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Stockholm Half Marathon

Saturday September 17th, 2022
Stockholm, Sweden
Distance: Half Marathon

Stockholm Half marathon has a unique course. Starting and running in the area between the castle, the Riksdaghuset and the Opera is special. And running in the middle of town is really a special feeling.

The half marathon in Stockholm has been called Stockholm Halvmarathon (Stockholm Half Marathon) since 2007 but the race is actually much older. In 1927, the year the first Volvo car was produced and Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop across the Atlantic, was when Stockholmsloppet (Stockholm Race) was launched.

The race was organised by athletic club Fredrikshof IF and the newspaper Stockholms Dagblad whose sports writer, Oscar Söderlund, came up with the idea of the competition.

The first race started and finished in the Olympic Stadium, later editions used the open-air museum of Skansen and the national football stadium in Råsunda.

The race was international and until its demise in 1955 one of the major events in Swedish distance running. From 1933-1936 Thore Enochsson won four times, before the Finn, Erkki Tamila followed up with three consecutive victories.In the 1950s Uno Gustavsson became the third man to win the race three times.

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Stockholm Half Marathon

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Race Date: 09/11/2021 Distance: Half Marathon
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 01:06:06 Olle Walleräng 36 SWE
2nd Male 01:09:43 Yohannes Kiflay 19 SWE
3rd Male 01:11:05 Tom Honig 30 SWE
4th Male 01:11:46 Tony Hatefnejad 34 SWE
Female 01:20:13 Sara Trané 36 SWE
2nd Female 01:20:32 Malin Gibrand 40 SWE
3rd Female 01:21:39 Malin Skoog 33 SWE
4th Female 01:21:56 Jenny Rutström 44 SWE
Division Time Name Age Home
M 40-49 01:15:23 Henrik Brattander 41 SWE
M 50-59 01:24:32 Johannes Erlandsson 53 SWE
M 60-69 01:28:01 Hui Zhao 61 SWE
M 70+ 01:46:16 Bengt Isgard 70 SWE
F 40-49 01:21:56 Jenny Rutström 44 SWE
F 50-59 01:36:40 Asa Synnerholm 53 SWE
F 60-69 01:38:39 Birgitta Lanhede 63 SWE
F 70+ 02:12:02 Susanne Nyberger 72 SWE
Stockholm Half Marathon

In 2007 the name of the race changed again to Stockholm Halvmarathon (Stockholm Half Marathon) and in 2010 to DN Stockholm Halvmarathon. DN is the sponsoring newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

In 2008 there were entries from over 9,000 runners and 30% were women. Over a thousand came from outside Sweden.

The positive growth has steadily continued and in 2013 there were 17,163 participants, a record number for the race. Other records in 2013 were:
• entries from 78 nations
• 2,559 overseas entries, 15% of the total participants
• 6,512 female participants, 38% of the total field.

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