      39           123      37:08.2


1.    Zachariah Kirika       22            89       15:14.1

2.    Evans Kiguru             27           111     15:52.5

3.    Anthoney Kamande 35           117     16:07.3

4.    John Mutiso              19           109      16:27.1

5.    Alfred Kamande       25           115      16:51.6

6.    Amos Chirchir           23           108      17:36.4

7.    Peter Mukundi         25            113     17:57.8

8.    Lawrence Maina      27            118     18:17.9

9.    Lilian Musenya         22             97      22:03.9

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KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Thousands of Kenyan runners dream about becoming a professional runner but most can not find the support needed to make it happen. Their conditioning fades as does their dream.

Most Kenyans under the age of 25 or so who run seriously are not doing it as recreation or for health reasons, they run because they think they have the ability to be a professional runner.  A career where they can win enough prize money to provide for themselves and their family.

In the United States most runners of all ages run for recreation and or for health reasons.  Most Americans do not even know a runner can make a living, a very good living from running races. The sport of professional running did not start until 1986 officially.   

There are as many as 80,000 Kenyans who feel they have the talent to make it as a pro runner.  Some have made it but most have not.  Many feel they have the talent to become the next Eliud Kipchoge, the most well-known marathoner in history.

(First photo) Some of over 100 athletes who have trained at KATA since 2019.  Charles (red shirt) is one of the top 60-69 runner in all of Kenya and has been part of the KATA since the beginning.

Eliud is their hero, and everyone knows Eliud is earning millions of dollars for his efforts and well deserved too.  He has lowered the world record to 2:01:09 and he thinks he can run even faster. 

The professional sport of running as become very competitive. Gone are the days where a man could run a half marathon in one hour and five minutes or a woman one hour eleven minutes and expect to win the race.    

Maybe these times are still fast enough to win a race that does not offer prize money or very little but not races that pay out several thousand of dollars to their winners.

(Second photo) Coach Joseph going over a recent workout from KATA in Thika.

"There are thousands of Kenyans who want to be the next Kipchoge," says Joseph Ngure, Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika (KATA) head coach.  "They know they have at least some talent.  They know they have the passion. They dream about winning races all the time. 

"But many do not have any support.  Their family may be very poor and have very little money, even for food. Their parents may not even know that professional running is a way for their son or daughter to make a living, in fact a very good living."

The family, however expects their son or daughter to go out and get a job so they can bring home money for food.  Maybe a job on a farm or even in an office building. Yes, this would take care of the immediate issue of not having food and many potential professional runners have no choice but to take this path. 

However, this most likely will make it almost impossible for them to fulfill their real dream.  A much better career than working in the fields on a farm."It takes a lot of training these days to make it as a professional runner," says coach Joseph.  "We train twice daily six days per week.  And our athletes do more than just run 10 miles a day. It is a total program aimed at getting the most from the runner."

"And can you imagine training hungry," says Dan Sutich a coach from Washington. "It takes a lot of fuel to train to be a world class athlete. Just not going to happen if you are missing meals."

The talented runner needs support to make running their profession.  If their parents can't help, who do they turn too? In most cases there is no one else.  They attempt to do the necessary training (because they know they are talented) on their own and basically eat once in awhile. 

But this is not going to last very long.  And the chances of being discovered is almost impossible. Their shape will start fading away and they will just become another dreamer who never made it.  

Also the type of training necessary to run quality times, burns a lot of calories that need to be replaced. Food they do not have without support. 

If a son or daughter in the United States wants to be a professional soccer player and it is clear they are talented, they most likely would get the support they needed.  They certainly would not be missing meals or going to bed regularly hungry.  

Most parents in the US and in many other countries find a way to support their kids to pursue their passion.  Or there are programs, like schorships offering support. This type of support does exist in Kenya but not for many.

Bob and Catherine Anderson created the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika to help Kenyan runners become professional runners. The 23-room Academy trains, feed and house these runners was opened in 2020.  Training for the location was started in 2019. 

KATA offered the support they were not getting, three meals a day, twice a day training six days a week, a monthly time trial to gauge their fitness level and a clean place to sleep. 

