70-year-old Bob Anderson will be running his 60th Double Racing Event on August 5

Bob Anderson ran his first "official" Double Racing event in October, 2010,  "That was the Double Road Race in Cabo Mexico," says 70-year-old lifetime runner Bob Anderson.  "It was very hot and humid and the second 5k leg was tough but I did it."  For that Double, runners first ran 10K and then one hour and forty-five minutes ran a 5K.  Times are added together for scoring. Since then Bob has run 59 Double Racing events of different lengths.  On August 5 in San Francisco, Bob will be running the 4th Annual Golden Gate Double 8K.  The first leg is a 5K and the second 3K leg starts one hour and 15 minutes later.  "It is always hard getting started on the second leg but once I get going I get back into the rhythm" says Bob.  "My pace is always faster the second leg.  I have had some sciatic nerve issues this year but that seems to be behind me now.  I can't wait to run the Golden Gate Double 8K and on September 30th the Pacific Grove (California) Double Road Race.  I am hoping to win my division at both."

posted Tuesday May 8th