Switzer named Female Masters Runner of the Year 2017 by RRCA

Kathrine Switzer on Facebook said, "How surprised and honored I was last weekend to be named by the Road Runners Club of America as the Female Masters Runner of the Year 2017! I protested that there were many performances so much better than mine, but they said the award was for inspiring people of all ages by running the Boston Marathon again 50 years after I first did it. Wow, thank you RRCA for all you do for the sport and thank you for this amazing recognition!" Switzer founded 261 Fearless Inc. in 2015 after her first Boston Marathon in 1967, when race officials attempted to stop her run by ripping off her bib, No. 261. She was the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon after registering under her initials. She is going to be running the London Marathon the week after Boston and we are sure she will be wearing number 261.

posted Wednesday April 11th