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Total Miles: 1,575.22 since 07/04/2018

7 Day Total (Starting 7/10): 0.00

Total Miles for RTW2: 1,296.41

Roger Wright

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Date Distance Time Mi. Pace Location Photo
12/17/19 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
3 miles on dreadmill at club.
12/18/19 1.50 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
1.5 miles before spin.
12/20/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
2 miles before one hour spin.
12/21/19 3.00 Miles Needham,Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 3 miles loop
12/22/19 5.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
12/23/19 1.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
One mile before Spin class.
12/24/19 7.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran around town picking up Christmas gifts (gift cards) and a card for wife.
12/27/19 1.75 Miles Wellesley, AM (US)
1.75 miles before 1 hour spin.
12/26/19 8.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Was running 8 miles with my friend Tee the day after Christmas when we stumbled across Santa passed out from exhaustion on a lawn. Fortunately he was OK, but just tired.
12/11/19 1.75 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1.75 miles before 1 hours spin.
12/9/19 1.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1 mile prior to 1 hour spin.
12/10/19 9.50 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 9.5 miles around town.
12/16/19 2.00 Miles Bluffton, SC (US)
1.75 rainy miles with my friends Tee and Ed at my new home in Bluffton.
12/12/19 1.00 Miles Boston, MA (US)
1 mile prior to flight down south.
12/16/19 2.00 Miles Savannah, GA (US)
Walked 2 miles at airport
12/14/19 26.20 Miles 4:42:12 10:47 Kiawah Island, SC (US)
Ran the Kiawah Island Marathon in South Carolina with my friends Ed and Tee and cheered on by my wife Mary. .
12/4/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
2 miles before 1 hour spin class
12/5/19 6.25 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
6.25 on treadmill at BSC.
12/7/19 6.25 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
6.25 miles at BSC due to ice
12/8/19 8.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Fourth day forced on dreadmill due to ice on roads. Tried twice to get a shot of my blurred shoes on the dreadmill with self timer but gave up as I needed to start running (plus others on the treadmills were wondering wtf I was doing!). lol
11/30/19 20.50 Miles Needham, Wellesley, Natick, Framingham, Ashland, MA (US)
12/2/19 1.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
12/3/19 6.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Thanks to the snow, forced to run on the treadmill at club. About 1 foot deep right now.
11/28/19 5.00 Miles Cape Cod, MA (US)
Ran 5 miles only to come home and have my sister attempt to stab me. Happy Thanksgiving!
11/22/19 6.25 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Dropped Mary off at hospital for foot surgery. Ran 1.5 miles home, load in washer, ran 1.5 back to hospital. Mary went into surgery, ran 1.5 miles home for next load, ran 1.75 back (picked up card at store).
11/23/19 14.50 Miles Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 3 mile loop, 4 mile loop and 7.50 loop.
11/25/19 1.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1 mile before Spin.
11/26/19 9.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran around Needham and picked up a Coffee Roll at a local bakery as a treat when I finished.
11/20/19 2.00 Miles 17:56 8:58 Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles before spin.
11/21/19 11.00 Miles 1:49:08 9:56 Needham,MA (US)
Ran around Needham with Tee.
11/18/19 0.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran a quick 1/4 mile before spin @ 6 AM.
11/19/19 2.00 Miles Boston, MA (US)
Had an appointment for pulmonary stress test in Boston but arrived 1 hour early so walked down to Fenway Park and back for 2 easy miles. Thanks Bob for running this challenge - it always pushes me to give a little (or a lot) more!
11/16/19 9.00 Miles Needham, Westwood, Norwood, MA (US)
Ran backroads to UHaul to check on moving supplies.
11/17/19 3.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 3 miles to BIGGSteps 5K to help them with the race as a road marshal.
11/14/19 11.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 11 miles around Needham with my friends Tee and Rita.
11/12/19 8.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 8 miles with Tee around Needham
11/13/19 4.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 4 miles on dreadmill and then did 1 hour of spin.
