Mo Farah says you have to push the boundaires and crazy people don't want to give up

Mo Farah is one of the top runners in the world.  Most recently he won the Chicago Marathon clocking 2:05:11 in conditions that were not ideal as well.  He offers this advice. “I’ve always been a big believer in what you put in is what you get out. For me, I am very patient. You build and build and it’s all about looking ahead," he says. Mo's family is very important to him as well. "Being a family man motivates me so much. In that moment falling over during the 2016 Rio games, I knew I had promised my eldest daughter Rihanna that medal and I was like ‘nah… Get up, get up, get up!." He did get up after being accidentally tripped up by his training partner Galen Rupp in the 10000m.  He got up and went on to win his third Olympic gold medal.  Asked about breaking down walls he says,  "I’ve been there [wanting to quit mid-marathon] I promise you, you hit a wall But it’s all mental. You’ve got to visualise this – running the marathon is the easy part. It’s the work towards it that’s hard. Think of all the months, and the stuff you’ve been doing. You haven’t worked for nothing. You can’t just switch it off like that." He also feels you must believe in yourself. "Remember anything’s possible, you’ve just never taken yourself to that situation. You’ve got to push those boundaries. That’s what makes champions. The more crazy you are, the more of a champion you can be. Normal people go ‘nah’, but that’s what makes us different. Crazy people don’t want to give up.”

posted Thursday November 15th