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Total Miles: 3,731.06 since 07/04/2018

7 Day Total (Starting 12/4): 30.18

Total Miles for RTW2: 3,259.53

Paul Shimon

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Date Distance Time Mi. Pace Location Photo
12/5/19 11.16 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Texas A@M cross country southwest conference home meet!
12/4/19 9.51 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
My 1966 track team before transferring to Texas A@M. Note the guns on these guys especially the far right.
12/4/19 0.00 Miles (US)
12/4/19 9.51 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Northland College track team 1966! Check the guns on these guys especially Quentin on the far right.
12/3/19 11.94 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Beautiful night sky.
12/2/19 9.51 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Lights are looking good!
12/1/19 13.65 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
College Street in Winfield.
11/30/19 3.09 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Deep Purple over Winfield Rec Center.
11/30/19 7.56 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Kickapoo natural coral on the Arkansas River!
11/29/19 2.70 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
11/29/19 9.60 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Xmas in the country! Early birds wishing for the next holiday!
11/28/19 3.07 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
“In the Still of the night” from The Irishman! Really well done with the cast of stars untouchable!
11/28/19 8.51 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cold November rain!
11/27/19 10.10 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Looking down the 77 steps.
11/26/19 14.56 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Road closed to local elevation Matterhorn!😞
11/25/19 10.98 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Southwestern’s 77 steps. Did this 3 times this morning.
11/24/19 9.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Covered bridge.
11/23/19 8.59 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Welcome to Winfield.
11/22/19 8.64 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Beautiful horse!
11/21/19 8.21 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
These three beauties were eyeing me as I ran by this nice farm’
11/20/19 8.72 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
My international San Blas half marathon medal presented by Mrs. Clemente. Roberto was a great humanitarian and baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates!
11/19/19 11.46 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Moon over Wal Mart! 😀😂
11/18/19 10.56 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Helicopter lands in hospital parking lot dusty day for some!
11/17/19 3.89 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
11/16/19 6.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Pleasant in this area! Feels like Norway
11/15/19 10.26 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Heading East on lovely country road.
11/14/19 9.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
A big horse!
11/13/19 10.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Barn at mile 8 yesterday “out in the country!”
11/12/19 13.54 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cup and Saucer Farm.
11/11/19 6.20 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Night sky over Winfield!
11/10/19 5.61 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Bales and milk cows.
11/9/19 7.13 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Rock formations on the course.
11/8/19 8.05 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Pink sky!
11/8/19 2.85 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
11/7/19 10.63 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
On the road again!
11/6/19 10.74 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Angry sky.
11/5/19 3.17 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Night time ! Underside of the water tower!
11/5/19 6.53 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Fly like an Eagle!
11/4/19 10.04 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Oil derricks in a farmers field!
11/3/19 13.45 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Bales and dairy cows down on the farm!
11/2/19 6.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Running with the tracer 360.
11/2/19 5.49 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Overlooking the Arkansas River in Winfield.
11/1/19 11.41 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Nice art work on the run
10/31/19 8.81 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Wear sunscreen even in Winter!
10/30/19 7.89 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Sand on the hill at Southwestern preparation for snow!
10/29/19 11.10 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cemetery Hill 4x this morning!
10/28/19 8.79 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Old barn down by the river.
10/27/19 8.73 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Finishing up today! Great weather I misjudged this and thought it would feel colder!
10/26/19 7.21 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Frightening! Parade passed right after and train came just after I went by! 30’s temp so nice!
10/25/19 5.62 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Light it up cyclists! Runners too!
10/24/19 5.69 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Spirit of the season!
10/23/19 7.29 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Trick or treat!
10/22/19 5.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Come to this dance! 10:4 windy cool !
10/21/19 5.44 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
45 degrees and sunny.
10/20/19 7.77 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Lucky 7’s today . I’ll share my luck to all of you!
10/19/19 5.24 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cherry Street Park northwest corner picnic area.
10/18/19 2.71 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Prairie Fire Marathon. A marathon is a long way!
10/14/19 3.29 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Friends were so encouraging! This was my 40th straight Wichita marathon and 137th marathon.
10/13/19 26.20 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Finished Prairie Fire Marathon! Highest distance since May 7 miles. Not recommended!