11/11/19 4.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1 mile before Spin. Went back at night and ran another 3.
11/7/19 4.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 3 miles to doctors office for Blood Pressure check. OK. Got call from wife that front tire fell off car (eeek)! Ran 1 mile there, put it back on and had AAA tow car back to house.
11/8/19 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 3 miles before spin at club.
11/9/19 17.00 Miles Waltham, Watertown, Newton, Cambridge, Boston MA (US)
Ran from Waltham along the Charles River Path into Boston and back. Cold but beautiful day.
11/4/19 3.50 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1/2 mile, then 1 hour spin at club. Came back at night for 3 miles.
11/5/19 9.50 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Met up with my friend Tee for a run down our local "rail trail" for 9.5.
11/2/19 21.00 Miles 3:35:57 10:17 Needham,Wellesley, Natick, Framingham and Ashland, MA (US)
Was going to run 18 but ended up with 21 as it was perfect running weather (sunny and 40s) and would get me over 300 miles! Good luck to anyone running NYC Marathon tomorrow!
10/30/19 3.75 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran .75 miles and then 1 hour spin. Came back at night for 3 more miles.
10/31/19 10.50 Miles 1:46:13 10:07 Needham,MA (US)
Ran with my friend Tee to a new $70 million elementary school built in town. Got caught in a giant spider web which was appropriate for Halloween!
10/29/19 8.00 Miles 1:19:44 9:58 Needham, Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Fall leaves are pretty and all but very slippery when wet. Plus they hide stupid rocks and acorns and pine cones and small branches and...
10/27/19 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Thanks to downpours, forced to run on the dreadmill. Got 6 miles in before I got too bored to continue.
10/21/19 2.75 Miles Pontiac, MI (US)
Checked into hotel and walked 2.75 miles to grab some lunch.
10/22/19 3.00 Miles Pontiac, MI (US)
3 miles in hotel before 1st day of conference.
10/23/19 3.25 Miles Pontiac, MI (US)
3 miles on treadmill in hotel before leaving for conference.
10/24/19 3.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
Easy 3 miles from Needham to Wellesley and back.
10/25/19 1.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
1 mile on treadmill before spin.
10/26/19 16.25 Miles Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, Boston, MA (US)
"Wright On Hereford". Get it? It's a Boston Marathon thing. lol
10/16/19 3.25 Miles CT (US)
Ran 3 miles on the dreadmill at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Felt like crap.
10/17/19 3.00 Miles CT (US)
Did another 3 miles on the dreadmill at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Still felt like crap. Worried about upcoming half in Detroit...
10/18/19 1.64 Miles Boston Logan Airport. (US)
Was able to get in 1.64 miles fast walking trough Terminal A before flight to Detroit.
10/19/19 2.74 Miles Detroit, MI (US)
Run/walked 3 miles to Detroit Marathon Expo to pick up Bib.
10/20/19 13.10 Miles 2:09:36 9:54 Detroit, MI (US)
Ran the Detroit US Only Half Marathon (didn't register in time for full "International" marathon -2 months!). Took a shot from my hotel window of the marathon runners running by who were smart enough to register in time. Urghhh.
10/14/19 1.75 Miles DFW Airport (US)
Got to DFW airport 2 hours before takeoff so walked 1.75 miles through the terminal (.875 miles from one end to the other).
10/15/19 6.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Starting to see lots of pine cones and leaves on the sidewalks. Fall has definitely arrived.
10/13/19 12.25 Miles 2:01:25 9:55 Ft Worth, TX (US)
Ran 12.25 miles along Trinity River in Ft Worth and then had breakfast with some friends from my high school class. Lots of fun!
10/9/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
10/10/19 2.00 Miles Texas (US)
10/11/19 3.50 Miles Arlington, TX (US)
10/12/19 7.00 Miles Arlington, TX (US)
In Texas for High School reunion. Ran 6 miles to university and then back out for a mile walk with Mary and Winston, our friends 138 lb Great Pyrenees.
