We are running this challenge like an old fashion road race when a line was drawn on the road and someone yelled out set, go!

Global Running Day (June 6) has already started eight hours ago in Sydney Australia and it just started in Paris.  It will start in nine hours in San Francisco.  Bob Anderson, founder of My Best Runs always is looking at ways to help inspire people. Just today he came up with the idea of the MBR Global Running Day 500 Challenge.  It is just a fun event and it is being run like an old fashion road race when the organizer drew a line on the ground and said set, go.  There are no prizes, no money is being raised and any costs is being covered by My Best Runs.  The whole deal is simply to get more people out running within a 36 hour period of time.  The goal is that at least 100 people will run or run/walk at least 500 miles during the period.  If we get more, all the better.  To be part of this you need to post your mileage on my Facebook page.  (Just click on the title above and it should take you to my FB page.)   You can tell us about your run, post your time or anything else OR just post your mileage.  The main thing is to get out and get in at least one mile.  Tell your friends...This will be our first My Best Runs Global Run Challenge. 

posted Tuesday June 5th
by Bob Anderson