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Running on sand can improve your performance

Regular running on sand can change your performance for the better. 1.- Sand running improves balance and coordination, "Sand moves when you land on it, and this tests your balance and coordination skills. Your body has to make lots of last-minute adjustments to the position of your feet, angle of ankles, legs and hips to keep you moving forwards effectively." 2.- It tests your proprioception, "Running on surfaces that constantly undulate really tests your awareness of your body in space and hones your skills in exactly where to place your feet for every step." 3.- Sand challenges your body in new ways. "Sand absorbs the energy from your stride, so you have to put more effort into your running. On a harder surface, lots of different structures in your legs act like elastic bands, absorbing energy as you land, then springing you forwards." 4.- It’s good for your legs "Sand is soft underfoot, meaning lower-impact forces are travelling up your legs when you land each foot on the ground. Instead of pushing your landing weight straight back up your legs, the sand dissipates this energy. This puts lower loads on your joints and bones and can be a great way of mixing up your training with sessions that are lower-impact." Running on lots of different surfaces, including sand, will make you a stronger and more resilient runner.   (06/12/2018) ‚ö°AMP

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