U.S. Team set for Mountain Running Championships in Poland

The USATF Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) Council is proud to announce members of Team USATF scheduled to compete at the 15th WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Championships June 24, in Karpacz, Poland.  The double loop course covers 36 kilometers (22.4 miles) with 6890 feet of ascending and descending. The route will challenge the five women and five men of Team USATF by climbing and descending the peak of Mt. ŚNIEŻKA twice. Mt. ŚNIEŻKA rises just under one mile above sea level at 5250 feet. The top three US finishers will score for the team in each gender division. The 10 members this year’s team range in age from 21 to 36. The women’s Team USATF is comprised of Addie Bracy, Ashley Brasovan, Renee Metivier, Sandi Nypaver and Kathryn Ann Ross. The men of Team USATF will be Anthony Costales, Joseph Gray, Tatye Pollmann, David Sinclair and Andy Wacker.

posted Thursday May 3rd
by Richard Bolt (ATRA)