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Sam Costa Half Marathon

Saturday October 9th, 2021
Carmel, IN
Distance: Half Marathon · Quarter Marathon

Sam Costa Half Marathon, certified by USATF, is 13.10938 miles. Sam Costa Quarter Marathon, also USATF certified and sponsored by Mike Helms, DPM, is 6.55469 miles.

Male Record Holder - 1:06:55
Thom Burleson, 1983

Female Record Holder - 1:16:17
Erin Vergara, 2016

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Sam Costa Half Marathon

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Steve Gilbert
Sam Costa used to hang out with runners from central Indiana. . . . (These) early advocates had a race each year called the "Central Indiana Striders Half Marathon". It was held on the western outskirts of Marion County in late winter and Sam would participate with the rest of his buddies. Sam was a good, if not great runner, but he enjoyed the camaraderie of this group and the fledgling sport it represented. (Sam was, in fact, a detective with the Chicago Police Department. His traveling 200 miles to train and compete with a few friends is testimony to his dedication.) Sam would not live to see his avocation become accepted as it is today. He became terminally ill with cancer and passed away in the early '70's. His friends felt that the most appropriate memorial would be to name their half marathon event after Sam. For that reason it has been called the "Sam Costa Half Marathon" ever since."
Race Date: 10/09/2021 Distance: Half Marathon
Division Time Name Age Home
Male 1:18:43 Ethan Evans
2nd Male 1:23:09 Aaron Springhetti
3rd Male 1:23:23 Christian High
4th Male 1:24:14 Eric Inman
Female 1:29:58 Lucie Mays-Sulewsk
2nd Female 1:33:03 Heather OBrien
3rd Female 1:33:15 Natalie Leverone
4th Female 1:34:14 Candace Brown
Division Time Name Age Home
M 40-49 1:27:42 Daniel Ordaz
M 50-59 1:27:14 Michael Smith
M 60-69 1:48:59 James Bumb
M 70+ 1:53:23 Cory Brundage
F 40-49 1:35:41 Christina Boccone
F 50-59 1:37:21 Jackie Hartwick
F 60-69 1:55:49 Ruth Ozmun
F 70+ 2:48:30 Betty Deer
Sam Costa Half Marathon

So Who was Sam Costa?

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