10/7/19 5.00 Miles Belmont, MA (US)
10/8/19 6.50 Miles 1:02:24 9:36 Needham,MA (US)
Ran in the rain with some running buddies.
10/6/19 6.25 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Got up @ 6:30 AM and ran 5.25 miles with local running club. Came home and walked a mile with my wife after NE Patriots win.
10/4/19 2.00 Miles 18:09 9:05 Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles on treadmill before 1 hour of Spin.
10/5/19 18.38 Miles 3:15:17 10:38 Needham, Wellesley, Newton, Brrokline, Boston, MA (US)
Ran 15 miles along marathon route to finish line, then through Boston Common, Downtown Crossing to get my Donut and then back out to the Boston Common to the train back home. Started out pretty cool but eventually warmed up when I hit Boston.
9/27/19 1.75 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran a "fast" 1.75 miles before spin class.
9/28/19 13.00 Miles Needham,Dedham,MA (US)
Ran to Lowes to look at saws and pick up glue, then to BJs Wholesale Club to thank them for donation and then home.
9/29/19 6.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 3 and then walked 3 miles with Mary
9/30/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
2 miles on dreadmill at BSC
10/1/19 9.50 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Was planning on going 6 but extended it to 9.5 miles.
10/2/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 2 miles at faster pace and then 1 hour spin.
10/3/19 10.00 Miles 1:47:50 10:47 Needham,Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Ran to Natick Center and back along Boston Marathon route.
9/25/19 2.00 Miles 0:17:27 8:44 Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 2 miles on dreadmill, 1 hour spin.
9/26/19 9.00 Miles 1:28:06 9:48 Needham,MA (US)
Met up with my friend Tee, ran to track and did intervals (urghh), ran back.
9/24/19 8.00 Miles 1:21:11 10:09 Needham,MA (US)
Ran 8 miles through hometown. Came home to the best recovery drink/chocolate milk in the world!
9/20/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 2 miles on treadmill, 1 hour spin.
9/21/19 13.10 Miles 2:10.56 Salem, MA (US)
Been having very bad breathing issues (doctors are baffled but keep doing tests) but attempted a half today. Was hoping for under 2:30 and came in at 2:10 so was happy.
9/12/19 8.25 Miles 1:27:33 10:37 Needham, MA (US)
Run around Needham with Tee.
9/14/19 6.00 Miles (US)
9/14/19 17.00 Miles 3:30:32 12:24 Needham Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
9/15/19 1.00 Miles 0:08:56 8:56 Wellesley, MA (US)
9/17/19 8.00 Miles 1:28:03 11:01 Needham, Wellesly and Natick, MA (US)
9/18/19 2.00 Miles 18:19 9:10 Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 2 miles, one hour spin.
9/19/19 7.25 Miles 1:20:18 11:05 Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
I'm back. First jacket run of the fall.
3/29/19 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1.50 mile, 1 hour spin, ran 1.50 for a total of 3 miles
3/30/19 18.25 Miles Needham, Wellesley, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Boston, MA (US)
Ran in to Boylston Street and then back out to visit my niece at Childrens Hospital where my wife picked me up.
3/27/19 2.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1 mile, 1 hour spin, ran 1 more mile.
3/28/19 6.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
6 miles out and back in Needham, MA
3/25/19 3.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
3/26/19 10.00 Miles 1:38:40 9:52 Boston Marathon course (US)
Somedays it's hard training on the course for a race that you know you won't be running. Today is one of those days.
3/20/19 3.25 Miles Wellesley and Needham,MA (US)
3/21/19 6.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
3/22/19 1.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
3/23/19 3.00 Miles Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
3/24/19 22.22 Miles Boston Marathon route (US)
Ran a little more than 11 miles out and 11 miles back along Boston Marathon route. Beautiful weather!
3/15/19 1.25 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
1.25 miles on dreadmill before spin class.
