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Waldo 100k Trail Run

Saturday August 13th, 2022
Eugene, Oregon
Distance: 100k · Ultra

Waldo 100k Trail Run is mostly single-track trail with more than 11,000′ of elevation gain and an equal amount of loss. There are three major climbs of more than 2,000′ each and two minor climbs of more than 1,000′ each. The highest point is 7,818′ at the top of Maiden Peak and the lowest point is at Gold Lake, about 4,900′.

The name of the race was decided on when it was clear that runners could only ever “see” Waldo Lake from the high peaks and never arrive there. Race director Craig’s wife, Laurie Thornley, warned him that someone might come after him regarding the use of the children’s storybook name, but he decided to chance it. Wanting to add some flavor to the normal prize structure, Craig and co-director Curt added a premium for the racers, The “Find Waldo” award would go to the first runner to reach the top of Fuji Mountain (mile 16), but to win the prize the runner had to complete the race.

And thus, Where’s Waldo 100k was born. It was included in the Oregon Trail Series, and with the fair warning, “It is not a beginner-level ultra and participation in the race should not be taken lightly,” the first race was on the calendar for September 28, 2002. A two-person relay was included to get the numbers up.

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Waldo 100k Trail Run

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