10/12/19 1.16 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
With friends at Prairie Fire Marathon Expo.
10/11/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Windy and cool easy run 6:1 .
10/10/19 5.35 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cooler weather expected. Marathon Sunday.
10/9/19 5.37 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Epsom bath for my sore feet! The one on the right is a bad one!
10/8/19 0.93 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
10/8/19 4.82 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
15/2 run/walk ratio. Cool and a great day to run.
10/7/19 4.04 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walking today! It was busy but nice to run in cooler temps! Foot is painful.
10/6/19 7.02 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Nice and cool overcast any day like this is a true A plus!
10/5/19 6.34 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Out on the Highway!
10/4/19 5.48 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Felt very loggy today,
10/3/19 5.20 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Wore these Newton shoes.
10/2/19 4.15 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Humid and beastly hot !
10/1/19 5.04 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Red sky over tennis courts.
9/30/19 4.98 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Almost 5 foot is sore.
9/29/19 7.06 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Hilly area plenty deer abound.
9/28/19 0.86 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
9/28/19 6.89 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Troll bridge at Cherry Street Park.
9/27/19 4.76 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The Eagle flies over the turtle!
9/26/19 6.87 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Stopped at the track for a few intervals. Beautiful day to run storm last night ushered in a cool front !
9/25/19 4.79 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Two long walks big toe is puffed up!
9/24/19 5.17 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Looking long have to keep hydrated!
9/23/19 4.90 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Late afternoon run! 4:2 minutes run/walk.
9/22/19 7.10 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Thick brush plenty deer roam this area.
9/21/19 2.42 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Nice walk but very humid after the Gator game! Nice win Gators!
9/21/19 4.93 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
How can 72 degrees be so hot! Humidity?
9/20/19 2.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
A sure sign Fall is upon us! These leaves are the harbinger of Fall.
9/20/19 5.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Good place for some bar work! Running in the rain!
9/19/19 4.34 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Hot morning run! Plenty of people in town this week!
9/18/19 0.93 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walk in the dark! The yellow rose of Texas!
9/18/19 5.60 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
A track work out added to my running today!
9/17/19 6.50 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Ratios for run/walk 10:5, 9:4, 8:4, 7:4, 6:3, 5:3 4:2, 3:2, 2:1, 1:1, :30:1.
9/15/19 1.54 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Tennis courts ahead after hours walk.
9/15/19 6.33 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Hot going out cooler coming home all due to Kanza!
9/14/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Ran by Southwestern gym this morning!
9/13/19 4.93 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Back to the track.
9/10/19 1.02 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Baseball game ahead.
9/10/19 4.34 Miles (US)
Running the path in the morning.
9/9/19 4.33 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Red sky at night sailors delight!
9/8/19 1.57 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walking the neighborhood after hours!
9/8/19 4.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Noah Lyle establishes himself with a great race at the Diamond League meet!
9/7/19 4.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
There is a dragon in the child’s pool.
9/6/19 5.71 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The outdoor swimming pool is closed until next Summer!
9/5/19 4.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Hot today, but always make it fun!
9/4/19 6.76 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
My first year of teaching and coaching the lads were so kind to present me with this plaque! Joe they are all safe!
9/2/19 4.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The door to go to for the track and cross country coachs.
9/1/19 6.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Soccer Field at SC. 4 min. Run 4 min.walk for 6 miles Humid.
8/31/19 1.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walk ou by Black Creek Park
8/31/19 4.26 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Faster today! Water tower from the Notth.
8/30/19 4.38 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
After the rain!
8/29/19 1.17 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
8/29/19 4.34 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Straight ahead the Southwestern College gym.
8/28/19 4.38 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The spite of the old St.John’s College attracted my attention this morning! (3,4,5 min. ) 1:1 run,walk.
8/27/19 4.24 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
500 yard circle the houses. Warmup and cool down place!
8/26/19 4.38 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Dark night!
8/25/19 1.11 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walk and talk.
8/24/19 4.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Nice South Wind! That’s called Kansas!
8/23/19 4.17 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
This sunflower created a sensation this morning! 10:5:10 4 miles!
8/22/19 4.60 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
A nice rainy run much cooler than yesterday!