3/17/19 2.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Recovery walk through Needham trails with my sister in law Deb and my wife Mary.
3/18/19 1.00 Miles 15:30 15:30 Needham,MA (US)
Walked a mile with Mary before dinner.
3/19/19 10.00 Miles 1:36:30 9:39 Needham, Wellesley and Natick,MA (US)
Ran 10 miles, out and back on the marathon course.
3/16/19 20.00 Miles Needham,Wellesley, Natick, Framingham, MA (US)
Ran 20 miles on the marathon route. Came home and rewarded myself with the best recovery drink in the world!
3/14/19 10.00 Miles Wellesley, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Boston,MA (US)
Ran along the Boston Marathon route, to the finish line and then to BAA headquarters to make my case for an Invitational Entry Bib for 2019 Boston.
3/10/19 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Recovery run at the club with wife.
3/11/19 2.50 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran to post office to drop of a small package that fits in a small Nathan running backpack. Saves gas and I get exercise.
3/12/19 10.00 Miles 1:37:55 9:48 Needham,MA (US)
Ran 10 miles in new pair of Adidas Ultra Boost. One of my many quirks is I try and match my shoes and tops so lots of options with these.
3/9/19 18.00 Miles 2:55:36 9:46 Needham, Wellesley, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Boston (US)
Ran along the Marathon route into Boston, touched the finish line on Boylston St. Took the subway back home where the greatest wife in the world was waiting for me.
3/7/19 7.00 Miles 1:07:54 9:42 The Gritty STreets of Needham,MA (US)
Was able to run outside for the 2nd day in a row and knocked out 7 miles. 16 degrees but I can deal with that. Came home, saw my reflection in the door and decided to take a picture. Double pane glass equals double image. Who knew?
3/6/19 2.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 1 mile on treadmill, 1 hour spin. Came home and ran 1 mile outside on the snow cleared sidewalks. Dug out the fisheye lens for dramatic effect photo after the run.
3/5/19 10.25 Miles 1:40:32 9:49 Needham,Wellesley,MA (US)
Received 16 inches of snow yesterday but plenty of pavement and sun to run outside today.
3/3/19 6.00 Miles 58:58 9:50 Needham,MA (US)
Snow on the ground wasn't so bad and was able to get 6 miles in. Another snow storm this evening...
3/2/19 12.25 Miles 1:57:11 9:34 Wellesley,MA (US)
Thanks to slushy snow was forced to run on the dreadmill at the club.
3/1/19 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 2 miles on treadmill, did 1 hour spin and ran 1 more mile.
12/13/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Easy recovery run after marathon.
12/14/18 1.00 Miles (US)
1 Mile before spin.
12/15/18 5.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
5 miles with Needham Running Club.
12/16/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
6 miles at Wellesley,MA
12/17/18 1.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
1 mile before 1 hour spin.
12/18/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
6 miles at BSC.
12/19/18 4.50 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
1.5 miles before spin. Back for 3 more in evening with Mary.
12/20/18 7.25 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Ran 7.25 miles with Tee (Y to Newman Loop 3 times to home).
12/21/18 1.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
1 mile before spin
12/22/18 10.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, Newton, MA (US)
10 miles on marathon course.
12/23/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
3 miles at BSC.
12/24/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
3 miles at club
12/26/18 2.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
2.25 miles before spin.
12/27/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
6 miles on dreadmill at health club.
12/28/18 1.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1 mile before Spin
12/29/18 10.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Ran 10 miles on Boston Marathon route
12/30/18 1.50 Miles Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
Walked 1.5 miles with Mary between Needham and Wellesley,MA
12/31/18 2.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
1/2/19 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 3 miles, 1 hour spin. Back in the evening for 3 more miles.
