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Routine, discipline and consistency are all so important when training for any distance says James Westlake

James Westlake completed this year's London Marathon in 2:24:19 and finished 8th overall not including the elite runners.  His first experience of marathon running was at the London Marathon in 2012.  His mum was also running and through her training it inspired James to give it a go.  Much to his amazement, he ran 3 hours 14 minutes and the bug grew from there. He has now run nine marathons and offers this advice as I am getting ready to run my first half marathon. James told me, "Get to know your body and try to understand what it can and can’t cope with training wise.  Routine, discipline and consistency are all so important when training for any distance. Get yourself into a routine that works for you around your work and social life. Be disciplined and stick to what you know but be clever if you are struggling with an injury, cross train (swim or cycle) and take the pressure off your body. Consistent training is going to improve your body and prepare it for what is ahead on the day." I asked him what is his motivation?  James said, "I’m naturally a competitive person. Whether it be in training or racing, I always want to win or improve my personal best. I also enjoy that feeling when you cross that finish line, all the training and the sacrifices that are made to achieve that goal all just builds into one moment."    (05/05/2018) ⚡AMP
by Mark Dunford/ On Your Marks

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