8/20/19 4.32 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Two USTFF All American Awards. 1975 5th place 2:33.43. 1977 6th place 2:39.36.
8/19/19 1.76 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Night walk with lighted vest.
8/18/19 6.69 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Up by the V.A. Where WWI Memorial Drive meets WWII Memorial Drive.
8/16/19 4.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Reading a good book motivational and entertaining!
8/15/19 2.59 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Woodland area with plenty of shade.
8/14/19 6.65 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Quiet River. Nice to be back on a country run.
8/13/19 4.05 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Shark week!! But this is Kansas people are scared! Lol
8/12/19 1.32 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Lightning isn’t worth it! Went in early tomorrow is going to be another day!
8/11/19 6.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
First step is always the hardest!
8/10/19 4.57 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Windy, hot, humid weather took a toll on my tall sunflowers .
8/9/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Though it was a gloomy day I faced it with a smile as big as Texas.
8/8/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Won some Jayhawk awards at Kansas Relays. I love Clinton Dam!
8/7/19 4.21 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Outrageous humidity!
8/5/19 4.32 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
8/3/19 4.31 Miles (US)
Run walk run
8/2/19 3.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Running in the rain!
8/1/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Run walk run
7/31/19 2.25 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Keep hydrating this Summer!
7/30/19 3.03 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
My son and his high School XC team were invited by his coach to be Olympic Torch bearers for the Atlanta Olympics .
7/29/19 5.12 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cloud Formation “Alien Attack from Above”
7/27/19 4.46 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Watching National Championship Track and Field Meet.!!
7/26/19 4.37 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Sometimes look to the clouds! Tell me what you see.
7/25/19 4.30 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
7/24/19 8.46 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Kansas sunflowers growing tall!
7/21/19 4.60 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
This trophy from a 4 mile out and back on the beach near Melbourne Florida to commemorate Moonwalk Festival 1971.
7/20/19 4.61 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
I raced these guys in Puerto Rico never beat these three. They won the Boston team title.
7/19/19 3.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Prairie Fire coffee is great even on a 100 degree day!
7/18/19 3.33 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
My retirement ice cream cake!
7/17/19 3.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
From the 1988 Olympics I snagged this a conference!
7/16/19 2.40 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Who doesn’t like Snoopy?
7/15/19 2.22 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
I always try to protect my eyes!
7/15/19 2.22 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
7/14/19 2.14 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
7/13/19 3.13 Miles Winfield Kansas. (US)
My fastest marathon time 2:30.12 on Third Olympiad Course St. Louis Mo. 1975.
7/12/19 3.00 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Mount Vernon H.S. Alexandria Virginia in 1965 awarded me Outstanding Track Man.
7/11/19 2.94 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Billy Mills came to Wichita to promote running . We ran a 5 k and listened to his speech then saw his Olympic 10k the announcer went nuts!
7/10/19 2.84 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Down by the river.
7/9/19 1.34 Miles (US)
River running faster after all the rain.
7/8/19 1.34 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Wearing of the green!
7/7/19 2.54 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
7/6/19 1.54 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
7/5/19 1.27 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
7/5/19 2.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
July 4th down the road.
7/3/19 2.49 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
7/3/19 2.49 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Literature from back in the day.
7/2/19 2.37 Miles Winfield kansas (US)
6/26/19 3.46 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
6/25/19 2.00 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
San Blas race
6/24/19 1.00 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Patriotic biker ! Nice theme for the season.
6/23/19 1.22 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
“By the light....”
6/23/19 2.21 Miles (US)
Mushrooms or toadstools by the tennis courts.
6/22/19 3.56 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Neighborhood flowers along the way.
6/21/19 1.01 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
A rose in my flower bed.
6/20/19 2.26 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Shoes racked and ready.
6/19/19 1.16 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Wild guess.
6/19/19 2.26 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Flowers and landscaping make ‘this house very interesting!
6/18/19 0.97 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Walking the neighborhood.
6/18/19 1.14 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Winfield library.
6/17/19 1.70 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Signed bib numbers by Alberto Salazar and Bill Rodgers!
6/16/19 2.31 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Running by the Winfield tennis courts.
