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Estimate your mile time with this short speed workout

Have you ever wondered how fast you could run a mile? Many runners tend to bump up to longer distances before working on their speed, but training speed over shorter distances can translate well to longer distances, so it’s a great idea to test yourself on the track from time to time as well.

Knowing your mile time is essential for speed training, as it challenges your aerobic system. It also puts more stress on your mechanical system, since you’re running at a much faster pace than you would in a 5K or longer. This allows you to build the strength you need to maintain your form over longer distances.

Here is a workout to find your mile pace for speedwork and racing.


Two reps of 800m with 30 seconds rest/400m with 30 seconds’ rest/400m, with 10 minutes’ rest between sets

Each rep should be done at a threshold pace, but not at all-out. If you are unsure what your threshold pace is, aim for 20 to 30 seconds per kilometre faster than your 5K pace.

For example: If you run a 25-minute 5K, the 800m rep should be done in 3:36 to 3:40, and the 400s should be done in 1:45 to 1:48.

You will find the 30 seconds’ rest will go by quickly. To keep yourself diligent, get ready to start the next rep after finishing the previous one. If you are doing the workout at a track, drop water at the 400m mark, so you’re able to get fluids into your body between reps.

Between sets, grab your water and walk a lap or two around the track to keep your heart rate up.

Keep track of your splits for each rep, and do the same for the second set. Add up all the times, then divide by two, which should give you an estimate of what you could run for a mile (give or take a few seconds).

Example: 3:36 + 1:45 + 1:45 = 426 seconds (a 7:06 mile)

The short rest will make this workout not the most pleasant, but one you can look back on with confidence and as a future reference.

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by Marley Dickinson

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