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I used to dislike hills so much - Michael Anderson on Running File 5

I remember my first marathon (Big Sur) and the days before driving the course. It is a very hilly point to point course on hwy one in Northern California.

Flash forward I did finish in just over 4 hrs.  They have one hill called "hurricane hill" at the 13 mile mark, I remember getting to the top and saying "efff this, never again will hills be a challenge.”

After this race I realized how important hill training is to a training schedule. No matter what you cannot escape hills, they are all around me in my home town.  

I can hate them or learn to love them. I decided to love them and take them as mini accomplishments that need to be conquered. You grind it to the top and then look out over the views, it is very rewarding. I go heavy on hills on all my courses as most trail races are all about getting verticals it’s inevitable.

Hills and loving them!

I find the biggest hills near my house and run them regularly.   You might not think it is helping you because it seems slow but you need to run hills to handle them.  Just do them!  But don’t run hills more than twice weekly and put a day or two in between. 

I love to put my head down and take it one step at a time, sometimes if it’s a new hill I walk very steep sections and then know what the hard parts are and I can be better prepared on my next time up.

Take it as it comes and never say never.  The more you run hills the easier they will become. 

Michael Anderson on Running is a regular My Best Runs column. 

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by Michael Anderson
Big Sur Marathon

Big Sur Marathon

Hopefully this amazing race will return in 2022 since 2021 has been cancelled as well as the 2020 event. The Big Sur Marathon follows the most beautiful coastline in the world and, for runners, one of the most challenging. The athletes who participate may draw inspiration from the spectacular views, but it takes major discipline to conquer the hills of...


Happy Course Hunting - Michael Anderson on running File 4

So many times I will be out on a run and spot some path and decide to just take it. This is my way of charting new courses and see where it takes me. Sometimes the path I take leads to a dead end which results in backtracking but most of the time it leads me to a whole new area that I have never been before and some awesome connector to something else.

On Thursday’s run I found such a path which lead me to a huge amount of other trails that are single track. It makes me so excited to explore the area and see what additional course I can chart out.

What I love about running is just this, the Exploration of the area, getting the lay of the land on foot that you will never experience driving a car. I just love it.  Another bonus of running

Good indications to check out a path

A dirt road that seems to be a connector between two major roadways

A golf course path, but be careful 

A Bike path, most cities have them

A hidden trail off the path, this will usually lead somewhere so be prepared that it doesn't twist you around

Happy Course hunting

(Editor’s note: Michael Anderson on running is a regular column covering common sense advice by a lifetime runner.  He has run the Boston, Big Sur, San Francisco and Seattle Marathons and has been running most of his life.)

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by Michael Anderson

Use running as a way to release stress and quiet the mind - Michael Anderson on Running File 3

Work and life balance can be stressful, so much to do everyday and it seems like there is never enough time to get it all done. We are pulled in every direction and the feeling is one of being in a washing machine.

I can say I suffer with some form of mental despair, its hard for me to shut off my brain.

I feel therapy can be extremely important and its good to have someone to talk with. My advice is not one or the other (therapy or running) but some of both.

Running is a huge form of meditation and can be a perfect way to shut off the brain and focus solely on the task of one foot in front of the other.

Running can lead you to so much beauty especially when you get out on the trails and see true love. When you use running as a way to release stress and quiet the mind you really will see a difference.

Being a recovering alcoholic. running saved my life. Before I would escape with drinks but now I put in the miles and the results are endless life.  I do have an addictive personality and I am for sure an running addict and proud of it. 

Running reliefs:

Running is the cure for when you feel down on yourself.  How can you not feel good after pounding out a mile run and giving back to yourself.

Running is the cure for when you have had a hard day at the office, you gotta release the clutter and reset and a good run gets that done.

Running is a cure for stresses at home, wife and baby (love them) but they can add stress too, running is giving back to you and solely to you.

Running is a cure for the bad habits, (drinking and smoking) running will drop the weight and is such a natural high, best high I have ever experienced.

Happy, sad, glad or mad, Running is great for all of these emotions:

Happy- damn it will feel great to open it up.

Sad- flush out the tears and shed them on the roads.

Glad- damn glad to be out here today.

Mad- put that negative energy into pounding the roads, hit the high moments and release.

ALL good and run on!  Michael Anderson on Running

(Michael Anderson has been running all his life.  He has run four marathons including Boston, Big Sur, San Francisco and Seattle and has sights on running his first ultra soon.  He has participated in all three Run The World Global Challenges and plans to do Challenge 4 starting March 1.)

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by Michael Anderson

Try to setup courses with bail out options and remember the further you go the stronger you get! - Michael Anderson on Running File 2

Making a decision to go straight other than making the turn! If you go straight you are committed to a longer run, if you turn you have options to cut it short.

I have many courses that have these options and its good to have bail out points.  For example you are out on a run and the wife calls or texts that she needs help with the baby, what was to be a six mile run, can become a one mile run with a bail out at the right time.

I have now 12 different courses and the first mile of each has points where a turn can be made to cut back if needed, but after the mile you are committed with no bail out.

I have also been on a run where it takes a good mile to get into it and sometimes its just not your day out there and easy one mile is all you have in you for the day.

How to pick course with bail out points

Courses that are loops are always best for this because nine out of 10 times a street will cut through the loop at multiple locations.  When I am planning a course I always plan with Google maps and pick a course that has connector roads in between the loop. Some courses are just and up and back, and in most of these cases there are no options for bail outs.  I personally love a course that is a loop because then I am seeing something new out there, and its all fresh, psychologically a up and back course is harder for me.

My Legitimate reasons to bail out on a run

1) Wife calls and she needs help with the baby 2) Emergency situation at home 3) Not your day, no rhythm on the run, cant get into it 4) Quality miles not junk miles 5) Emergency situation out on the run 6) An injury or you feel one coming on

NON legitimate reasons to bail out on a run

1) Laziness, not finishing what you started, you make the commitment to run, hardest part is done and that is getting out the door, you are already in it 2) Just bailing to bail because you want to get back to the Netflix show 3) The negative thinking, a)I am never going to be a good runner, FALSE b)this sucks and will never feel good FALSE c)why am I wasting my time FALSE


The further you go the stronger you will get.  Michael Anderson on Runing

(Editor’s note:  Michael Anderson has been running and racing all of his life.  Running is his drug of choice and his practical advice is down to earth and solid.) 

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by Michael Anderson

Apple cider vinegar Cayenne tea will give a boast to your running - Michael Anderson on Running FIle 1

This time of the year can be a challenge to not get hit with the flu.  For the last year I have been drinking a concoction that helps boost the immune system and fight the nasty. Since I have been drinking the tea my running has taken a huge boost, more energy and less fatigue and better recovery. I have more in the tank.

Apple cider vinegar adds Alkaline to the body A runners  workout will create acid in your body and by drinking the tea it helps to add alkaline to your body. High acid in your body leads to fatigue and muscle soreness. By adding alkaline that is in apple cider vinegar, it neutralizes it.

Add Cayenne pepper which will help the blood flow and will help the boost.  However, be careful with the Cayenne pepper.  Just a little bit goes a long way. 

Here is my recipe:

Honey Cayenne Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

2 Tablespoons honey

1 dash cayenne pepper.

2 cups of warm/hot water.

Michael Anderson on Running

(Michael has been running all his life and has already run the Boston Marathon, Big Sur, San Francisco and Seattle and has his sights set on his first ultra.)

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by Michael Anderson
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