6/15/19 2.09 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Love a track meet on tv this is steeple chase diamond league.
6/14/19 1.98 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cajun band entertainment tonight.
6/14/19 1.98 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
6/13/19 2.20 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
6/12/19 2.08 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Easy am run.
6/11/19 1.58 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
6/7/19 1.53 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Boston Marathon 1973
5/13/19 0.59 Miles Winfield kansas (US)
5/13/19 8.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Swift water near the dike! I am taking the trail.!
5/12/19 9.94 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Beautiful place at the highest point of my run today!
5/11/19 12.75 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Soccer field drying out!
5/9/19 5.26 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Farm piece salvaged from the. Flood.
5/8/19 7.16 Miles Winfield kansas (US)
Flooded Fairgrounds! Then a downpour cold hard rain. Got offered 2 rides had to say thanks but I’m training!
5/6/19 6.49 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Possible tornado vs tight hamstrings! I made it home! Loosened up storms all over are set up in Kansas.
5/5/19 13.10 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Prairie Fire half marathon with race director Bob Hanson.
5/4/19 2.21 Miles Wichita Kansas (US)
5/4/19 0.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Special Olympics Regionals at Wichita Collegiate .
5/2/19 8.19 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cool evening run. Hoping for some racing this month.
5/1/19 5.91 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Finally not windy! Cloudy skies and cool temperatures!
4/29/19 6.19 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Rainy run. Took my hat off and you can see the hat head mark!
4/28/19 6.64 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Running by the Winfield High and Southwestern Kansas tennis courts
4/27/19 6.12 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Very windy pollen is airborne today!
4/26/19 4.72 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Walking today shoulder needs some TLC.
4/25/19 6.94 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
North wind cool and mostly sunny! Beautiful iris are blooming.
4/24/19 6.97 Miles Winfield kansas (US)
Going Country!
4/23/19 6.72 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Nice afternoon run.
4/22/19 6.05 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Every day is a good day to run.
4/21/19 10.06 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Windy day plenty of sun made it to the 80’s today!
4/20/19 7.89 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
If I am thirsty I don’t go to this hydrant with the beautiful flowers. This corner is all spruced up!
4/19/19 9.16 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
This red bud is in my yard
4/18/19 6.90 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Very cool front has moved in! It’s all fun until you see lightening!
4/17/19 6.55 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Storm approaches, but I beat it home.
4/16/19 3.72 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Sun beating down on the back of my neck!
4/15/19 6.15 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Stopped by the Veterans home a few minutes in my run to say hello to my friend Larry!
4/14/19 3.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Redbud tree blooming nicely!
4/14/19 3.27 Miles (US)
4/7/19 4.84 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Stay clear of smoke in the air they are burning fields.
4/3/19 4.11 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Kansas backroads scene,
4/2/19 1.25 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Team Torrimar 1972.
4/1/19 2.78 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The day before San Blas International Half Marathon .
3/31/19 3.58 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Useful tools to aid in recovery!
3/31/19 3.58 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
3/30/19 12.95 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
What a fun month competing with the best! Thank you Bob for setting this challenge up! It was weird today the wind chill was in the 20’s but the sign of Spring is behind me with those blooms.
3/29/19 15.35 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cold rain and slick roads made for interesting running today !
3/28/19 12.77 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Turkeys on the XC course. Several tried to impress me by racing each other!
3/27/19 11.38 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Classic scene these people work hard to preserve farming history.
3/26/19 9.79 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Double beams cool sky show! Right south of Winfield Kansas.
3/25/19 9.61 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cup and Saucer a famous land formation out in the country.
3/24/19 14.86 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Baseball field at Broadway Complex in Winfield Kansas.
3/23/19 12.15 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Trail out by Broadway Complex (baseball fields).
3/22/19 4.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Cherry Street Park there are games of disc golf going on!
3/21/19 7.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Super moon so bright and so much light!
3/20/19 12.52 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Amber waves under a darkening sky!
3/19/19 11.94 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Threatening clouds during my run turned cold asi finished!
3/18/19 7.78 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Looking down the stream on a cool day!
3/17/19 16.09 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The evening sky! ‘Tis was fleeting only lasting a few minutes!