1/3/19 6.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
6 miles on dreadmill
1/4/19 3.00 Miles 27:36 9:12 Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 3 miles before 1 hour spin
1/5/19 6.25 Miles Waltham,MA (US)
6.25 Run on indoor track.
12/8/18 26.20 Miles 4:48:49 11:02 Kiawah Island, SC (US)
TOTAL MILES RUN IN LAST 41 DAYS: 21.5 TOTAL MILES RUN TODAY: 26.2 I hurt both calves at Marine Corp Marathon on Oct 28. Registered to run the Kiawah Island Marathon in SC (one of my favorite marathons). Was going to defer but decided to give it a shot since we were here and had rental with friends. Calves and legs flared up pretty bad, especially last 6 miles but finished in 4:48 (assumed it would be 5:30-6:00) so I'm happy.#62
12/4/18 0.00 Miles (US)
12/4/18 4.50 Miles Boston (US)
Long story short, at the suggestion of Dave McGillivray (race director Boston Marathon) I had an intensive stress test at Mass General Hospital's Athlete Performance Center last Friday. Got results and the doctor told me I pushed the stress test harder than 95% of all clients (includes a who's who of Boston athletes), that my heart was strong and not the reason for my belabored breathing issues. Cleared for running but still need to find the solution.
11/13/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/6/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/7/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/8/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/9/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/10/18 12.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/11/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/12/18 6.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/5/18 6.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
When I started training for my first marathon, I was told to find a point 1.5 miles from my house and back home would be 3 miles. I had no idea how far 1.5 miles was but just kept driving and found myself in the next town, Wellesley. I turned into a cemetery, up a hill and at 1.5 miles I stopped the car by a marker that said HOPE. My mom (Hope) died when I was 15 months old and this is her final resting place. #fate. This morning I ran my 3 mile loop, taking a picture as I said hi to my mom. Tonight I did another 3 miles.
11/4/18 6.00 Miles 55:55 9:20 Wellesley,MA (US)
6 months ago my 5X Ironman friend Christine was training on her bike when a car cut her off and destroyed her left knee and her whole life. She is finally on her way back so was really happy to see her at the club.
11/3/18 4.00 Miles 44:51 11:13 Waltham,MA (US)
Got contacted by a woman from NY who saw my video and was inspired to start running. She was in town and wanted to run with me. It was a downpour outside but took her to one of my clubs that has an indoor track and we knocked out 4 miles (a record for her). #futuremarathoner
10/31/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
11/1/18 6.25 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 6.25 on treadmill at club.
11/2/18 6.00 Miles 58:14 9:43 Wellesley, MA (US)
My legs are finally starting to feel better after marathon 5 days ago, so starting to get some miles in. Did 6 at the club tonight and 6.25 yesterday.
10/30/18 3.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
Recovery run from Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday. Great marathon but left calf was not impressed and complained very loudly. Around mile 6 I found an apple on the ground and tried rolling calf to no avail. Found discarded arm sleeve around mile 7 and slid it on which helped a little. Tough day but nothing compared to what Marines go through, so sucked it up and finished.
10/12/18 3.07 Miles 26:33 8:39 Mohegan Sun Casino, CT (US)
Finished off my vacation run (and challenge run) with 3.07 miles to give me 333.33 miles.
10/10/18 3.25 Miles 28:46 8:52 Mohegan Sun Casino (CT) (US)
10/11/18 10.50 Miles Uncasville, Norwich, CT (US)
Staying at Mohegan Sun Hotel/Casino with wife. Ran a very hot,humid and hilly 10.50 miles. Started run at casino, through backwoods, into a city, got a drink of water at a superior court filled with people literally waiting for their day in court, asking strangers for directions ("you're REALLY far away!") and asking a woman at a police station where the water fountain, only to discover that she was standing there all alone with handcuffs on. Also discovered that ducks form lifelong pair bonds. Fun, educational and an adventure!
10/9/18 10.50 Miles 1:38:10 9:21 Needham,MA (US)
Tee and I ran our usual Tuesday morning run with a new running recruit, Sherri. Fall is definitely in full bloom.