(Third photo) Peter Mwaniki leading one of the monthly KATA Time Trials.  He clocked 29:00.9 for 10k.  Then Oct 2, 2022 he won a half marathon in Italy clocking 1:00:29.  

The Kenyan runner does not pay anything for these services. They are, however required to work 20 hours per week at KATA on things like cleaning, painting, computer work on the website My Best Runs (like posting results, links, etc.) and now operational duties for the KATA Hunger Project. 

KATA also does not take a commission from their prize money if and when this happens.  KATA does not manage runners, finding races and booking their travel.  Managers come to KATA to find talent.

Coach Joseph, KATA's head coach has over 30 years of experience as a AK senior coach.  He is very well respected.  Additionally, he is working on a series of four books called Train the Kenyan Way which will be available over the next six months.

In a short period of time the training programs he has put together at KATA are showing good results.

Eston Mugo checked into KATA 14 months ago.  He had run 36:50 for 10k, not a bad time but not good enough to make it as a pro runner. Eston was getting no support and not able to eat regularly.  He needed support and he contacted KATA. 

With a lot of hard work, Eston has already gotten his 10k time down to 30:04 (during a KATA monthly time trial) and will soon be under 30 minutes.  He could already win many pro races, especially in the US and once he shaves off another minute he will be ready to travel to Europe.

Eston spends his required 20 hours a week mosly on the My Best Runs website.  He has improved his computer skills in doing so and he is teaching other KATA athletes these skills as well. 

Another example of coach Joseph's KATA success, is Peter Mwaniki. Peter's family and even his brother offered him no support.  They did not believe that running could be a profession.  They were poor and could not provide any support.  He had run a 32:30 10k, a very good time for a recreational runner but not for a pro.  Peter sought out KATA for support.  

"After 13 weeks it was clear he was very talented," says KATA manager Florence Kimiti.  "Our 13-week program was not officially established yet but the program had already been born."

KATA asked him to stay and he can for sure call himself a professional runner now.  During the monthly KATA time trial he clocked a 29:00.9 10k at altitude.  A manager picked him up and sent him to Italy to run races.  Most recently he clocked a 1:00:29 half marathon (Oct 2, 2022), setting a new course record while winning by nearly two minutes. 

KATA's new program is called the KATA Hunger Project (just launched August 1, 2022).  The program offers support for runners from poor families for 13-weeks.

For now these runners would come to KATA in Thika for training and support.  At the end of each week, they would be given four kilos of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables grown on a KATA Fresh Farm.

The number of Kenyans in Need KATA can support will be based on the amount of contributions received by supporters. In addition to runners this program also supports women farmers.

During the 13-week time frame, he or she would be required to do our workouts and run in our monthly KATA time trial. The results along with a story and photos are posted on My Best Runs giving international exposure. These KATA time trials were started Sept, 2021 and have been held monthly without fail.  Most have been 10ks but difference distances and surfaces are being added going forward. 

Obviously in just 13-weeks almost no runners could improve so fast to make it as a pro. However, let say the monthly time trial is 10k, a male runner runs 36 minutes. Four weeks later he runs 32 minutes. And then runs 29:30 four weeks later.

"We know from experience this person has the DNA to become a star. a professional runner," says coach Joseph.

With the exposure he would get through My Best Runs and social media, he most likely will get picked up by a running camp or a manager.  Or KATA will offer to take him or her in.  The runner would have made the big step toward being a professional runner.

Right now the only training location is in Thika at KATA. "However, we will be setting up training at the KATA Fresh Farm about 10k from Embu and other locations," says KATA manager Florence.

In all cases, there will be daily (six days per week) training sessions, a monthly time trial and weekly four kilos of KATA food available for pick up.  Those showing great promise may also be asked to come live, train and eat at KATA in Thika sooner than 90 days.

"We hope this project is going to help a lot of Kenyans," says Bob's wife Catherine. "As one of our supporters wrote, I can not imagine going without food wrote Dan Sutich."  Dan contributed $114.40 to the project.  

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by Bob Anderson

Monthly KATA Time Trial series was run on the track with good success

The August Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) Time-Trial was held on the Track in Thika Kenya for the first time toady (August 17) with Peter Mwaniki and Fredrick Kiprotich winning the 10,000m and 5,000m respectively. The 5000m was added this time around. 

