Regular running makes people happier and more confident but we know this

According to academics researches, a survey of 8,000 runners found they enjoyed a sense of satisfaction and achievement, with events such as parkrun and social network Strava adding a sense of community. Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University carried out the study by interviewing 8,157 runners across the UK registered with parkrun, the nationwide weekly free 5K run, and fitness app Strava. Dr Emmanuelle Tulle, reader in sociology at the university, said: "Running gives you a feeling you have achieved something and a sense of tremendous satisfaction. It adds to a general sense of well-being, you feel good and it helps boosts your self-confidence. The combination of attending parkrun and being able to track your progress on Strava makes runners feel as if they are not on their own, it enables them to see the point of running. They are much more likely to maintain regular exercise as a result and reap the benefits. There is a combination of competitiveness and togetherness, which is extremely beneficial." 89% of those surveyed said running regularly has made them happier and has had a positive impact on their mental health and body image.

posted Wednesday April 25th