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Your training for Boston is done and now the only thing left to do is run the 26.2 miles on Monday

The Boston Marathon is just two days from now. Your training is done. Now you just need to run the 26.2 miles on Monday. That’s all. There are many decisions that need to be made for race day and each can make the difference between running a good race or a bad one. Decisions like what do you eat, wear, how fast do you start and how should you deal with the weather? “You have done the training. For race day don’t do anything new,” says Bob Anderson who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. “However, Boston does start later than most marathons and there is a lot of waiting at the starting area. So I had to do two things a little different. I did bring some warm clothes (it was cold) to the start to stay warm which I left on the bus and one shirt I tossed away right before the start. Secondly, I normally don’t eat much before a race (except for half a banana and a GU pack). For Boston (because of the later start I wanted to make sure I had enough fuel) I ate a light breakfast (pancake with honey and a banana) at around 6am. I ran 3:32:17 (age 65) that day and everything worked. I drank water or Gatorade at each water station and I carried five GU’s that I started eating at mile five. I knew I had gotten in most of the training miles I wanted. The main thing left, was dealing with the mental side of things. Ty Velde a Boston Globe writer wrapped up his training for this year’s race on Wednesday with a ten mile run. Ty wrote, “ While my physical training may be done, I wish I could say that same about my mind. The interesting thing about marathon training is that when it comes to running, it’s easy to set parameters in terms of mileage, time, routes and frequency. But the parameters associated with mental training are not so defined. That’s something that does not end until I cross the finish line.” (04/14/2018) ⚡AMP
by Bob Anderson

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