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8/5/18 13.73 K 1:44:46 12:17 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today is the last day of the challenge which I took on April 28 named 100 days of Running. I along with one of my running mate planned to run for exact 100 minutes. We both started with zeal but 1.5km into the run my muscles started getting stretched. However, I did warm up before starting run. I think due to continuous exertion the muscles might need some rest now. We both slowed down and 5 km into the run we were joined by a very joyous and enthusiatic running friend. He first congratulated me for the challenge and than took us both into a trail which exists in our vicinity. It was dense forest with muddy waters as it is continuously raining. But we found ourselves in the serene environment surrounded by nature. What more can you expect to conclude such an event. Now next target is to complete the ‘Run The World’ challenge of running distance equivalent to Earth’s circumference. #The_Running_Panda #100DaysOfRunning
8/4/18 11.15 K 1:26:41 12:31 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey!! I started my run a bit late as I forgot to put alarm in my mobile. Therefore, I missed our routine Saturday training. I took a bit more time due to an important phone call from home, can't miss my Mom's call. Thus, the run was more of a fun. The picture was taken during an event organized by the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology with my niece. #Happy_Running #The_Running_Panda
8/3/18 11.15 K 1:17:47 11:14 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! A happy morning to celebrate. I started slowly with a friend and did 11k. The picture was taken at the expo of Mumbai Marathon last January. This one is for you Bob! You are doing a fabulous job, keep up the spirits. Best wishes from East. #YouInspire #The_Running_Panda
8/2/18 10.18 K 1:13:18 11:36 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Day # 7 started on a high inn my quest of doing 10X10. The first few kilometers seemed to be easy but the real trouble started after 5km mark. Since, I have a decent training before starting my 10X10 and I am matured enough with my pacing strategy. I slowed down for a while and completed my run in usual 73 minutes. With this I complete my challenge of running 150 miles in 30 days. Now I will contribute some more miles to reach our final goal of running an equivalent distance of Earth's circumference. The picture a few months old while training on Kharghar Hill. #The_Running_Panda
8/1/18 10.59 K 1:18.21 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today it was very humid as I started my run. But it is said that you have to work hard to taste success. Day 6 done of 10X10 challenge. Last 4 days before glory. #The_Running_Panda
7/31/18 10.22 K 1:17:28 12:12 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today commenced the fifth day of my 10X10 challenge. Proud of the fact that I have completed 5 days of consecutive 10km run in a streak.
7/30/18 10.39 K 1:13:19 11:22 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey!! The challenge of 10X10, conceptualized by fellow runner Deepak Oberoi last year, today is the 4th day of run. Till date I am going strong and hope to finish strong. May the force remain with me. #The_Running_Panda
7/29/18 10.72 K 1:18:35 11:48 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today was the day wherein I wanted to finish my long run early as registrations for Tata Mumbai Marathon (FM) commenced. As soon as I completed my run, I immediately went to my system and registered for the Full Marathon category. Now the high time has come and I need to go full throttle into training mode. May the force be with me. Day#3 of 10, for running 10km each day. #The_Running_Panda
7/28/18 12.24 K 1:23:20 10:58 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
Namastey! As per my plan to run 10km everyday, I started with my group members Uday and Devesh at 0600 hours. It was humid as rains have been less since past few days, so this made our run a bit difficult. #The_Running_Panda
7/27/18 10.10 K 1:12:18 11:32 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! So the final lag of the challenge starts and with this the final lag of my 100 days challenge also. In keeping with the spirits; I have raised the bar to another level wherein I will try to run 10 km for the next 10 days. Therefore, Day 1 of the 10X10 challenge is done and I have completed my run. May the force remain with me for the next 9 days. If I am able to complete the 10X10 challenge I will cover up for my first week's deficit also and thereby complete my target run of 35 miles / week. The picture shared on this occasion motivates me to run my limits. This lady at 102 years is rocking and I am just 26, I can easily do this. #The_Running_Panda
7/26/18 7.39 K 52:04 11:21 Navi Mumbai (IN)
7/25/18 7.33 K 50:41 11:08 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey!! I again had a plan of running 8km but because of the dinner bash yesterday evening, I changed my target to 5km. While the run was started, I found it easier to run in drizzling rain. Thus, made up a mind to run the farthest distance time allows. Therefore, ran 7.33 in 50:41. I could have ran more but due to time I wasn't and came back home. The going is good and I will try to complete this week's target also. #The_Running_Panda
7/24/18 9.26 K 1:03:49 11:06 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today I started my run with a target of running at least 5km but I was open to increase the mileage if I am able to. After completing some 4km, it started drizzling making the weather best suited to run. Soon I was drenched and the weather was all supportive. Thus, I made up my mind to run a longer distance than my usual target to cover up for the miles of I week. Week 3 target achieved. Thus, mission accomplished. #The_Running_Panda
7/23/18 7.24 K 51:30 11:27 Navi Mumbai (IN)
