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Running is one of the most effective ways to rev up your metabolism

You don’t have much control over your metabolic rate, aerobic activity, such as running on a regular basis can temporarily increase your metabolism, which burns calories for energy. This can lead to a reduction in your body-fat percentage and weight loss. Running is also a cost-effective form of exercise that cuts the need for fad weight-loss products and a gym membership. It is not uncommon for people with weight loss issues to blame it on a slow metabolism. The National Health Service states that there is little evidence to support this. Rather, those who are overweight tend to have a faster metabolism than leaner individuals because the energy requirements are higher for a larger frame. During aerobic activity such as running, your metabolism increases to sustain your energy while you run. It works by burning the calories you consume and tapping into your fat storage to create energy. (08/29/2018) ⚡AMP

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