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Camille Herron to Attempt Overall US 48-Hour-Record this Weekend

Camille Herron, the 24-hour world record-holder, is targeting the 48-hour world record this week in New Jersey. The event, which begins today, offers races from a 144-hour event all the way down to a six-hour run. Herron will get started on Friday, October 2 at 9 a.m. ET and end on Sunday, also at 9 a.m.

The current women’s world record stands at 397 kilometres and is held by Sumie Inagaki of Japan, but Herron wants to go one step further and become the overall U.S. record holder. This would require her to beat Olivier LeBlond, who ran 262 miles (or 421.9K) in 48 hours in 2017. The world record for the event is held by Yiannis Kouros of Greece who has run 433K on the roads.

Herron says she’s fit and ready to race this week. After having eight-consecutive races cancelled, she can’t wait to see a start line. “I keep signing up and they keep getting cancelled, but now that we’re under seven days out, I feel like it’s going to happen.” Herron explains that she was originally scheduled to race in Hungary this fall, but due to the travel ban, she wasn’t able to attend. This is what brought her to singing up for Three Days at the Fair. She chose the 48-hour event because regulars told her it’s the most competitive event of the week.

Herron says she’s going into this weekend with an open mind. “I’m not really sure what’s possible. I keep getting closer to Yiannis’s world records. For example, when I ran my 24-hour world record, I was only six per cent off his. Most women’s records are 10 to 12 per cent off men’s, but I’m getting pretty close. I don’t know what’s possible until I try, so I’m aiming for the men’s records. I’m trying to think big and get the most out of myself.”

Herron says while her motivation dwindled a bit at the beginning of the pandemic, having Three Days on the calendar reignited the flame. “I’ve been digging deeper since committing to this race. The competitor in me is still there – it’s just a matter of race opportunities coming back, and the world getting normal again.”

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