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Global Run Challenge Profile: Running is an important part of who I am but it's not all that I am says Verity Breen

RUN THE WORLD: As a kid Verity Breen ran randomly. "I was beginning to tool my intrinsic nature inside where "the runner" lived," says Verity.   She was the youngest of four adopted children living in Australia.  When Verity was 22 (1989) she was engaged to be married to a guy who was doing the triathlon.  "I followed him when he swam, and swam too," Verity says.  She also started to run with him some nights after work.  "One night I felt a sudden gush of adrenaline and got bored with the pace and took off, beating him back to his parents house.  This was not well received. Anyway, for another reason he called off the wedding."  She got really into the triathlon and in fact in 1991 she was on the National Australia Team at the Triathlon World Championships.  "It was this ton of triathlon racing that lead me to realize that running was the great love.  Here I am three decades later of racing, still in love."  So how important is running to Verity?  "It's the one thing that is always there for you, it picks you up on down days, it carries you along on happy days and it makes me feel fully woke as I am using my entire body and mind as one.  However if you tie your identity up entirely with being seen as a runner you discount your other gifts and interests and are at a loss for who you are if at some points one must rest, recover or not race and be patient.  Running is an important part of who I am but it's not all that I am," she says.  She has run over 150 marathons and one stands out.  "Maybe on a amusing note was my Maui Marathon win in 2012.  My husband came home from work Friday afternoon and I asked him how he would feel about me flying to Hawaii to do a marathon.  He said, sure! When?  I said "tomorrow" he burst out laughing.  So on a cheap flight I managed to get for 300 bucks, he dropped me off with my small bag and wished me luck."  The next morning she was at the start line.  "Early into the hot race on an incredible one way coastal course I found myself in the lead.  Whoa.  With an 8 minute gap till the second female and the entire road to myself I was in racing heaven. As I rolled into the awesome finish chute in first hot as heck but so happy I was just amazed that I had pulled this off."  She is married to Randy. They met at Bondi Beach in Australia and got married exactly one year later.  They have two dogs, has a garden and lives in Northern California.  In 2007 she started Thirty Birds, her own brand of women's running apparel.  Asked about this challenge.  "The Run The World Challenge got my attention.   It's great to be accountable and to connect, to encourage people to move and run and share the challenge of piling up miles together as we virtually circle this amazing globe together one stride at a time.  Moving together. Love it." (07/06/2018) ⚡AMP
by Bob Anderson

This group that became 80 runners accepted my 500 mile June 6 Challenge

Yesterday, June 6, was Global Running Day.  A day celebrating running.  It is exciting to have our own day, celebrating what many of us do daily or at least regularly. 

Among other things the day is about inspiring people.  At noon the day before I had just finished doing my daily run-to-lunch few miles. 

I was enjoying an avocado toast and the best ice tea in town before heading back to the office.  Knowing that Global Running Day was the next day, I was thinking that My Best Runs needed to do something.  

I knew there were already a lot of well thought out programs taking place June 6.  I decided, on the spot, that we would do something just for the fun of running.  We would run our challenge like a road race back in the 1970's.  

Since we needed to get the word out quickly, we would use my Facebook account to reach people.  I would record everything by hand.  Making things more interesting,  I was flying down to our MBR/Ujena office in Mexico in the middle of the day Wednesday.  (I would be out of touch for nearly five hours.) 

There would be no entry fee and no prizes.  There would be no official results.  It was all about running.  We would not be raising money for a cause.  Each of us would run on June 6 and log in miles on my FB account. 

Just to see if we could do it, my goal was for our group to run at least 500 miles June 6 and hopefully have 100 participants   Everyone had to post their miles by midnight. 

In the end, 80 people posted 560.12 miles for our My Best Runs Global Running Day 500 Mile Challenge.  We did it.  We showed the world that a group of people can come together (with no notice) from all over the world and run the equivalent distance from San Francisco to San Diego. 

All types of runners from slow to fast joined our challenge.  I am very proud of each and every participant but I would like to mention some of our gang here. 

We had two time Boston Marathon winner (Geoff Smith) post 10.5 miles, Co-owner of Worlds Marathons Malin Andersson from Sweden posted 6.2 miles, Bertrand Newson who heads up a popular bay area running group (2L2Q) posted 8.45 miles and Willie Korir from Kenya posted the most miles with 22.5.  Verity Breen posted the most miles for a female hitting 19 miles and Boston Marathon historian Tom Derderian ran 5 miles.  The youngest female to win Bay To Breakers (age 11) who ran her first marathon at age 5 Mary Etta Britano now 55  posted 10 miles.

Julie who we met at the front desk of our hotel in Paris ran 5 miles, Ram VenKatraman who heads up a major running group in Mumbai, India ran 4.69 miles and super ultra-marathon star Michael Wardian ran 12.5 miles.  Phil Camp who among other things won the 4th annual Marine marathon (1979) posted 8.3 miles.

Roger Wright used to weigh 278 pounds a few years back before he started running marathons logged 13.5 miles and ultra runner since the early 1970's superstar Frank Bozanich ran 9 miles. Joshua Holmes Ultra runner and Run It Fast founder posted 2 miles.

Brent Weigner who has run more marathons in more countries than anyone posted 1.5 miles, and the list goes on and on. 

One common thing about our group of 80 runners is that everyone loves running.  Until our next challenge! Run on...  I ran 6.6 miles which I thought was only fitting.  This was our first Run The World Challenge. 

(06/07/2018) ⚡AMP
by Bob Anderson
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