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Total Miles: 370.84 since 07/04/2018

7 Day Total (Starting 6/7): 0.00

Total Miles for RTW2: 291.78

Carla Van Kampen

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Date Distance Time Mi. Pace Location Photo
3/27/19 6.00 K Rome (IT)
3/24/19 7.00 K Rome (IT)
3/22/19 7.00 K Rome (IT)
3/20/19 5.50 K Rome (IT)
3/18/19 8.50 K Rome (IT)
3/17/19 5.00 K Rome (IT)
3/15/19 7.00 K Rome (IT)
3/14/19 8.00 K Rome (IT)
3/11/19 4.50 K Rome (IT)
3/8/19 6.50 K Rome (IT)
3/6/19 4.00 K Rome (IT)
3/4/19 8.00 K Rome (IT)
3/3/19 5.00 K Rome (IT)
3/1/19 7.00 K Rome (IT)
1/4/19 5.00 K Rome (IT)
1/2/19 5.60 K Rome (IT)
12/31/18 10.00 K Rome (IT)
No better way for a runner to end the year than with a race! We Run Rome has become a New Year's Eve classic in the Eternal city, with more than 10,000 runners participating in the 10km competitive and 5 km non-competitive runs through the city. The race passes many of the city's most beautiful sites such as the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Villa Borghese, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Baths of Caracalla. The winner of this year's race was Daniele Meucci in a time of 29:05. Yours truly ran as a bandit and was not interested in time!
12/30/18 4.80 K Orvieto (IT)
12/30/18 4.80 K Orvieto (IT)
My favorite race of the year is a xc on the grounds of Tenuta Le Vilette, a winery a stone's throw from Irvieto that has cellars dating back to the Etruscans. Everyone entered gets a bottle if their wonderful wine! Doesn't get much better than this!
12/27/18 0.00 K (US)
12/27/18 5.50 K Westport, CT (US)
One of my favorite places to run when I'm back home, is in an old cemetery just down the road from my mother's house. It's an unusual choice, I know, but it is quiet and safe and beautiful in it's own way. Last week during a drizzly session doing 300 meter repeats, I startled two deers who were semi-hidden among the trees and tombs. The two deer looked at me for a moment then slowly walked away, only to be joined by another four deer who darted out of the bushes to hoin them. Today during an easy 30 minute run, I went back to the cemetery hoping to see the deer again. Sure enough, I saw the deer today in the same spot where I saw them last week. We both looked at each other for a while then the deer darted off.
12/25/18 8.00 K Hartford, CT (US)
12/24/18 6.00 K Hartford, CT (US)
Just as I stepped out to go running it started to snow lightly! Perfect way to start Christmas Eve morning....with a dusting of snow in Hartford's beautiful Elizabeth Park, known for its Victorian rose garden with a romantic gazebo and (in the summer), rose covered arches. I did a series of running exercises ending with intervals of 12 x 100 meters fast/slow. I was frozen but happy!
12/24/18 6.00 K Hartford, CT (US)
Just as I stepped out to go running it started to snow lightly! Perfect way to start Christmas Eve morning....with a dusting of snow in Hartford's beautiful Elizabeth Park, known for its Victorian rose garden with a romantic gazebo and (in the summer), rose covered arches. I did a series of running exercises ending with intervals of 12 x 100 meters fast/slow. I was frozen but happy!
12/22/18 8.50 K Westport, CT (US)
12/20/18 6.50 K Westport, CT (US)
12/18/18 8.50 K Westport, CT (US)
Home for the holidays means getting used to frigid Connecticut temperatures! The temperature was about -2 C when I went on my morning run through the center of town and in a well known dog park.
12/18/18 4.00 K Rome (IT)
12/14/18 5.50 K Rome (IT)
12/13/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
12/12/18 3.50 K Rome (IT)
12/11/18 8.50 K Rome (IT)
12/9/18 4.00 K Rome (IT)
Today's XC race was held at the Villa dei Quintilli, the ruins of a Roman villa set along the ancient Appia Antica. If you saw the movie The Gladiator, you'll remember how evil Commodus, the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius was. In real life, Commodus was just as mean! Wanting to own the beautiful villa, the largest suburban villa in ancient Rome, Commodus had the Quintilli brothers killed!l
12/8/18 5.00 K Rome (IT)
12/5/18 5.60 K Rome (IT)
12/3/18 8.50 K Rome (IT)
12/2/18 7.00 K Rome (IT)
Beautiful morning for doing uphill/downhill repeats on one of my favorite short circuits. The 260 meter loop, flanks our track by the Baths of Caracalla. On the 100 mt uphill there's a view of the monumental ruins. On the right is Santa Balbina, a Renaissance-era church with origins that go back to ancient Rome.
