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Children can run around for hours and not get breathless but as we get older this changes, here is what you can do to change this

As a child you could keep running around for hours, without getting breathless, but as we get older a regular complaint is that we get breathless very soon. The reason is that they have simply forgotten to breathe. It’s simply auto-mode. Courtesy of our poor posture and stress, we breathe dysfunctionally. All of us take the most important activity that keeps us alive for granted. How do you then fix an old habit? Surprisingly, it isn’t tough. It’s about accepting there is a problem and setting out to work on it. Within the rib cage is your lungs, which sit on curtain like structure called your diaphragm, which separates the lungs from organs in the abdomen. Adter long sitting hours pretty much from early childhood and then carried to in almost all our jobs, we all slouch. Stress in life leads shrugged shoulders. This combination leads to limiting the ribs movement. This restricts lungs expansion, as the ribs can’t move optimally. The trick is not to think of only sitting tall and lowering your shoulders but activating the muscles that’ll help you keep that tall posture for long.  Of course as we know, seasoned runners know that you need to get passed the heavy breathing and catch your second wind.  But in all cases this is good advice to use in your every day life.   (07/09/2018) ⚡AMP

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