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Attention Race Directors:  

My Best Runs (MBR) wants to feature and follow your race for a reasonable annual fee.  Currently we are reaching over 730,000 unique visitors annually according to Google Analytics. 

Most of our visitors are interested in running races.  Many are looking for destionation races.  They are looking for the best, most interesting and unique races and use MBR to find these.  These are the only races we feature and follow making it easier for runners to put together their race schedule. 

If your race qualifies (details below*), let get your race on our calendar.  

MBR was created by runners for runners.  Bob Anderson, a lifetime runner and founder of Runner's World magazine, created MBR in 2013.   The Running News Daily column was added in 2018.  This brings additional traffic to MBR daily.  News items on races we are featuring and following regularly appear in the column as news become available.

We have three programs to get your race included on MBR.  

In all cases your race has to qualify as detailed below.  The best program giving your race the most amount of coverage is when we feature and follow your race (program 1).  Second is setting up your race as a profile listing (program 2).  Next is signing up for a paid listing (program 3).    

Program 1 - Featured and Followed by MBR Sample Listing
1. Your race will be featured using current photos, videos, course maps, leaderboard results, race highlights, and more...
2. Your page will have links to your website, registration page, prize money details and results.
3. Your race will be featured on our home page one week before your race.
4. Email notifications will be sent to your race MBR followers (emails from Get Update link from your page).
5. You can offer promo codes to help increase your entries.
6. Leaderboard results, new photos and highlights will be posted just as soon as they are available.
7. Selected races will be featured on our home page and in our Running News Daily Column.
8. Certain races will be highlighted in our weekly email sent to our entire data base.
9. Additional exposure will be given through our many social media postings.
10. Your race will be featured along side the most interesting, unique and best races in the world.

Cost $495 per year or $395 if you are a non-profit

Program 2 - Profile Listing on MBR Sample Listing
1. Your race will have two photos
2. Your race will have up to 300 words of description
3. Location map of where your race will take place
4. Billboard, race date, location, different distances and link to your website
5. People can rate your race and post comments
6. You have the abilitiy to use promo codes to promote your race

Cost $144 per year which works out to $12 per month

Program 3 -  Paid Listing on MBR  Sample Listing
1. Your race will be given a billboard, Race Nme, Location, distances and Race date
2. Link to your website so people can sign up
3. One photo and up to 100 words of copy to describe your race
4. Map to your location
5. People can rank your race, share on Facebook and post comments

Cost $36 per year which works out to $3 per month

*All races have to qualify and be approved by the MBR editors

We only list unique, interesting and the best races in the world.  Our editors will decide if your race qualifies.  For sure the four following items must be met. 

1. Your race must have a website.
2. You must post results in a timely fashion.
3. Your course(s)  must be accurately measured as advertised
4. Advertised awards must be presented.

Our editorial team will have your race up within 24 hours once we receive your payment.  We offer discounts if you have multiple races.  Call for details. 

Just fill out the information below and our editorial team will do the rest.  You can supply all this information and we will use just what you paid for.  If you have any questions give Genesis a call at 650-492-5315 or email

Program Type
Your Name
Company Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Event Name
Event Location
Event Date
Event URL
Results URL
Prize Money
Prize Money Link
Date of Last Year's Race
Highlights from Last Year
Photo 1
Photo 2

Press submit only once. Uploading images may delay the form processing a few moments.

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