7/22/18 8.08 K 1:1:53 12:20 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! I had decided on Saturday that I will try to do at least 10km on Sunday but I was forced to stop at 8km. Therefore, the set target was not meant but the scenic beauty in serene environment was enough to conclude my run on a high. Panda going strong. #The_Running_Panda
7/21/18 16.03 K 2:00:31 12:06 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Saturday was meant for long distance run. I was caught by my gang here in Navi Mumbai. We started at 6 AM exact and did 2 loops in the nearby area. It was drizzling throughout which made things easier. Finally after a long time I did a 10 miler which really made my day. Hope to continue the streak in future. #The_Running_Panda
7/20/18 5.95 K 40:48 11:03 Navi Mumbai (IN)
7/19/18 6.25 K 44:54 11:34 Navi Mumbai (IN)
7/18/18 6.91 K 47:25 11:03 Navi Mumbai (IN)
7/17/18 7.42 K 49:39 10:47 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
Namastey!!!! I started my run under overcast conditions. It was humid but manageable. I went with a target of achieving my target of 35 miles which were 4 miles short and I successfully achieved. Finally Mission Accomplished for this week. Looking forwards towards a fresh start tomorrow morning. #The_Running_Panda
7/16/18 5.49 K 40:29 11:53 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
7/15/18 11.10 K 1:15:00 10:53 Kota (IN)
Namastey!! Routine Sunday long run near the beautiful roundabout. I went to the stadium in vicinity and ran 5 rounds of the perimeter (5X900m = 4500m) and 1 round of the small perimeter (1X400m = 400m). To and fro running from home to stadium (2X3.1 km = 6.2km). Thus completing weekend action. #The_Running_Panda
7/14/18 5.41 K 35:08 10:28 Kota (IN)
Namastey!!!! As I was travelling since past three days and currently in transit, thought of logging the miles now for past three days. The weekend runs were in my hometown near this beautiful round about.
7/12/18 2.30 K 25:00 17:30 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
Namastey! I generally take an Autorickshaw to commute from Railway Station to my Home in Airoli, but this evening I made up my mind to brisk walk the small distance. It was drizzling so had issues with vision. We need to be extra cautious during rains (thanks to government authorities for not taking care of roads).
7/13/18 6.26 K 45:20 11:40 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
7/12/18 8.46 K 59:39 11:21 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey!!!! Today morning started with loud music at our neighbors place. While some found it irritating and hurled abuses, for early birds it acted like a wake up alarm to which you can't snooze. Thus, after completing my all important morning work, I tied my laces with a hope that it won't start raining heavily as it was a few days back. For the entire 1 hour duration, it slightly drizzled but never rained heavily. Started strong this week, I feel that I can touch my targeted miles. #The_Running_Panda
7/11/18 11.02 K 1:24:26 12:20 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey!!!! Today I was determined to do at least 6 miles to start the week on a high. After yesterday night's feast at a friends place it was time to burn some calories in morning. I started steadily as it was a heavy downpour in Mumbai. But as it is said that 'Fortune favors the brave', the heavy downpour turned into drizzles which were mesmerizing. I thoroughly enjoyed the run even though I hit the wall at about 8km mark but sometimes you need shear determination to complete your target. Hope to maintain the momentum and achieve my target this week. #The_Running_Panda
7/10/18 4.84 K 33:03 11:00 Navi Mumbai (IN)
Namastey! Today when I woke up, it was raining heavily. I guess the previous night's thunderstorm was continuing in full throttle. But I decided not to give up the day as I am very short of my set target. After making up with all important and necessary things, I hit the road and fortunately the rain God also showed some mercy. It was a good run with pleasant winds blowing but I seriously need to change my strategy of execution. I need to consider some margin for mother nature and can't always take it for granted. Attaching a view of my street, the increased greenery across the roads. #The_Running_Panda
7/9/18 2.71 K 20:03 11:55 NAVI MUMBAI (IN)
Delayed my run and curtailed my target due to incessant rains. It was raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai and I decided to avoid today's run after running 2.71 km in dark. It is always good to take a step back rather than falling in pit from where a come back is almost impossible.
7/8/18 3.41 K 23:01 10:52 Kota (IN)
Namastey!!!! Running under hot blazing sun. The outside temperature was above 30°C. I thought that due to the wind speed, I will be able to complete my Sunday long run but I was wrong. There was no wind at all, therefore it became difficult to run. I learnt to respect time of run also today. Now it has become very difficult to match up with this week's target. #The_Running_Panda
7/7/18 8.27 K 54:17 10:34 (IN)
Namastey!! (Hello everyone) I started late today in evening and it was quite humid, I guess due to the half an hour of drizzle. I started with road running near to the stadium and after completing 4km I went inside the stadium for another 4. The plan was to run 7 - 8 miles to cover up for the target set but was a bit lazy. It is going to be a bit tough in upcoming days but let us see how well can I place myself in my target set. #The_Running_Panda
7/6/18 4.20 K 26:40 10:14 (IN)
Again a hectic day full of travel and work. But once you have taken up a challenge, you have to complete. I had a stadium run consisting of 10 rounds of 400 m circle. Need to work hard on weekends to match the set target. #The_Running_Panda
7/5/18 4.32 K 30:30 11:22 (IN)
The plan was to run at least 5 miles. However, it was later curtailed down to quarter to 3 miles. Therefore, a good margin needs to be covered in upcoming weekend long run. #The_Running_Panda
7/4/18 7.56 K 52:24 11:10 (IN)
Running in drizzling rain in Mumbai.
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