Running on the 400m training track at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Mwaniki transferred his winning from the road to complete the 25 laps in 29:24.4 followed by new addition Bernard Musau who finished in 30:02.8 while seasoned Zakariah Kirika maintained the third position clocking 30:17.9.

In the shorter 5,000m, middle distant runners and upstarts got motivated to running in their preferred distance.  Fredrick clocked 15:22.5 just edging out Boniface Mungai (15:23.9) with Alfred Kamande just behind clocking 16:11.9.

The August time-trial will now usher in the September race that will be the Second edition of the Double 15k (10k+break+5k) race as the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy marks it's first Anniversary. The September event will be held on 14th starting and finishing outside the Academy.  "All runners are invited to run in the second annual KATA Double 15k," says KATA Director Bob Anderson from his office in Mountain View, California.  "There were many world class times clocked a year ago."


1. Peter Mwaniki (bib 70) 29:24.4

2. Bernard Musau (82) 30:02.8

3. Zakariah Kirika (98) 30:17.9

4. Peter Mburu (79) 30:54.9

5. Nicholas Kitundu (72) 31:36.0

6. Evans Kiguru (85) 32:01.5

7. Anthony Wanjiru (80) 33:57.8

8. Joseph Nyota (66) 36:57.2

9. Caren Chepkemboi (76) 38:15.6

10. Susan Njeri (100) 38:58.5


1. Fredrick Kiprotich (500) 15:22.5

2. Boniface Mungai (77) 15:23.9

3. Alfred Kamande (67) 16:11.9

4. Gipson 17:19.8 (81) 17:19.8

5. Hannah Njeri (83) 26:02.3

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mwaniki Njeru sets new course record at the KATA 10k Time Trial clocking 29:00.9

Peter Mwaniki Njeru used his international experience to produce scintillating performance at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 10 Kilometres monthly time trial held in Thika Kenya on Wednesday morning (July 13).

Njeru bounced back to victory and chalked new course record of 29:00.81 to surpass his previous mark while his namesake Peter Wanyoike, the winner of the last four editions, also beat his personal record after timing 29:18.88, eclipsing his time of 29:53.19 attained last month.

The victory, coming soon after the winner resumed his training after competing in Europe, aided the champion to focus on the programe for faster times in August.

“I was just testing my body after doing good loading the last two weeks. I know I will do better in my next races,” said Njeru, whose races are centralized in Italy.

The monthly time-trial also ushered in newcomers KepharNamtala from Nyahururu and Evans Kiguru of Murang’a who clocked 30:29.6 and 30:40.4 and finished 3rd and 4th respectively during the event held on a five kilometres paved stretch of road not far from KATA.

In the absence of consistent and regular Zakariah Kirika, rising star Nicholas Kitundu registered new 30:46.3, erasing his previous 31:13.3 to finish in position five as the Academy, located near Mang’u High School, off Thika Superhighway, marked 11th months since it officially opened.

The next time-trial, will be moved to the track to introduce variety, is scheduled for August 17th this year.

KATA 10k Time Trial #11 Results:

Name                       Bib             Age           Time

1. Peter Njeru          80              23             29:00.9

2. Peter Wanyoike  78              26             29:18.9

3. Kephar Namtala  66             23              30:29.6

4. Evans Kiguru        79             27              30:40.4

5. Nicholas Kitundu 500           22              30:46.3

6. Johnson Kaberia   81           25              31:10.4     

7. Raphael Gacheru 72             22              31:26.9

8. Boniface Mungai 77             23               31:46.3

9. Levis Kuria            82             21               32:04.1

10. Fredrick Kiprotich 100       23               33:26.8

11. Erick Mutuku     99             20               33:27.4

12. Alfred Kamande71             24               34:17.8

13. Martin Mambo 98              27                34:18.2

14. Peter Mukundi 85             25                 37:59.8

15. Jackson Cheruiyot 70       29                 38:01.5

16. Eston Mugo         73          29                 D N F

17. Robinson Mwaura 67     29                  DNF

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by By Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Grooming Future Champions in Thika Kenya

The Kenya Athletics Training Academy (KATA) is barely eight months old since it was officially opened September 2021. (Founder and executive director Bob Anderson flew over from California USA for the opening.)

