I used to dislike hills so much - Michael Anderson on Running File 5

I remember my first marathon (Big Sur) and the days before driving the course. Very hilly course as it’s a point to point on hwy one in California. Flash forward I did finish in over 4 hrs and it was packed with hills, They have one hill called hurricane hill at 13 mile mark, I remember getting to top and saying "efff this, never again will hills be a challenge". 

After this race I realized how important hill training is to a training schedule. No matter what you cannot escape hills they are all around me in my home town, I can hate them or learn to love them. I decided to love them and take them as mini accomplishments that need to conquered. You grind it to the top of the hill and look out over the views it is very rewarding. I go heavy on hills on all my courses as most trail races are all about getting verticals it’s inevitable.

Hills and loving them

I find the biggest hill near your house and run them.  You might not think it is helping you run hills because it seems slow but it is helping.  Just do them!  But don’t run hills more than twice weekly and put a day or two in between. 

I love to put my head down and take it one step at a time, sometimes if it’s a new hill I walk very steep sections and after accomplishment know what the hard parts are and can be prepared on my next run.

Take it as it comes and never say never.  The more you run Hills the easier they will become. 

Michael Anderson on Running is a regular My Best Runs column. 

posted Sunday February 10th
by Michael Anderson