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ASICS have unveiled the world’s first running track to train the mind, the blackout Track in London

The blackout track was developed in collaboration with sports scientists and top coaches to remove all distractions and encourage runners to focus on synchronising the mind and body, and runners have been trialling the first race track.  It is a custom-built course in London and the circuit – one lap is 150m – is dark apart from one spotlight trailing the athlete. The track’s absence of sound, technology, scenery and even a finish line means runners can focus their mind on each step. The “ASICS Blackout Track” was developed in collaboration with sports scientists and top coaches.  Researchers included Professor Samuele Marcora, the director of research at the University of Kent’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, and Dr Jo Corbett, leader of the Human Performance and Health Research Group at the University of Portsmouth. In addition, ASICS ambassadors Chevy Rough, a mind coach who works with leading athletes, and Jan Erik Kruse, a lead ASICS frontrunner, also helped to shape the various experiences on the track. Three runners, with a range of athletic abilities, completed 66 laps in near darkness as part of a 10km “mental marathon” – pacing the track without any of their usual running comforts. Olympic medallist and marathon record holder Deena Kastor (USA) ran the fastest time in just 37 minutes and 16 seconds. (06/30/2018) ⚡AMP

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