3/16/19 13.07 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Turn back the clock with this prairie scene!
3/15/19 10.00 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Finishing up my morning run!
3/14/19 15.04 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
The banks of the Walnut river are full some flooding expected!
3/13/19 10.11 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Meeting place at old St.Johns College. Record setting winds in Kansas today. A bad hair day!
3/12/19 13.29 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Raining all day. This is a great area to run. Spring Break allows for a bit more running!
3/11/19 13.44 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Morning and it looks like mountains but it’s merely clouds from rain last night near William Newton Hospital. This storm is out of here!
3/10/19 18.78 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
An entrance leading to the river from Cemetery Hill!
3/9/19 14.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Rocking the new RTW shirt 60 degrees and windy.
3/8/19 10.25 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
This Tracer 360 has people asking me about it. Safety is important when out running, walking or sprinting at night this is a nice high tech addition. Go 70 plus and half marathon and beyond!
3/7/19 11.98 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Two roads diverged in the pecan grove I took the one down by the river!
3/6/19 11.77 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Looking down the Walnut River from the West of Winfield ‘s South bridge.
3/5/19 13.89 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Big bird and tree against a beautiful Kansas sky!
3/4/19 7.27 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Short hills where deer abounded yesterday! Go 70 and over! Go half marathon and beyond!
3/3/19 6.49 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Looking over the Walnut River from the 14th street bridge
3/3/19 6.32 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Very cold North wind so I ran East West! Polypro,cotton, goretex, windbreaker. Bacalava forgot my short billed cap had to keep adjusting. Good gloves. Go 70 and over and Half Marathon and Beyond!
3/2/19 3.11 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
New lights in Cherry Street Park makes it safer for kids to play!
3/2/19 6.73 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Flags of the world on display . Isn’t it ironic that we are actually running around the world! Go 70 plus and Half Marathon and Beyond!
3/2/19 4.55 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Flag Day at Southwestern. Cold wind from the north tomorrow expecting minus 16 wind chill. Go 70 and over! Go Half Marathon and Beyond!
3/1/19 11.56 Miles Winfield Ks. (US)
Walnut River Pecan Grove
2/28/19 7.43 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Cherry street park.!
2/26/19 6.10 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
2/25/19 4.91 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
2/24/19 4.76 Miles Winfield kansas (US)
2/23/19 6.72 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Trees make for a beautiful run beside the river.
2/22/19 12.93 Miles Winfield ks (US)
Rainy days and Mondays. Tracks lead north of Winfield Kansas!
2/20/19 4.20 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Snow covers school grounds and tennis courts in Winfield Kansas!
2/17/19 7.03 Miles Winfield Kanaas (US)
Flags flying from V.A. Winfield Kansas
2/16/19 11.80 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Big bird making noise cawing for attention. Right on the very top of this tree!
2/14/19 7.67 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Running uphill looking down on Southwestern College Track!
2/13/19 6.76 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Story walk in Island Park.
2/12/19 4.64 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
The bathroom at Island Park.
2/11/19 8.45 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
These cows don’t mind a dreary day!
2/10/19 7.40 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Clouds never disappoint!!
2/9/19 6.41 Miles Winfield Ks (US)
Gray skies over Winfield X Country Course.
2/8/19 4.65 Miles Winfield,kansas (US)
Running is medicine to my soul!
2/6/19 0.00 Miles (US)
2/6/19 4.30 Miles (US)
1/11/19 9.06 Miles Winfield Ks. (US)
Cold steady rain during my run..tonight snow is expected!
1/10/19 8.36 Miles Winfield Kansas (US)
Sunrise over Black Creek Park Winfield Kansas
1/10/19 8.36 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Sunrise this morning over Black Creek Park Winfield Kanasa
1/9/19 7.47 Miles Winfield (US)
Waterfall at Island Park
1/8/19 7.83 Miles Winfield (US)
Ducks gather for a cruise at Island Park in Winfield Kansas
1/7/19 7.99 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A beautiful day to run—this bridge caught my attention!
1/6/19 9.46 Miles Winfield KS (US)
What a great idea to continue to log miles on the Challenge site even though we’ve reached our goal! Let’s keep in touch by continuing to post our pictures! Happy running!!