11/30/18 6.00 K Rome (IT)
11/28/18 7.40 K Rome (IT)
11/26/18 8.40 K Rome (IT)
11/25/18 4.00 K Rome (IT)
11/23/18 5.50 K Rome (IT)
11/21/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
11/20/18 7.00 K Rome (IT)
11/18/18 10.00 K Rome (IT)
11/16/18 5.80 K Rome (IT)
11/14/18 8.00 K Rome (IT)
11/13/18 6.50 K Rome (IT)
11/11/18 10.00 K Rome (IT)
11/9/18 6.00 K Rome (IT)
11/7/18 6.50 K Rome (IT)
11/6/18 8.50 K Rome (IT)
11/2/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
Heavy rain and strong winds have battered Italy this past week. In Rome, the city's trademark parasol pines, like the ones at the track next to the Baths of Caracalla where I train, have done serious damage as many have been uprooted by the storm, crushing cars and blocking roads all over town. Many races have been cancelled, including my first XC of the season this coming Sunday due to the dangerous conditions of the park where the race was to be held.
11/1/18 10.00 K Rome (IT)
Ran in one of Rome's most popular races of the year, the Corsa dei Santi. All Saints Day, 1 November, is a holiday in Italy and this 10 km with a Start/Finish in front of St. Peter's square and partly sponsored by the Vatican, attracts runners from all over Europe. The race passes by many of the city's most beautiful monuments including the Roman Forum and Coliseum. A violent rain storm in the early morning abated just in time for the start!
10/30/18 8.50 K Rome (IT)
10/10/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
10/10/18 6.50 K Rome (IT)
Started the morning with a 6.5 km "sightjogging" run through amcient Rome, leading a group of Dutch lawyers through some of the city's most beautiful neighborhoods. The lawyers are in Rome for convention of 7,000 lawyers from around the world that also featured lots of interesting events like this sunrise running tour. If you're ever in Rome consider seeing the city with a customized running tour offered by Sightjogging!
10/7/18 3.50 K Rome (IT)
10/5/18 3.50 K Rome (IT)
10/3/18 6.50 K Rome (IT)
9/29/18 2.50 K Modena (IT)
In Modena for the Italian Masters Team Championships where I will be racing the 400, 200 and 4x400 relay over the next two days. Day 1 got off to a bad start for my 400 meters as there were strong winds on both straightaways and I got assigned lane 6 which is difficult for me to run in. My time of 1:13.94 was good for the points for the team but left me wanting more for Sunday. The big success story of the day, however, was the new Italian age-group record in the men's 1500 for Antonio Nacca, who will turn 95 in December. Nacca's ran the distance in 10:10.58! (That's Nacca in the photo jumping for joy after he heard he set a new record in the category 95-99).
9/30/18 3.00 K Modena (IT)
Day 2 of the Italian Masters Team Championships in Modena this weekend. Todays' races went considerably better than yesterday, with a new PR in the 200 meters (32.85) and a good 1st leg of our 4x400 relay. I am not a 200 meter runner, but because of an injury in early summer that made it hard for me to get in good enough shape for my usual 800 meter races, I decided to run the 200 since my speed has been good. One of the success stories of the final day of competition was again, Antonio Nacca, 95 in December, who set another Italian age-group record, this time in the 800 meters, with his time of 4:48.83.
9/26/18 3.50 K Rome (IT)
9/24/18 4.50 K Rome (IT)
Today was my last important workout before my races at the National Masters Team Championships this weekend in Modena, Italy. If all of our Masters races of the season, the Team Championships are the most important. The top 24 teams in the country (based on Regional Championahip ranking) will compete. My team is usually in the top 10 going into the Championships but this year we are in 18th place since a few of us couldn't participate in the Regional Championships due to injury, etc. I will be running the 400, 200 and 4x400, thus my low mileage. Tonight's workout consisted of 4x100 meters; 3x150 meters and 2x250 meters. 💪💪💪
9/23/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
Went on a 6.4 km "tourist" run this morning through the center of Rome to check out the route I will be taking a group of Dutch lawyers on next month. The Dutch tourists have signed up for Sightjogging, a guided, running tour of the city. This will be my first outing as a guide for this company so I wanted to make sure I knew the route well. It's a beautiful run of about an hour (going slow enough to see the sites and learn a little about them) passing the Palatine Hill, the Jewish Ghetto, the Panrheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and Coliseum.
