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Run The World Global Run Challenge

Wednesday July 4th, 2018
World Wide
Distance: 24,901 Miles

Run The World Global Run Challenge is a running event celebrating running, inspiring and motivating people to run regularly and to achieve our goal. Our team will log enough miles to circle the global. We start logging miles (k’s) July 4, 2018. Our goal is to login 24,901 miles (40,074k) within 30 days.

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Join us for this ChallengeOur team needs no more than 200 active runners. We can still use a few more runners. Sign up now and once approved, you can log all miles you have run since July 4.

We are bringing the running world closer together no matter what culture, age, sex or running ability.

Our next Run The World Challenge starts August 29

Simple team rules: A Run The World team can have no more than 200 runners. The team has to have runners in all age-groups (19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 plus). A team needs runners living (or have passport) from ten different countries. At least 50 of the members have to be either female or male.

Run the World team member, Rosaura Tennant says, "The fact that people around the world can join and commit to log their runs just to accomplish our goal means a lot throughout the running community; this tells us how supportive we can be without knowing each other," says 58-year-old Rosaura.

We are Runners and we are proud of it. We run regularly, many of us daily, and we mostly do it for ourselves because it makes us a better person.

Running is magical. It helps keep things in perspective. Running helps smooth out the bumps. Running relieves stress and gives us fitness making our lives better. Running is much more than putting one foot in front of the other

“I am Bob Anderson and I am a lifetime runner. I started running February 19, 1962. I have run over one thousand races and have logged in many miles,” says Bob. “I created My Best Runs Run The World Global Run Challenge to help brings runners all over the world of all ages, abilities and cultures together.”

Bob has helped inspire a lot of people and he looks forward to inspiring many more. He started Runner's World magazine in 1966 and published it for 18 years. He had 2.5 million monthly readers by 1985.

“I am now 70 and I still log in at least 20 miles per week. I use Strava to track my miles and to keep track of my data," he says. “I work running into my daily life, like I run or walk/run to lunch everyday. I am looking forward in logging in these miles for our Run The World Challenege.”

How does the Run The World Global Run Challenge work:

1. You have to sign up before the start date. You need to enter with your real name, email, birthday, location, short bio and what you feel will be your average weekly mileage.

2. You need to set up a My Best Runs account so you can log your miles (k’s). You can log into your account with your email and password.

3.This challenge starts July 4th (wherever you live) and will end in 30 days or sooner.

4. There is Run The World feed so everyone can follow our progress. When you post a photo from your run and a note, it will appear in the feed.

5. You can log in miles multiple times during the day or combine your mileage and do one entry. There are two types of runs, training or racing. Only enter the length of the race under that type. And if ran other miles that day enter those separately.

6. Be sure sure to put down the country were you either did the training run or Race. We will track miles by country location.

7. For a race be sure to enter your time.

8. Only log in “real mileage” and have something as a backup like Strava, Garmin, etc.

9. You have taken in our challenge with the understanding you will hold us harmless for anything that might happen to you during the course of this event. You give us permission to use your name, supplied details and or photo. We will not give your email or any personal data to a third party.

Add this challenge to your existing goals. You don’t have to change your training or racing plans. However maybe this challenge willk inspire you to do more or to just get out the door.

We are planning on doing a victory lap (800m) for all our team members who logged miles and give out medals near the Golden Gate Bridge on August 5th at the end of our Double Racing Festival.

Good running to you

Bob Anderson
Run the World Team Leader

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Run The World Global Run Challenge

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