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Broken mile repeats to negative-split training for your upcoming half-marathon

When training for a half-marathon, longer interval workouts are essential to developing your top-end speed. One-mile repeats are a combination of speed and endurance, two things needed in a half-marathon, and are often prescribed by coaches to help raise your aerobic threshold. But these repeats can feel long and tedious, especially if they are in your training plan every two weeks.

Instead of doing one-mile repeats, try this broken-mile workout designed to help you negative-split your next half marathon.

The workout

Four to six reps of 1,000m, 30 seconds jog rest, 600m with 2 minutes stand or slow jog rest between reps.

Start with 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up and dynamic activation.

The strategy behind the workout is to do the 1,000m (or 1K) at your goal half-marathon pace, take a short rest, then 600m at a faster yet comfortable pace. You want to negative-split the rep, with your final 600m to be at a faster pace than your first 1,000m.

Between reps, jog slowly for two minutes or take standing rest. End the workout with 10 to 20 minutes of cool-down jogging.

Training for a negative split teaches you how to manage your energy and pace yourself properly. If you can complete six reps at your goal pace for the 1,000m reps, you should have no problem sticking to pace through the 10K in your half-marathon, making sure you don’t blow up during the second half.

Negative splitting takes a lot of discipline, and practising it in training can help you build up confidence in the second half of the race.

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by Marley Dickinson

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