Kilian Jornet’s favorite fuel: you’ll feel like you’re ready to summit Everest

Arguably the GOAT of ultrarunning, 2022 UTMB and Hardrock champ Kilian Jornet lives in Norway with his partner (and fellow pro runner) Emilie Forsberg, where they grow their own vegetables and use them to create nutritious meals. They love these bean and lentil burgers, and you will too–full of protein and adaptable to every season.

Forsberg shares the recipe in her book Skyrunner: the burgers take less than ten minutes to prep, and work as a side or main dish. Forsberg writes: “I can eat these anytime, in summer with a light salad and roasted or grilled root vegetables, or in autumn or winter with tasty mashed potatoes, olive oil and salt.” Forsberg and Jornet eat mostly plant-based meals, and the combo of beans and lentils in these burgers packs a perfect plant-based protein punch.

Emelie’s bean and lentil burgers (makes 12 larger burgers)


1¾ cup cooked black beans¾ cup cooked green lentils¾ cup cooked red lentils1 egg3 Tbsp cornmeal½ to 1 finely chopped onionSalt and pepperOther spices, like turmeric or chili powder, to tasteOlive oil for frying


Mix everything in a blender or food processor. Form the batter into burgers; fry in olive oil.

posted Tuesday November 22nd
by Running Magazine