1/5/19 11.35 Miles Winfield KS (US)
1/4/19 5.33 Miles Winfield KS (US)
1/4/19 10.72 Miles Winfield KS (US)
1/3/19 12.37 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Can you spot the deer near the center of this photo?
1/2/19 12.95 Miles Winfield KS (US)
This tree provides a good lesson for all of us—never give up.
1/1/19 12.94 Miles Winfield KS (US)
I wish I would have had a treehouse like this when I was a kid.
12/31/18 12.64 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Using this Christmas present to light up the night on New Year’s Eve!
12/30/18 13.24 Miles Winfield KS (US)
I did what this sign said and stopped just to take a picture.
12/29/18 14.79 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Santa seemed to know that I needed new shoes and surprised me with these new Hokas.
12/28/18 13.98 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Pumped and ready to run!
12/27/18 15.12 Miles Winfield KS (US)
I see this great dog on my running route almost everyday.
12/26/18 14.55 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Heavy downpour during most of my run today!
12/25/18 16.08 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Merry Christmas!!
12/24/18 13.05 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Merry Christmas!
12/23/18 17.56 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A run by the Walnut River —it was great to be able to run in the daylight today!!
12/22/18 13.16 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Full moon tonight.
12/21/18 14.52 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/20/18 13.44 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Snowman is down for the count! It was very windy here today!
12/19/18 7.50 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/18/18 12.52 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Playground at Island Park illuminated at night.
12/17/18 12.51 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Isle of Lights
12/16/18 6.02 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/15/18 14.66 Miles Winfield KS (US)
College Hill Coffee —best place for a cup of coffee in Winfield KS
12/14/18 10.12 Miles Winfield KS (US)
The Pecan Grove at dusk.
12/13/18 10.45 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Hey Mr Snowman, it is very windy out here tonight.
12/12/18 10.41 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/11/18 10.47 Miles Winfield KS (US)
This bicycle is too fancy to ride!
12/10/18 9.00 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/9/18 7.00 Miles Winfield KS (US)
12/8/18 13.51 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Winfield’s Cross Country Course
12/6/18 8.69 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Hope I’ve been good enough to get a visit from this guy later this month. New running shoes are definitely on my list!
12/5/18 7.14 Miles Winfield KS (US)
The scenery this time of year makes running at night quite entertaining!
12/4/18 9.99 Miles Winfield KS (US)
This train is definitely moving faster than I am tonight!
12/3/18 14.88 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Off to run for another day. It is so cold out here.
12/2/18 16.82 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A country home near the river
12/1/18 13.57 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Decked out for Christmas!
11/30/18 12.16 Miles Winfield KS (US)
77 steps at Southwestern College —all ready for Christmas!
11/29/18 9.81 Miles Winfield KS (US)
The fog started rolling in just as I finished my run tonight.
11/28/18 7.54 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Festive lights at Island Park in Winfield, Kansas.
11/27/18 11.09 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!!
11/26/18 11.59 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A spooky night run complete with howls from coyotes heard in the distance.
11/25/18 11.00 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Temperature was in the 60’s yesterday- this picture is from today- snow and a wind chill of 12 degrees.
11/24/18 7.15 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Night time crossing
11/23/18 12.47 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Dickens Avenue in Manhattan, Kansas—Hill repeats!
11/21/18 8.61 Miles Winfield KS (US)
11/20/18 6.51 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A younger version of me from 1973 when I lived in Puerto Rico. Check out my Nike Cortez shoes!
11/19/18 6.02 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A bend in the river
11/18/18 6.82 Miles Winfield KS (US)
View from the press deck Saturday at the K State vs Texas Tech Football game
11/16/18 10.00 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A beautiful Kansas sunset
11/15/18 13.35 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Southwestern College track in Winfield, Kansas
11/14/18 8.97 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Another cold night run!
11/13/18 12.45 Miles Winfield KS (US)
SNOW has arrived early in Winfield, Kansas this year!
11/12/18 11.06 Miles Winfield KS (US)
It was 23 degrees by the time I finished my run tonight. These ducks in Island Park were cold several days ago. Since then we’ve had snow.
11/11/18 20.11 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Proud to be running today in honor of all Veterans!