KATA's presence in Thika and Kiambu County is being felt widely after our pioneer athletes have gone flat-out to inscribe the name of the Academy in the region.

During the last two seasons, nearly 90 per cent of our trainees have participated in both Cross Country and Track with positive indicators.

Competing at County level and getting selected to represent the unit at regional level is a positive indication that with time, the future champions in Kenya’s Central region will be the products of the Kenya Athletics Training Academy (KATA).

In addition to winning slots to regional championships, all our athletes have posted their Personal Records in their individual events, again proving that KATA is attaining its objectives of seeing upcoming and young runners improving their times.

All this is because of the well-thought out Program in the Academy that combine a high level of discipline, hard-work, and self-realization among the current crop of our learners.  The on-site management team make it all work: Florence Kimiti (manager), Elam Wangwero (operations) and Joseph Ngure (head coach).  All report to Bob Anderson daily who works from his office in Mountain View, California.  

Our day’s Programe begins with morning workouts between 06.15 and 08.00am with easy morning run covering 12 to 18Km on alternative days before breakfast in our Olympic Dining Hall at KATA.  

After breakfast, cleaning and maintenance of the Academy is the duty of the day for everybody.  We feel this is one of the processes of making these future champions responsible and useful members of society. Some go to nearby colleges to acquire skills that will come in handy after retiring from their active sporting career.

Currently we have our most improved athlete Zakariah Kirika (29:54 10k) pursuing electrical wiring, Fredrick Kiprotich is studying Agriculture and Boniface Mungai is studying accounting at a local university.

During three training sessions daily (not including Sunday), our second training session takes place between 9:00am and 11am and is mainly for agility, coordination exercises and speedwork.  The last training session begins at 16:30 pm to 17:30 pm. This is easy jogging mainly around the Academy.

In addition to daily and weekly training, the athletes focus on short-term goals that is tested during our monthly 10Km time-trial that is held usually every third Wednesday of each month. (Eight have been held so far.) These trials are open and several athletes from our neighbouring training camps have joined our team in testing their training too.  We charge no entry fee and pay no prize money.  But we offer internet exposure to all our finishers. (All results, a story and photos are posted timely on the My Best Runs website which currently have over 100k visitors monthly.)

It is from this time-trial that those who meet the target get the opportunity to compete in Europe through their respective management. Three of our athletes have had the privilege of going to Italy last year and this year since February, Peter Mwaniki Njeru and Lucy Mawia are in Europe now and are posting remarkable results. This is a big motivation to our KATA team!  

Apart from training and keeping the Academy clean, our athletes’ trains on the use of computers and each has to post his or her work-out on My Best Runs where our editorial team, under the stewardship of Elam, Okata and Eston Mwangi, update races on a daily basis.  (My Best Runs also have editorial people (all runners) in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bend Oregon, Chandler Arizona and Mountain View California.)

As the season moves on, we are expecting good performance in Road Races in Kenya beginning with the inaugural Uhuru marathon classic on May 8th in Kenya where four of our athletes will be flying the KATA flag.  

Lucy and Peter have already done well in races in Europe and will be racing again May 1 in France and Italy.  Lucy clocked a 31:20 10000m on the track in Italy and most recently Peter placed second on a tough 15k course in Istanbul clocking 46:33. Lucy is racing in France and Peter a half marathon in Italy on May 1. 

With a lot of potentials in the region, our next target will be young talents in our neighbouring schools and our technical arm will be visiting 2-3 institutions to help in training the school kids as they prepare for their inter-schools championships next month.

We are overwhelmed by the number of new athletes who want to join our Academy.  But then the opportunities are many. 

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Peter Mwaniki sets new record at the KATA 10k Time Trial monthly series in Thika Kenya

The 5th Kenya Athletics Training Academy (KATA) 10k Time-Trial took place on Wednesday morning (Jan 19) with Peter Mwaniki (first photo) and Solomon Gachoka (third photo) ruling the event.

The monthly event, held on the same course as December, witnessed Peter set a new course record clocking 29:40 bettering Solomon’s 29:44 time set at the 4th event December 19.  

This was also an improvement for Peter from his December’s 32:00 that he did after competing in Europe for three months.

