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Total Miles: 126.50 since 07/09/2018

7 Day Total (Starting 9/22): 0.00

Total Miles for RTW2: 0.00

Ryan Good

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Date Distance Time Mi. Pace Location Photo
7/29/18 33.00 Miles Loowit Trail, Mt. St. Helens, Washington (US)
My friend Michael and I ran the Loowit Trail, circumnavigating Mt. St. Helens, all in one shot. It was fun having all the backpackers tell us we were crazy! It was a long, hard day, but so worth it.
7/28/18 2.50 Miles (US)
Easy jogging with my wife at Mt. Tabor Park. Mt. Tabor is the only active volcano with the limits of a city in America!
7/27/18 4.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
7/26/18 6.00 Miles Portland Oregon (US)
7/25/18 4.00 Miles Portland (US)
7/24/18 4.00 Miles Portland (US)
7/22/18 16.00 Miles Wildwood Trail, Portland, Oregon (US)
7/21/18 6.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
7/19/18 4.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
7/18/18 4.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
7/17/18 6.00 Miles Portland, OR (US)
7/16/18 4.00 Miles Portland, OR (US)
7/15/18 4.00 Miles Portland (US)
7/14/18 12.00 Miles Elk Mountain-Kings Mountain Loop, Oregon (US)
Elk-Kings loop is a very challenging- but equally rewarding route in the Oregon Coast Range. Much of the trail is rock-scrambing, so it's slow going- it's around 4,000' of total climbing- but man what a workout! And amazing views. If you look closely at the photo, near the middle,you can see Mt. Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain, off in the distance.
7/12/18 3.00 Miles (US)
7/11/18 4.00 Miles Portland (US)
7/10/18 4.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
Easy evening run, complemented by a beautiful sunset from Mock's Bluff. Anyone who'd run the Portland Marathon is likely to recognize this view.
7/9/18 3.00 Miles Portland Oregon (US)
Easy run, after work.
7/9/18 3.00 Miles Portland, Oregon (US)
Beautiful early morning run in Forest Park- the largest urban park in the US!- with my wife Steph, who's also taking part in this challenge.
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