10/8/18 2.00 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Walked 2 miles through the woods with my wife Mary. Our 26th anniversary is on Oct 10. I AM the luckiest guy in the world! :)
10/7/18 14.00 Miles 2:11:36 9:24 Falmouth,MA (US)
Ran 14 miles along the Falmouth (Cape Cod) shoreline with my friends Ed and Tee. Finally broke 300 miles!
10/6/18 5.00 Miles 48:25 9:41 Needham,MA (US)
Ran an easy 5 with local running club.
10/5/18 2.50 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1.5 miles, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home only to find the backyard covered in mushrooms overnight.
10/1/18 1.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
10/3/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
10/4/18 4.75 Miles 42:12 8:54 Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
Went back out to add more miles since my morning run was cut short. Put my backpack on and ran to Whole Foods for some shrimp. 4.75 miles (12.75 for the day).
10/4/18 8.00 Miles 1:13:04 9:08 Needham,MA (US)
Got up late but was able to get 8 miles in. Love seeing the colorful fall leaves but know they will eventually be covered by white snow.
10/2/18 6.10 Miles 58:39 9:37 Needham, Wellesley, MA (US)
Tough, but I did a rainy recovery run after Sunday's marathon. Ran 6 miles with my friend Tee including a couple of loops on the boardwalk in the forest.
9/30/18 26.21 Miles 4:25:31 10:08 Portland, Maine (US)
Ran the Maine Marathon. Somehow lost my bib between miles 3-6 (1st time in 60 marathons!). Turned around and ran ~1/2 mile trying to find it but gave up and told race marshalls. I stopped Garmin at 26.21 miles and was another ~.60 miles to finish (4:29:31 on official clock). Finish Lines greater than Finish Times.
9/28/18 4.00 Miles 39:51 9:58 Needham,MA (US)
Nice easy 4 miles with running club ahead of tomorrows marathon in Portland, Maine.
9/27/18 8.00 Miles 1:14:32 9:19 Needham,MA (US)
Ran 8 miles through hometown. I guess you could call it a taper for my marathon on Sunday.
9/26/18 4.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1 mile this morning, then 1 hour spin. Came back tonight for 3 more miles on the dreadmills!
9/25/18 12.50 Miles 2:02:30 9:48 Needham,MA (US)
Tee and Me on what is becoming a weekly run. Light rain at the end which felt good. Today we solved most of the world's problems so that was good too.
9/23/18 21.00 Miles 3:29:37 9:59 Needham, Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Started out running with my friend Lew. Saw my friend Liz so I dumped Lew and ran some trails with her. Lew understood. lol (all joking aside, Lew was only running 8 and I needed at least 15 to break 200 miles).
9/22/18 6.25 Miles 56:34 9:04 Needham, MA (US)
Ran with our running club. Started off with 12 runners but ended up with just Maureen and me.
9/21/18 2.50 Miles 22:50 9:08 Wellesley,MA (US)
Ran 1.5 miles on dreadmill, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home in my new Adidas Ultra Boosts.
9/20/18 14.00 Miles 2:10:54 9:21 Needham, Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Tied up all day so I did a rare night run. Was going to do 10-12 miles (out and back), got to 6 miles and decided to go 6.5 as I felt really good. Once there remembered I have triskaidekaphobia so I ran 7 and headed back home for 14 miles. Decided to take a night picture and then got a little creative.
9/19/18 5.50 Miles 46:46 8:31 Needham,MA (US)
Morning: Ran 1.5 miles, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home. Evening: Ran to CVS and back for 3 more miles.
9/18/18 11.00 Miles 1:44:43 9:32 Needham and Wellesley,MA (US)
Heavy rain to start but I pushed through and got 11 in.
9/17/18 4.00 Miles 35:40 8:55 Needham,MA (US)
Had to go pick out some samples of paint for our house in SC so I ran to the paint store instead of driving - thanks RTWC! Ironically the samples were wet by the time I got home! lol
9/16/18 3.20 Miles Needham,MA (US)
Walked/filmed my new favorite running trail which runs through a forest, half of which is on a wonderful boardwalk.