9/22/18 2.50 K Rome (IT)
Had a 400 meter "test" run today before our National Masters Team Championships in Modena next weekend. After suffering a bad sprained ankle the first weekend in June, I am very happy with today's 1:13:48!
9/20/18 3.50 K Rome (IT)
The days are getting shorter in Rome so it's almost dark when I finish my workout at the track next to the Baths of Caracalla. But it's just as beautiful at night as the silhouette of the illuminated ruins can still be seen.
9/18/18 3.50 K (US)
9/16/18 4.40 K Rome (IT)
9/14/18 4.50 K Rome (IT)
9/12/18 2.50 K Rome (IT)
Ever since the untimely death of legendary Italian sprinter Pietro Mennea at the age of 61 in 2013, there have been 200 meters races up and down the peninsula each September 12th, to commemorate the day in 1979 that Mennea set the world record in the distance of 19"72 at the Universiadi in Mexico City. In Rome "Mennea Day' is celebrated with 200 meter races for every age category, from the littlest runners to Masters. While I didn't manage a PB as hoped, I'm still proud of my 33"39.
9/10/18 6.30 K Rome (IT)
9/9/18 5.00 K Rome (IT)
9/7/18 4.30 K Rome (IT)
9/3/18 4.50 K Rome (IT)
9/2/18 6.50 K Rome (IT)
9/1/18 7.20 K Rome (IT)
8/29/18 6.00 K Orvieto (IT)
Had a good 6 km session on and off the track in Orvieto, the Etruscan city in Umbria carved from tufa stone. This gorgeous town is famous for its 13th century Duomo, white wine and beautiful ceramics. That's the town high on the hill overlooking the track!
8/8/18 4.00 K Rome (IT)
8/6/18 7.50 K Rome (IT)
8/5/18 4.00 K (US)
8/1/18 4.60 K Rome (IT)
Unbearable heat and humidity in Rome today with temps approaching 38 C. The only good thing was the beautiful view of the Baths of Caracalla as a back drop.
7/30/18 8.00 K Rome (IT)
7/29/18 4.00 K Rome (IT)
7/26/18 5.30 K Letojanni, Sicily (IT)
My morning vacation run is along the beach and stretches 2.5 kms from one end to the other which ends in Taormina. The road is lined with hotels, restaurants and beach clubs and while this is a quiet time of day, there is that energy of the town just coming to life getting ready for another happily hectic day.
7/25/18 6.80 K Letojanni (IT)
Morning run along the beach with 12x100 meter hill repeats on a private road lined with fig treas, grape vines, fruit and almond trees! Post-run fueling? Almonds of course!
7/23/18 7.00 K Letojanni (IT)
The vibrant colors of Sicily accompanied me on my vacation run today! A 20' warm up followed by 20' of fast/slow intervals.
7/22/18 7.00 K Letojanni (IT)
Vacation running is the best when you have scenery like this! I'll be logging miles from Letojanni, a popular beach town on Sicily's eastern coast. The beautiful town of Taormina is only a couple of miles away, tucked into the picturesque hill in the distance.
7/20/18 6.00 K Rome (IT)
7/18/18 7.00 K Rome (IT)
7/17/18 5.00 K Rome (IT)
7/15/18 8.00 K Rome (IT)
Very hot post-World Cup run with practically the whole park to myself. Even though Italy wasn't playing in this World Cup, they still take it very serious and were glued to there TVs an hour before and an hour after the game!
7/13/18 5.00 K Rome (IT)
20 minute warm-up, drills plus 10x150 meter strides.
7/11/18 8.00 K Rome (IT)
Very hot 5 km interval run on the dirt track that completely circles the orange tartan, just off of the 6th lane. Most runners don't realize it, but there are grape vines in full bloom growing on the fence that separates this beautiful track from the grounds of the Baths of Caracalla.
7/9/18 7.00 K Rome, Italy (IT)
7/8/18 9.00 K Rome (IT)
Beautiful morning run along a stretch of the Aurelian wall near the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. The wall, built in 300 A.D., completely circles the historic center of Rome. In this section at the south of city, runners have measured a loop of 1.9 km that can be repeated up to 20 kms. The greenery hanging from the brick walls are Mediterranean capers!
7/6/18 7.00 K Rome, (IT)
Track next to the Baths of Caracalla
7/4/18 7.00 K 00:32:00 7:22 Caracalla (IT)
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