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These two 100 year-olds set Six World Records over the weekend

This is a follow-up story on Orville Rogers which got even better. The 100-year-old runner broke five world indoor records in the 100-plus age group at the USATF Masters Indoors Championships over the weekend. The retired pilot did so in the 60m (19.13 seconds), 200m (1:40.94), 400m (4:16.90), 800m (9:56.44) and 1500m (20:00.91), according to USTF. Rogers was a World War II bomber pilot and former airline pilot took up running when he was inspired at the age of 50... Not to be outdone, 102-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins broke the 100-plus age group records in the 60m. In the 60m, Hawkins clocked 24.79 seconds, smashing Ida Keeling‘s record of 58.34 from February. At 102, Hawkins, who is from Baton Rouge, is the oldest woman in the history of the USATF Championships. She was a cycling enthusiast for years, taking up competitive running when she was 100. (03/20/2018) ⚡AMP

Time marches on but I just keep going says 102-year-old Ida Keeling

Ida Keeling is just 4-foot-6, weighs 83 pound and is 102-years-old. Ida rides an exercise bike, lifts weights, and runs up and down the hallways of her apartment building or on a treadmill.

Her daughter, Shelley, is the one who actually got her to start running – at the age of sixty-seven after some incredible hardships. They ran a 5K that year and Ida says, "I thought that race was never going to end...however I felt so good (afterward) and have been running ever since."

In 2011 she set a 60 meters world record of 29.86 seconds in her 95 year-old age group. At 99-years-old (in 2014), Ida set the fastest known time for a woman of her age in the 100-meter-dash posting 59.80. In 2016: 100-year-old Ida Keeling became the first woman in history to complete the 100-meter dash in one minute 17 seconds. Shelley could not be prouder of her mother.

“The biggest thing with my mom," says Shelley, "is that she never lets anything get her down. If somebody said to her, ‘I’m going to put you in a box and you’re never going to get out,’ she’s say, ‘Just you wait.’”

“You see so many older people just sitting around," says Ida, "well, that’s not me. Time marches on, but I keep going.”

(03/15/2018) ⚡AMP
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