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Global Run Challenge Profile: Meghann Stewart reconnected with the joy of competing and training after a 30 year break

RUN THE WORLD: "I use to run at school," says 53-year-old Meghann Stewart, "but it faded from my life."  Then some 30 years later she decided to get fit with a friend and joined a morning Bootcamp.  "12 months later I entered a local Masters Athletics meet in the 200m and 800m and reconnected with the joy of competing, training and running with a bunch of like minded people," she says. Running is a part of her lifestyle in New Zealad and she enjoy all the benefits that come with it. The biggest highlight was entering her first International event in Italy in 2013. "I came second in the 800m and won the 1500m."  She has taken some years off from competing but is hoping to make a come back 2019. "That’s the best thing about the running community, there’s always another event/race to look forward to."  Asked about the Run The World Challenge she wrote. "As soon as I saw the Run The World Global Run Challenge and what it represented I signed up immediately."  She is a Personal Trainer in New Zealand to help, support and encourage everyone to see the benefits of running and include it in their life some way. Meghann is a wife and mother of three children, one dog and a cat. "I do private PT sessions and do commission artwork (oil painting, stencils and fabric art). I enjoy all kinds of functional mobility and did a Yoga teacher training course in 2017."  One of her goals is to achieve a top age-group time for 800m while experiencing as many running opportunities as possible. (07/02/2018) ‚ö°AMP
by Bob Anderson

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