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Saturday January 1st, 2022
World Wide
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Run The World Global Challenge is a world wide celebration of running.

RTWChallenge 9 started Jan 1, 2021 and will go the entire year with monthly winners.

Here is he link for the official results of Run The World 52-Week Challenge. Congrats to all our participants.

RTW Challenge #8 was January 1, 2020 to December 31 2020.

RTW Challenge #7 is a 16 week program starting September 11, 2019 and ending 11:59pm Tuesday December 31, 2019 (California USA time). There is no entry fee. You log your miles (k's) on your free My Best Runs account. You just need to sign up for the challenge.

Participants run or walk and then log in those miles (k’s) on their My Best Runs Account. There have already been five different challenges. Three (RTW1, RTW2 and RTW3) were challenges where each team logged enough miles to circle the world which is 24,901 miles. The best time was turned in by the RTW1 Challenge team finishing the task in 36 days, 23 hours and 13 minutes.

RTW4 was a team challenge and the goal was to log as many miles as possible in 30 days. Michael Wardian (US) logged the most miles (744.75 miles). The 14-team member Team Kenya logged the most team miles with 3342.10 miles. A total of 83 participants logged 12,274 unique miles in the 30 days.

RTW Challenge 100,000 Miles was a timed event to see how long it would take to reach the goal. The team started July 4, 2018 and finished on March 29 at 12:45 am. Willie Korir from Kenya logged the most miles (3,953.66). The top female was Kat Powell who logged 985.08 miles. A little more than half the total miles were run in the United States (51,145). 19,720 miles were run in Kenya and 6,994 miles in India. Miles were run in 65 countries. A total of 278 people logged miles.

The current Run The World Challenge is called RTW Challenge 365 (52 weeks). One team that started July 4, 2019 is logging in miles to see how many miles can be reached in one year. This is the continuation of the RTW Challenge 100,000 Miles team. All previous members can log miles and new people can sign up. Team members can log only current miles or all miles starting from July 4. There is no entry fee to be part of our team. All you need is to have or set up a free My Best Runs account and then sign up for RTW Challenge 365. Click here to sign up and start logging

Meet our Run The World Challenge Founder and Team Caption

“I am Bob Anderson and I am a lifetime runner. I started running February 19, 1962. I have run over one thousand races and have logged in many miles,” says Bob. “I created Run The World Global Challenge sponsored by My Best Runs to help bring runners all over the world of all ages, abilities and cultures together.”

Bob has helped inspire a lot of people and he looks forward to inspiring many more. He started Runner's World magazine in 1966 and published it for 18 years. He had 2.5 million monthly readers by 1985.

“I am now 71 and I still log in at least 20 miles per week. (He has averaged35 miles per week since July 4 because of these challenges.) I use Strava to track my miles and to keep track of my data," he says. “I work running into my daily life, like I run or walk/run to lunch everyday. I am looking forward in logging in miles for our Run The World Challenge.”

How does the Run The World Global Run Challenge work:

1. You need to set up a free My Best Runs account. You need to enter your real name, email, birthday, location, short bio and what you feel will be your average weekly mileage. This is where you log in your miles (k's) and post your comment and photo.

2. You will be able to log into your account with your email (user name) and password. When you sign up this happens automatically.

3. The Run The World feed has been established so everyone can follow our progress. When you post a photo from your run and a comment, it will appear in the feed. One mission is to motivate the team and inspire other people and this is one way we do it.

4. You can log in miles multiple times during the day or combine your mileage and do one entry. There are two types of runs, training or racing. Only enter the length of the race under that type. And if ran other miles that day enter those separately.

5. Be sure sure to put down the country were you either did the training run or race. We will track miles by country based on where you ran.

6. Only log in “real mileage” that can be running, racing, run/walk, walk/run or walking. It takes less than a minute to log in your miles and we hope you will make this commitment to be part of this event.

7. You have taken on the RTW Challenge with the understanding you will hold My Best Runs, Bob Anderson and Ujena harmless for anything that might happen to you during the course of this event. You give us permission to use your name, supplied information and photos to help promote this event. We will not give your email or any personal data to a third party.

Good running to you

Bob Anderson
Run the World Team Caption

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