Yuki Kawauchi has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with piano maker Yamaha Music Japan Company

Having left his goverment job at the end of the Japanese fiscal year in March to make a go of it as a professional runner, it was announced today that 2018 Boston Marathon winner Yuki Kawauchi, 32, has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with piano maker Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.

 “What I like about a Yamaha piano is that it’s all there in front of you in black and white, like life,” said Kawauchi, an avid pianist as a child before his parents made him pursue running.

“I hope that we’ll have a long and harmonious relationship, with just a hint of dissonance for depth.” 

The endorsement deal includes the introduction of a “Make a Breakthrough” Kawauchi signature model acoustic grand piano, proceeds from the sales of which will go toward supporting Kawauchi’s training in the lead-up to the 2021 Eugene World Championships.

A delighted Yamaha president Naoji Suda told reporters, “Kawauchi’s values are well-tuned to ours, one of the keys to any successful relationship.

I can’t think of a better brand ambassador for our flagship line of acoustic grand pianos. He may not be the fastest pianist in the world, but nobody carries a tune, or a piano, quite like him.”

posted Monday April 1st