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We are searching for race scouts with the passion and experience in running events and race participation to join the scout team.

Just as many sports rely heavily on scouting departments to identify and sign the best players in the world, is seeking qualified scouts to select and feature the best races in the world.

We are looking for people with a unique opinion and perspective about what makes a race great and what ultimately goes into the selection process for each scout’s My BEST Runs list. Criteria and race taste may differ from scout to scout. This is a good thing and will play an important role in making each list so uniquely interesting and valuable to runners. Certain scouts may prefer small local races to big city events, marathons over 10K’s, tough courses over fast and flat, or some who consider the destination and scenic value of a race as the most critical data for their selection process. Regardless, our ultimate goal is to provide runners with the most valuable, search specific information for finding the best races in the world.

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