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Crescent City Classic 10k

Saturday March 30th, 2024
New Orleans, Louisiana
Distance: 10K
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The Crescent City Classic isannual 10-kilometer race held in New Orleans, Louisiana,United States. Mac DeVaughn founded the Classic and held the first race in 1979. The race was originally held in the Fall, but the race is now held the Saturday before Easter.

The Classic is New Orleans’ (and the region’s) premier 10k road race, and one of the oldest 10k races in the nation. For over 40 years, it has combined world class competition, amateur participation and great fun for all participants. Starting in 1979 with 902 participants, the All state Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic has grown to become the preeminent fitness event in Louisiana. This Easter Weekend Tradition is now, along with Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, one of New Orleans signature events.

Each year, over 20,000 people gather in Downtown New Orleans for an event that attracts everyone from international Elite Athletes to those who walk the entire route carrying cocktails or wearing bunny suits. Young, old, fit and not so, the Crescent City Classic was the first 10k to be televised nationally, and is, to this day, perhaps the most fun you can have over 6.2 miles. The Classic has been praised in every major running publication as “one of America’s fastest 10k’s”, “the originator of the party race”, “an Easter Weekend tradition that should never be missed” and “a great race, on a beautiful course in America’s most unique city”.

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Crescent City Classic 10k
Prize Money: $30,000

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Bob Anderson
This is a great tour of New Orleans. What is very unique is that Commemorative Race Posters are given to the Top 500 Finishers, a unique Crescent City Classic award tradition. I have won two and they look great and mine is hanging above my fireplace.
Bob Anderson
I really enjoyed this race.
Crescent City Classic 10k, Race Date: 2024-03-30, Distance: 10k
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 30:30 Matthew Hansen 19 LA
2nd Male 31:35 Alexander Soileau 23 LA
3rd Male 31:36 Bret Olivier 28 LA
4th Male 31:41 Tyler Mayforth 38 LA
Female 34;34 Ellen Feringa 27 PA
2nd Female 35:08 Sarah Jackson 35 TX
3rd Female 35:23 Kir Selert Faraud 36 LA
4th Female 25:49 Hannah Bourque 26 LA
Division Time Name Age Home
M 40-49 35:47 Sean Allerton 40 Metairie, LA
M 50-59 37:40 Marcelo Guerrero 54 Jackson, LA
M 60-69 40:25 Tom Luongo 60 New Orleans, LA
M 70+ 56:10 Frank Gaensehals 73 Shreveport, LA
F 40-49 41:53 Christina Hart 43 Saint Johns, FL
F 50-59 45:36 CAROLINE SMITH 53 Boise, ID
F 60-69 50:43 Cynthia Travis 61 Monroe, LA
F 70+ 56:15 Robin Daning 71 New Orleans, LA
Crescent City Classic 10k

This fast, point-to-point course is a USAT&F sanctioned and certified 10,000 meters. It starts in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Poydras St., proceeds down Poydras, bears left on Convenetion Center Blvd. then left onto Canal St., before continuing onto N Peters St., where it passes historical Jackson Square. Participants run throughthe French Quarter, past Cafe Du Monde and the French Market, before taking a left on Esplanade Ave. The course continues down beautiful Esplanade Ave. to the front of New Orleans City Park on City Park Ave. The remainder of the course takes place inside the park, passing by Storyland, before finishing on Lelong Ave. just beforethe New Orleans Museum of Art, exactly 6.2 miles from the start.