11/10/18 14.00 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A great day to run.
11/9/18 15.37 Miles Winfield KS (US)
By the time I finished my run tonight, it was 21 degrees with a wind chill of 4 degrees. I’m ready for warmer temperatures already!! In honor of our Armed forces, this photo was taken around sunset as I ran by the Veteran’s Home in Winfield, Kansas.
11/8/18 13.48 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A great place for a walk!
11/7/18 16.10 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Southwestern College Campus in Winfield, Kansas.
11/6/18 15.71 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Three miles into my run tonight this view of the river caught my attention.
11/5/18 15.77 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Although the path is sunny today, a light snow is in the forecast for Thursday.
11/4/18 17.56 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A scenic view from my run today!
11/3/18 15.51 Miles Winfield KS (US)
A night view of the famous 77 steps at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. I’ve run these steps many times in training.
11/2/18 15.70 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Overlooking the new 14th Street bridge in Winfield, Kansas!
11/1/18 13.08 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Going for the Gold today!
10/31/18 6.19 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Although there were lots of trick or treaters out and about tonight for Halloween, I still managed to take a photo.
10/30/18 13.07 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Welcome to the Land of Oz!
10/29/18 1.38 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Of to a great start!
10/29/18 10.38 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Motivated to start Challenge #3! Beautiful evening to run! Perfect weather!
10/28/18 6.91 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Another great October day!
10/27/18 6.27 Miles Winfield KS (US)
Super day to run!
10/27/18 1.00 Miles Winfield (US)
Moonlight run
10/25/18 7.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Full Moon Run
10/24/18 6.70 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Rainy and a few slick places from oil and water on the road! Photo at the Prairie Fire Marathon
10/23/18 3.85 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/22/18 7.55 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/21/18 6.71 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10 min. run 5 min walk repeat.
10/20/18 2.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/20/18 6.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/19/18 6.62 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Recovery run, walk .
10/18/18 2.66 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/18/18 4.61 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Recovery run block walk block
10/17/18 6.45 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/16/18 3.89 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/16/18 2.86 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/16/18 2.12 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/15/18 3.83 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/14/18 26.76 Miles Wichita, Ks. (US)
10/13/18 1.53 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/13/18 4.75 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/12/18 2.17 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/12/18 4.26 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/12/18 2.14 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/11/18 6.34 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/11/18 4.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/11/18 3.45 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/10/18 6.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/10/18 7.37 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/9/18 6.41 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/9/18 8.61 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/9/18 2.20 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/8/18 7.53 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Pounding rain!
10/8/18 2.41 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/7/18 6.83 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/7/18 3.63 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/6/18 10.55 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/5/18 6.80 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/5/18 10.43 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/4/18 7.95 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/4/18 8.05 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/3/18 6.67 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/3/18 6.71 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/3/18 1.57 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/2/18 6.59 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/2/18 6.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/2/18 2.21 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/1/18 3.86 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/1/18 10.30 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
10/1/18 2.36 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/30/18 4.22 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/1/18 1.91 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/30/18 7.80 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/29/18 4.27 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/29/18 2.39 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/29/18 1.68 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/28/18 6.45 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/28/18 1.03 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/28/18 1.52 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/28/18 2.13 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/27/18 6.18 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/27/18 10.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/26/18 6.07 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/26/18 10.33 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/25/18 3.58 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/25/18 11.67 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/25/18 1.90 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/24/18 2.85 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/24/18 10.33 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/24/18 2.79 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/23/18 10.01 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/23/18 9.00 Miles Wichita, Ks. (US)
9/22/18 3.30 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/21/18 11.40 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/21/18 2.15 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/21/18 2.67 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/20/18 10.36 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/20/18 1.67 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/19/18 6.17 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/19/18 3.43 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/19/18 6.27 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/18/18 6.18 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/18/18 3.84 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/18/18 7.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/17/18 6.17 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/17/18 10.13 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/17/18 2.19 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/16/18 2.22 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/16/18 1.29 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/16/18 12.19 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/15/18 2.27 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/15/18 10.10 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/14/18 5.53 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/14/18 12.95 Miles Hutchinson, Kansas (US)