It was also a good day for Zakariah Kirika and Eston Mugo who finished 4th and 8th after the duo attained their Personal Best times over the distance.  

Zakariah clocked 30:41.94 compared with his December’s 31:27.60 while Eston managed 31:28.14 from his previous 32:32.26. Also Alfred Kamande improved on his PB of 35:44.47 to record 35:16.47. Elvis Kuria also ran well clocking his best time of 36:19.19 where he had 41:06.06 previously.

"I am glad to see our KATA athletes (both those living at our Academy and those living nearby) improving," says director Bob Anderson.  "Our training program is working with two runners under 30 already and sub 29 not far off.  Congrats to Peter for setting our KATA Time Trial record and to all the others who set PB today."

In the less competitive ladies category, in the absence of December winner Lucy Mawia, Catherine Njihia retained the title in 36:54.04 after her opponents Susan Wambua, Risper Kawira and Margaret Wanjiru arrived late for trial.

The 6th edition of the KATA 10k Time Trial, will take place on Wednesday 16th February 2022.  Athletes not currently training at KATA are welcome.  There is no entry fee, no prize money but this program gives athletes an official time, run on an accurate course and the results published by My Best Runs, the sponsor. 


     5th KATA Time-Trial January 19th 2022

       Full Rests

  Position     Names           Age      Time

1. Peter Mwangi-------23------29:40.7

2. Solomon Gachoka—31-----29:52.3

3. Elisha Tarbey ----------27---- 30:34.3

4. Zakariah Kirika--------20-----30:42.0

5. Joel Maina-------------36-----31:07.3

6. Peter Mburu----------26-----31:23.7

7. Eston Mugo-----------29-----31:28.2

8. Erick Mutuku---------19-----31:49.1

9. Isaac Nderitu---------30-----32:11.9

10. Erick Cheruiyot------ 26 ----32:27.8

11. Fredrick Kiprotich---23----32:37.9

12. Robinson Mwaura---29----34:20.0

13. Geoffrey Mwangi----40----34:20.7

14. Paul Ng’ang’a---------42----34:32.0

15. Alfred Kamande----- 24----35:16.5

16. Collins Kemboi-------23-----35:19.4

17. Elvis Kuria-------------20-----36:19.2

18. Simpson Njoroge--- 38       36:53.5

19. Catherine Njihia-----22-----36:54.1

20. Raphael Gacheru ---22    --37:56.7

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by Coach Joseph Ngure
KATA Time Trial Series

KATA Time Trial Series

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya is doing a monthly time trial series. The event is open to anyone who would like to get an official time on a acurant course. Results will be published at My Best Runs so race directors and other interested people can see what kind of shape our participants are in. For...


Kibiwott Kandie shine at Athletics Kenya meet

World Half Marathon Kibiwott Kandie started his Olympic Games preparation on a high note by winning his first track competition at the opening leg of the Athletics Kenya (AK) track and field weekend meeting at Nyayo Stadium on Saturday.

Kandie’s interest in the men’s 10,000m event will give Kenya hope at an event; it last won a gold medal at the Olympics in Mexico in 1968 through Naftali Temu.

The fast-rising Kandie, 24 who picked running in 2013 while still a student at Cheberen Secondary School in Baringo County, calculated his move well to easily win the men’s 10,000m in 28:28.0 to put his Olympics dream on track. 

Gilbert Kimunyan, who led for much of the race, settled for the silver position in 28:37.7 ahead of Peter Mwaniki who clocked 28:38.7 in third place.

“Now that Africa Cross Country has been postponed to a later date, I thought it was wise for me to come and gauge myself in track because I’m keen on representing and winning a medal for Kenya in Tokyo,” said Kandie who finished second at the National Cross Country Championships two weeks ago. 

Kandie who made his breakthrough at the 2020 World Half Marathon in Gdynia, Poland before winning the 2020 Valencia Half Marathon, in a world record time of 57:32 believes teamwork in Tokyo will enable them to deliver the elusive gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. 

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by Dennis Okeyo
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Fifty-six years after having organized the Olympic Games, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time, originally scheduled from July 24 to August 9, 2020, the games were postponed due to coronavirus outbreak, the postponed Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8 in 2021, according to the International Olympic Committee decision. ...

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