Past winners

Key: Course record USATF Men's 10K championships

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1979 Frank Shorter(USA) 29:47 Alicia Reese(USA) 37:40
2nd 1980 Craig Virgin(USA) 28:36 Patti Catalano(USA) 34:41
3rd 1981 Michael Musyoki(KEN) 27:55 Patti Catalano(USA) 32:09
4th 1982 Michael Musyoki(KEN) 27:49 Mary Slaney(USA) 32:51
5th 1983 Gidamis Shahanga(TAN) 28:21 Wendy Sly(ENG) 31:29
6th 1984 Marcus Nenow(USA) 27:23 Mary O'Connor(NZL) 32:29
7th 1985 Carlos Lopes(POR) 28:17 Wendy Sly(ENG) 32:14
8th 1986 Arturo Barrios(MEX) 28:16 Lisa Ondieki(AUS) 32:18
9th 1987 John Treacy(IRL) 27:59 Teresa Ornduff(USA) 31:55
10th 1988 Matthews Motshwarateu(BOT) 27:54 Lynn Nelson(USA) 32:14
11th 1989 Arturo Barrios(MEX) 27:50 Sylvia Mosqueda(USA) 32:32
12th 1990 Gidamis Shahanga(TAN) 28:37 Judi St. Hilaire(USA) 31:54
13th 1991 John Treacy(IRL) 29:08 Judi St. Hilaire(USA) 32:34
14th 1992 Dominic Kirui(KEN) 27:46 Judi St. Hilaire(USA) 32:21
15th 1993 Philemon Hanneck(ZIM) 27:45 Judi St. Hilaire(USA) 31:56
16th 1994 William Sigei(KEN) 27:24 Judi St. Hilaire(USA) 32:26
17th 1995 Keith Brantly(USA) 29:12 Delilah Asiago(KEN) 33:02
18th 1996 Matt Giusto(USA) 27:58 Catherine Ndereba(KEN) 32:26
19th 1997 Todd Williams(USA) 28:50 Paula Radcliffe(ENG) 31:47
20th 1998 Simon Rono(KEN) 27:27 Jane Omoro(KEN) 31:28
21st 1999 Joshua Chelanga(KEN) 27:45 Jane Ngotho(KEN) 32:15
22nd 2000 James Kosgei(KEN) 27:37 Colleen De Reuck(RSA) 31:58
23rd 2001 James Kosgei(KEN) 28:31 Elana Meyer(RSA) 32:07
24th 2002 Sammy Kipketer(KEN) 27:10 Lornah Kiplagat(KEN) 31:45
25th 2003 John Korir(KEN) 28:14 Isabella Ochichi(KEN) 31:23
26th 2004 Nelson Kiplagat(KEN) 28:24 Isabella Ochichi(KEN) 31:36
27th 2005 Sammy Kipketer(KEN) 27:47 Isabella Ochichi(KEN) 30:27
28th 2006 Gilbert Okari(KEN) 27:49 Isabella Ochichi(KEN) 30:54
29th 2007 George Kirwa(KEN) 28:15 Teyba Erkesso(ETH) 32:08
30th 2008 Moses Kigen(KEN) 27:44 Genoveva Kigen(KEN) 32:11
31st 2009 Mark Kiptoo(KEN) 28:18 Lineth Chepkurui(KEN) 32:24
32nd 2010 Tilahun Regassa(ETH) 28:05 Lineth Chepkurui(KEN) 30:45
33rd 2011 Belete Assefa(ETH) 28:14 Wude Ayalew(ETH) 31:36
34th 2012 Solomon Deksisa(ETH) 28:14 Genoveva Kigen(KEN) 32:18
35th 2013 Isiah Koech(KEN) 27:32 Alice Kimutai(KEN) 31:51
36th 2014 Leonard Komon(KEN) 27:44 Risper Gesabwa(KEN) 31:43
37th 2015 John Muritu(KEN) 28:56 Hiwot Ayalew(ETH) 31:55
38th 2016 John Muritu(KEN) 28:02 Buze Diriba(ETH) 31:57
39th 2017 Jake Robertson(NZL) 27:55 Mamitu Daska(ETH) 32:19
40th 2018 Jake Robertson (NZL) 27:28 MonicahNigge(KEN) 32:05
41st 2019 Jairus Birech (KEN) 27:52 Brilliant Kipkeoch (KEN) 31:40
The 42nd and 43rd events were local races.
44nd 2022 Ben True (USA) 28:15 Bruktayit Eshetu (ETH) 31:34

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