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Catra Corbett Smashes the 310 mile John Muir Trail record

Vegan ultramarathon runner Catra Corbett has set a new record on the legendary John Muir Trail. The 53-year-old athlete, who has openly spoken out about her previous abuse of crystal meth and alcohol, had already set a previous record on the 212-mile course.

Now she has just set another in the 310-mile course known as the Muir ramble route, which covers 310 miles of California, and was originally explored and recorded in 1868 by John Muir. Corbett's new record is for the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for completion.

She finished the 310 miles - which became 323 miles with diversions - in seven days, nine hours, and 49 minutes. Corbett, who has run over 100 races of 100 miles or more - and is world famous for her exploits and her commitment to positive thinking and living - was supported by a small team who paced and equipped her during the record attempt.

"There is no way I could have done it without Phil Nimmo help but mostly Dave Wiskowski and Chubky they were my crew on foot the last 66 miles," Catra told followers on social media. "We spent the night in the wilderness huddled together. They pushed me and helped motivate me. We all fell apart many times out there but kept it together.

"There were places there were no trails, and we had to route find our way. I'm happy I knew the last 15-mile section. We crossed slowly over two miles of rockfall, but the views were amazing. We almost had to turn around because the trail was completely gone due to a recent rockfall. Dave navigated us safely up and over it. We worked as a team to get it done."

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