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Julia Webb runs fastest time ever for a half marathon pushing a stroller

Julia Webb just broke the WORLD RECORD for fastest half marathon while pushing a stroller AND she won the half marathon as well clocking 1:21:23. 

Three days ago Julia who is the wife of Alan Webb posted this on Instagram, "I've been a mom of three going on 10 months...I don't think it gets any easier after each kid, it's just your expections of "normal" change and you adapt.  I was such a spoiled runner per 2012, treadmills, babysitters, stollers, friends and begging the husband to allow for my escape..."

In the process of setting a new world record she also won the Route 66 Half marathon.  When Julia had two kids she unofficiallly broke the Guinness world record pushing baby Paula clocking 1:22:57.  

Five days ago on Instagram she wrote, "Time for attempt 2!  Fitness great but actual preparation running fast pushing babies lately has been a little sparse.  Today's 6:49 mile split in a 5 miler with my beaten down stroller is our fastest yet.  New buggy coming Sunday.

"Whatever hapens I will be sure to get this on camera if Alan can keep up."

And she did it this morning... Next up is the US Olympics Trails and this time without the baby.  

(11/24/2019) ‚ö°AMP
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