9/15/18 23.00 Miles Cambridge, Boston, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, (US)
Dropped my nephews car off at his apartment in Harvard Square (Cambridge). Ran 6 miles along the Charles River to Downtown Boston, grabbed a donut at Kanes, through a pot smoke-in/market at the Common, ran the marathon route back out to Wellesley and then home. Fun day!
9/14/18 3.00 Miles 25:18 8:26 Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles on dreadmill, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home.
9/12/18 8.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1 mile, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile. Came back at night and knocked out 6 more on the dreadmill.
9/13/18 10.25 Miles Dedham, West Roxbury, Roslindale, MA (US)
Dropped car off for tire change so I ran to Boston (West Roxbury and Roslindale) and back rather than sit for ~90 minutes. I love the view of Downton Boston from this street so I asked a guy waiting for the bus to take my picture. :)
9/10/18 4.00 Miles Boylston,MA (US)
Walked 4 miles on a golf course in Boylston,MA
9/11/18 13.25 Miles 2:08:55 9:44 Needham,MA (US)
Ran 13.25 with my friend Tee. Recently discovered a new running trail with elevated boardwalks that curve through a forest that is running paradise!
9/9/18 20.00 Miles Needham, Wellesley, Newton, MA (US)
Ran 10 miles to Johnny Kelley statue on marathon route and back for 20 miles total.
9/8/18 5.00 Miles 45:00 9:00 Needham, MA (US)
Ran a nice 5 miles with members of the Needham Running Club including my friend Maureen.
9/6/18 10.25 Miles 1:39:03 9:40 Needham, Wellesely, Natick, MA (US)
Ran 10.25 miles primarily on the Boston Marathon course. Which reminds me I need to send an email off to the BAA.
9/5/18 3.50 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2.5 miles, 1 hour spin and 1 mile home.
9/4/18 2.00 Miles Needham, MA (US)
Rather than drive, walked with my wife to our polling center and vote. Nice 2 mile walk.
9/4/18 6.25 Miles 53:44 8:36 Needham,Wellesley,MA (US)
Back to really hot and humid weather but was able to get 6.25 miles in before calling it a morning. Hope to add more tonight. And if I was a dog, I would most definitely be a Shar-Pei! lol
9/3/18 10.00 Miles Needham,Dedham, Hyde Park, Milton, Quincy, MA (US)
Decided to run to my friend Mikes house for breakfast. Really hot and humid so stopped for a drink. Because it was a hard 10 miles, bought a $10 scratch ticket as a reward. We got bingo!!! $1000!
9/2/18 6.00 Miles 53:56 9:00 Wellesley MA (US)
Went to club with wife. Always amazed that time crawls when you are on a dreadmill and flies when you are running a race! :D
8/31/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
9/1/18 10.00 Miles Waltham, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, MA (US)
Drove with wife to her work in Waltham, MA and ran 10 miles home. First long run after a marathon 6 days ago which always has me questioning how I was able to run 26.2 miles! lol
8/9/18 13.00 Miles 2:05:50 9:41 Needham, Wellesely, Natick, MA (US)
As usual, hot and humid, even at 5:45 AM. Purposely ran into wet maple tree leaves that hung over path to cool off face. Ran 13 in hopes of breaking 300 miles on Saturday before this is over...
8/8/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles, 1 hour of spin and ran 1 mile home. Will do a second round tonight to help get the team around the world.
8/7/18 6.25 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
Shorter 6.25 mile run as it was a little too hot.
8/5/18 6.00 Miles 55:58 9:20 Wellesley,MA (US)
Did 6 miles on dreadmill.
8/4/18 13.00 Miles 1:58:31 9:07 Waltham,MA (US)
Due to heat, humidity and rain, forced to run 13 miles on the elevated indoor track at Boston Sports Club in Waltham,MA. Nice view and beats the dreadmill.
