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Lyon Marathon

Sunday October 3rd, 2021
Lyon, France
Distance: Marathon · Half Marathon · 10K

“Run In” is more than just a race, it's a concept. A little like a work of contemporary art, but much easier to understand. “Run In” is a Festival of Running which takes place in the most beautiful cities in France and offers several routes so that everyone can join in the festivities. Simple!

If you're going to run, you might as well do it somewhere worth visiting. “Run In” takes place in spectacular cities, full of history and culture. Fancy visiting a museum before the race? It is a thoroughly approved method of relaxing!

With criteria like this, the capital of the Gaules logically became one of the ‘Run In’ events in 2013. Marseille followed in 2014. Each ‘Run In’ event is named according to its host city: Run In Lyon, Run In Marseille, etc., so hopefully the concept should be clear to you now.

Whether you live in the area or are coming from further afield, “Run In” is an opportunity to discover or rediscover these cities. At running pace perhaps, but around a circuit which has been specially reserved for you.

The other characteristic about “Run In” is that it has been designed as an event which is open to all. Whether you are a fanatic who trains even when you are on holiday or a more relaxed jogger who sees running as a way of fitting into the jeans from your youth, there is space for everyone here!

Three routes have been designed to respond to the needs (and abilities) of all: a 10km, a Half-Marathon and a Marathon. So, there's really no excuse (for your family and friends either) not to join in the fun on Sunday 1st October for the 8th edition of Run In Lyon! All you need to do is register and reserve a table in a cosy Lyon restaurant for after the race. We're ready and waiting for you!

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Lyon Marathon

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Race Date: 10/03/2021 Distance: Marathon
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 2:29:30 Pierre BARBET 33
2nd Male 2:38:22 Alexis BONNIN 34
3rd Male 2:39:12 Yohann GACON 24
4th Male 2:43:10 Bruno ESTASSY 47
Female 03:15:54 Marta ZABBENI 27
2nd Female 03:26:16 Delphine MOHAR 43
3rd Female 03:26:59 Sandrine GUERPILLO 42
4th Female 03:27:14 Annelyse DAGORNE 23
Division Time Name Age Home
M 40-49 2:43:10 Bruno ESTASSY 47
M 50-59 02:59:39 Julien PEROL 50
M 60-69 03:20:03 Jean Marie BILLAUD 61
M 70+ 02:53:54 Xavier CRAPLET 78
F 40-49 03:26:16 Delphine MOHAR 43
F 50-59 03:36:00 Myriam HILAIRE 50
F 60-69 04:14:26 Dany DELHOSTAL 62
Lyon Marathon

About the course

The first few kilometres will take you to the quays alongside the Saône, because there is nothing like running along a river bank. You will then run towards the Old Town at the north of the city, where you will reach the Paul Bocuse bridge.

Then you go down to the Croix-Rousse quarter, famous for Lyon's silk industry, previously run by the Canuts. Then you will run around theParc de la Tête d'Or,one of the biggest urban parks in France which opened in the mid-19thcentury. From there, you join the banks of the Rhône, heading towards the Stade de Gerland, because it would be unthinkable to come to Lyon without seeing it. Finally, the last 7.195 kilometres will take you back to thePlace Bellecour, the biggest pedestrian square in Europe. There, an enthusiastic welcome awaits you, as is fitting for someone who has just finished a challenge of this nature.

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