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Total Miles: 74.77 since 07/04/2018

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Meghann Stewart

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Date Distance Time Mi. Pace Location Photo
8/9/18 6.31 K Iten (KE)
Warm up, plus a fartlek at Altitude is quite a thing.
8/8/18 2.54 K Iten (KE)
Run back to our accommodation, after a grueling 60 minute track session at altitude....the recovery is insane!
8/8/18 2.58 K Iten (KE)
Run (warm up) to my first track session in Kenya. It’s like breathing through a straw!
8/7/18 7.07 K Iten (KE)
WoW my second run at altitude in Iten and lucky enough to run some strides with David 🏃🏻‍♀️🇰🇪
8/6/18 3.61 K Iten (KE)
OMG, my first run at altitude and my lungs were screaming! But I loved it 😝
8/2/18 6.26 K Mt Smart, Auckland (NZ)
Last track session before I fly to Kenya tomorrow - 3x400, 3x300, 3x200 (❤️ this session).
7/31/18 6.06 K Mt Smart, Auckland (NZ)
Back at the track for 15 x 200m 45s rest and the last 5 the fastest (plus warm up and cool down). Great way to finish the day 😊👊🏼
7/30/18 4.48 K Auckland (NZ)
My last Treadmill/Altitude session until I fly to Kenya on Friday. I’ve learnt not to over do it, as flying is like passive altitude training and you don’t want to get there whacked!
7/29/18 9.55 K Auckland (NZ)
A nice easy run to keep the body moving and to maintain my aerobic fitness.
7/28/18 6.30 K Mt Smart, Auckland (NZ)
Another good day at the track - 3x400 3x300 3x200 all getting faster 🔥🔥🔥 Plus all in my new Run the World t-shirt 👊🏼
7/26/18 4.00 K Auckland (NZ)
Doing some treadmill/altitude training for my up coming Running trip to Kenya.
7/24/18 7.26 K Mt Smart, Auckland (NZ)
OMG, back at the track with my coach - warm up, 3 sets 4 x 300's after 2 weeks off!
7/23/18 5.00 K Auckland (NZ)
After being sick I thought I should stick close to home...treadmill :)
7/21/18 5.91 K Auckland (NZ)
Unfortunately after arriving back from Bali I got quite sick, so this is my first slow run back :(
7/16/18 5.07 K Seminyak, Bali (ID)
My last run in Bali before we leave tomorrow. The pace maybe slow, but the effort is real. No idea why my running photos are randomly downloading, so here's my post run refuel :)
7/14/18 5.07 K 28:00 8:54 Seminyak, Bali (ID)
Heading out in the morning is really the best and only time to run in Seminyak. Remember the motorbikes go everywhere you go. and instagram @megafitso
7/12/18 5.01 K 28:15 9:05 Seminyak, Bali (ID)
Our 4th trip to Bali and I never get tired of it, but going for a RUN sure has it's challengers! Plus my instagram if my photos don't upload @megafitso :)
7/11/18 3.93 K Seminyak, Bali (ID)
Not the best time to rack up my k's - flew to Bali for a 10 day holiday. Final got out this morning with my husband. Not too hot or too busy. Also my photos haven't been uploading - so I hope this one does
7/8/18 7.52 K 41.46 Auckland (NZ)
Today I nearly runout of day. Always feel better after 😊👊🏼
7/7/18 6.31 K 34:36 8:50 Tamaki Drive, Auckland (NZ)
Saturday Run to get my body moving and my blood pumping
7/5/18 6.91 K 35:31 8:17 Waitarua Park, Auckland (NZ)
Part of my 800m training 6 x 1km repeats.
7/4/18 3.62 K 21:12 9:26 Auckland (NZ)
Sorry, I don't normally run on a Wednesday. But as it was the first day I had to do something.
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