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Will Kocken sets a world record for running a marathon with a 100 pound pack on his back

This is a follow up on the story we ran a few weeks back about a runner going after the world record for running a marathon carrying a 100 pounds on his back. Will Kocken did it at the 2018 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. Kocken's mission was to raise awareness for the 4th H.O.O.A.H. Wisconsin, a non-profit organization supporting veterans and their families. His other mission was to break the Guinness World Record for fastest time running a marathon with a 100-pound bag. Kocken, an Army National Guard solder, crushed it. He finished the marathon in a time of 6:27:59. That easily beats the previous record of 6:47:03. The results still need to be certified. Kocken had a team of witnesses recording his journey, and he weighed his pack at the beginning and end of the marathon. The evidence will be sent to the Guinness team. "Over the last four months I told myself I needed to run 600 miles before race day," Kocken said. "And so I hit over the 600 mile marker and I know I had done the training and now it's time to go out and show what hard work does. Hard work produces results." (05/21/2018) ⚡AMP

Skyler Steinman wanted to do something more for his family than just pray

“Wisconsin will be Marathon number 41 on the road to 57. That would be the 50 states, seven continents,” Steinman explains. The seasoned marathoner has made it his goal to run a marathon in all 50 states, and on all seven continents. It started some 12 years ago, after Steinman’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and his brother was diagnosed with cancer. “I felt like I wanted to do something more for my family other than just pray,” he says. “I decided to take that hobby of running and grow it into something much larger.” The journey began on May 7, 2006 at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. “When I crossed the finish line I thought, 'I want to do more.'” Since then, Steinman checked four continents (North America, South America, Europe and Africa) and 37 states off the list. As Steinman gears up for the 2018 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, he brings to Wisconsin the wisdom he’s found along his journey. “I encourage other people to find whatever they're passionate about,” he says. “It may not be running, it may be something else entirely. But when you pour yourself into those passions, you find an outlet to get through the difficult times in your life.”   (05/19/2018) ⚡AMP

His goal is to raise One Million Dollars for a coworker battling Tonque Cancer

A man is using the deep rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys to help a coworker diagnosed with cancer.

When Texas school assistant principal, Bruce Hermans, learned the school's choir director, Allison Hartzell, was battling Stage 4 tongue cancer, he wanted to do something for her.

As an avid runner, Hermans decided to help raise money for Hartzell's treatment by running his first full marathon in his hometown of Green Bay. 

Pitting Packers fans against Cowboys fans, the Run4Allison campaign's goal is to raise $1 million by asking fans to donate in the name of their favorite team.

Which ever team raises the most money, is the jersey Hermans says he will wear crossing the finish line at Lambeau Field during the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. 

(04/27/2018) ⚡AMP
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