9/13/18 3.63 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/13/18 13.48 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/12/18 13.31 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/12/18 1.87 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/11/18 12.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/11/18 5.77 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/10/18 3.50 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/10/18 12.19 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/10/18 1.90 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/9/18 9.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/9/18 2.12 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/9/18 5.28 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/8/18 10.27 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/8/18 10.65 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/7/18 7.00 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/7/18 2.51 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/7/18 1.19 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/6/18 3.46 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/6/18 12.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/6/18 3.05 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/5/18 3.51 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/5/18 1.30 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/5/18 12.08 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/4/18 3.19 Miles (US)
9/4/18 10.44 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/3/18 2.69 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/3/18 10.21 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/2/18 2.79 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
9/2/18 8.53 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/1/18 3.04 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/1/18 6.27 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
9/1/18 4.58 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/31/18 3.74 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/31/18 7.10 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/31/18 1.30 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/30/18 3.44 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/30/18 10.80 Miles (US)
8/29/18 10.63 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/29/18 2.90 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Midnight Run
8/28/18 3.37 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/27/18 2.21 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/27/18 3.35 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/26/18 2.99 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/26/18 8.80 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/25/18 4.84 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/24/18 6.28 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/23/18 1.70 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/23/18 7.70 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/22/18 6.97 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/21/18 4.45 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/20/18 7.97 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/19/18 4.84 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/18/18 2.25 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/18/18 4.02 Miles mulvane (US)
cool down
8/18/18 4.05 Miles 39.45 mulvane, Kansas (US)
4 mile race Mulvane, Kansas
8/17/18 5.03 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/9/18 3.32 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/9/18 7.53 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/8/18 5.91 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/8/18 7.08 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/7/18 2.04 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/7/18 8.46 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/6/18 3.85 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/6/18 0.80 Miles Branson Mo. (US)
8/5/18 5.00 Miles Branson Mo. (US)
8/4/18 5.30 Miles Branson Mo. (US)
8/2/18 4.33 Miles winfield (US)
8/2/18 4.33 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/2/18 3.08 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/2/18 7.81 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/1/18 2.15 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8/1/18 8.77 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/31/18 3.26 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/31/18 3.00 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/31/18 8.62 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/30/18 5.89 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/30/18 5.16 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
stomach bad
7/29/18 6.65 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/29/18 2.95 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/28/18 5.00 Miles Manhattan, Ks (US)
7/27/18 6.02 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/27/18 3.42 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/27/18 8.28 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/26/18 6.91 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/26/18 7.21 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
puppy following me in traffic area turned him in at rec center then finished run.
7/25/18 8.80 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/25/18 6.95 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/24/18 5.61 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/24/18 4.76 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/23/18 4.31 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/23/18 4.41 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/22/18 7.54 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/22/18 5.32 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/22/18 9.28 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/21/18 7.25 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/20/18 5.36 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/20/18 7.66 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/20/18 3.62 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/19/18 4.01 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/19/18 1.22 Miles Wichita, ks (US)
7/18/18 6.99 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/18/18 6.86 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/17/18 7.61 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
4x800 included, lots of bugs in the air. Sweat like crazy!
7/17/18 3.52 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
electrical storm did 77 steps x 4 came right home.
7/16/18 5.26 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/16/18 4.98 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Thunderstorms in the area.
7/15/18 5.50 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/15/18 7.18 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/15/18 3.77 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/14/18 2.05 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/14/18 6.68 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/14/18 5.64 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Muggy, humid!
7/13/18 2.97 Miles 2.97 Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/13/18 13.42 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Way too hot stopped at Tractor store and cemetery to refill water bottle.
7/12/18 5.43 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/12/18 11.20 Miles 11.2 miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
7/11/18 6.00 Miles (US)
7/10/18 7.60 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
8am Ran to SC college 77 steps X4. Ran to track 4X400 ran home.
7/9/18 13.42 Miles Winfield, Kansas (US)
Started at 8am became progressively hotter. Ran by cemetery, golf course, dike, park, dirt road up hills around Veteran's home water refill at school..ran by Southwestern had a cool shower.
7/8/18 6.20 Miles (US)
7/7/18 5.90 Miles (US)
7/5/18 7.30 Miles (US)
7/4/18 7.00 Miles (US)
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