8/3/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley MA (US)
8/2/18 13.43 Miles 2:19:10 10:22 Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
Being a number geek, ran 13.43 miles so that my total miles run for the RTW challenge would be 234.56. Incredibly hot and humid but I did it. Thanks for doing this Bob!
8/1/18 5.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles, 1 hour spin class, ran 1 mile. Went back and did another 2 miles tonight. Picture is from a video I made about Spin class:
7/31/18 12.25 Miles 1:58:40 9:42 Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles to track, ran 1.5 miles intervals, ran 2 miles to another track, 1.5 miles intervals, ran back to other track, ran 1.5 miles intervals, ran home.
7/30/18 3.25 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
7/27/18 3.50 Miles Wellesley MA (US)
7/28/18 12.50 Miles 2:01:18 9:43 West Point NY (US)
At West Point NY for a wedding. Ran to Bear Mountain Bridge which is part of the Appalachian Trail so knocked that off the bucket list.
7/27/18 3.50 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
7/26/18 14.25 Miles Needham, Dedham, West Roxbury, Boston, MA (US)
Woke up and decided to get a donut so I ran to Annas in Boston (West Roxbury). Hot and humid but got 14.25 miles in.
7/25/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
7/24/18 3.25 Miles 0:28:14 8:42 Wellesley,MA (US)
Morning run ended short so ran 3.25 miles on treadmill tonight.
7/24/18 10.00 Miles Natick, Wayland, MA (US)
Drop my car off for service in Natick. Started late and ran into a HUGE wall of humidity so had to cut run short. Hope to do some more this evening.
7/22/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
3 mile easy recovery from yesterdays long run.
7/20/18 4.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
7/21/18 24.50 Miles 3:50:10 9:24 Needham, Wellesely, Natick, Wayland, MA (US)
Ran to the Wayland BSC (Boston Sports Club) to get a cup of water, drank it and ran back home.
7/19/18 12.25 Miles 1:52:08 9:10 Needham,MA (US)
Ran a loop around the town of Needham.
7/18/18 4.00 Miles Wellesley,MA (US)
7/17/18 8.50 Miles 1:13:16 8:38 Needham and Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 1 mile to club, 6.50 miles on treadmill, 1 mile home. Reminded me of the first time I ever got on a treadmill which was 10 years ago. Today I broke 100 miles for Team RTW!
7/16/18 4.00 Miles Hudson,MA (US)
7/14/18 23.00 Miles 3:38:27 9:30 Wellesley, Natick, MA (US)
Ran 2.25 miles to track, 1.25 intervals, 2.5 miles to another track, 1.25 intervals, 3 miles to another track, 2.25 intervals, 3.25 miles back to 2nd track longer route), 1.25 miles, 2.5 miles to 1st track, 1.25 miles, 2.25 miles home.
7/13/18 3.00 Miles (US)
Ran 2 miles, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile
7/12/18 13.13 Miles 1:59:47 9:08 Needham, Wellesley and Natick, MA (US)
50% roads, 38% trails and 12% track intervals
7/11/18 3.00 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran 2 miles, 1 hour spin, ran 1 mile home.
7/10/18 12.00 Miles 2:18:11 11:31 Cambridge, MA (US)
Ran 12 hot miles to Cambridge MA to help move my nephew into an apartment for Harvard Law School.
7/8/18 16.25 Miles 2:34:52 9:32 Wellesley, Natick, Framingham, MA (US)
Ran primarily along Boston Marathon route. Hot but not humid which helped.
7/6/18 2.50 Miles Wellesley, MA (US)
7/5/18 12.00 Miles 2:07:19 10:37 Wellesley, MA (US)
Ran along Boston Marathon route, did intervals on track, ran 4 miles trail and then ran back home. 90 degrees!
7/4/18 5.50 Miles 0:58:50 10:42 Needham,MA (US)
Ran to a 5K and ran back.
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